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Honey-Can-Do HNG-01519 Over The Door Hanger Holder, Folding

Honey-Can-Do HNG-01519 Over The Door Hanger Holder, Folding

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Brand: Honey-Can-Do

Color: Silver


  • Hanger holder is 17-inches long
  • Soft lining protects door surface
  • Folds flat to 2-1/4-inch depth when not in use
  • Sturdy metal construction with a polished chrome finish
  • Hanger arm swings up and locks into place to offer ten storage slots
  • Measures: 17-Inches L x 2.875-Inches W x 3.5-Inches H /43.2 cm L x 7.3 cm W x 8.9 cm H

Publisher: Honey-Can-Do

Details: Honey-Can-Do HNG-01519 Over The Door Hanger Holder, Folding. Offering ten slots for clothing hangers. Now you can hang damp or freshly pressed clothing on the versatile over-the-door hanger holder. Over the Door Hanger Holder Features Sturdy steel construction with a polished chrome finish. Over the door hook has a felt soft felt lining to protect door surface. Rubber coated tip prevents accidental damage to door or wall. Great laundry accessory for hanging freshly ironed garments wardrobe pieces for upcoming days or damp clothing for drying. Includes a removable insert to fit neatly on either a 1 3/8" or 1 3/4" thick door. Hanger holder is 17-Inches long. Soft lining protects door surface. folds flat to 2-1/4-inch depth when not in use. Sturdy metal construction with a polished chrome finish. hanger arm swings up and locks into place to offer ten storage slots

UPC: 885735786067

EAN: 0789322662225

Package Dimensions: 16.2 x 4.0 x 3.1 inches

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It never fell off for me. I love this 
By Bhunt506 on February 2, 2015
I have no problem with this item falling off the door. I like it. 
By Patricia A. Gouge on February 3, 2015
No it has never fallen off. 
By YSM725 on February 2, 2015
NO.Have one for several years(identical or same source). Needed an extra one and finally found it. Never bent or fell off door. It's great. 
By dancer on February 4, 2015
No. It does not fall off the door and I use it for hanging wet clothes to dry. 
By Patricia A. Gouge on February 15, 2015
It's very secure! The photo is not a good one. I think it's probably an optical illusion, as they were trying to show it from the front, so you could see that it's long and holds many garments (10). I have 6 very heavy church vestments hanging on it - it's absolutely perfect. There are an additional 4 slots on it, … 
By Colleen W. on February 3, 2015
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By Amazon Customer on November 13, 2017
The opening is 5/16 inch. My plastic coat hangers will fit in the opening. 
By C. Davis on November 13, 2017
I tried a hanger that looks to be 5/16 and it went in but not with much extra room. I wouldn't think any larger hanger would go in the holes. 
By K. C. on November 13, 2017
I think so. I tried the largest fat plastic hanger I had & was able to get the hanger in the hole. I measured the hole & it looks to be 3/8" x 5/8". I bought the hangers with the metal hook & velvet like clothes part. I have 10 hangers on it. My problem is that on the back part of the over the door clip there is a turn… 
By Bonnie Youngs on November 14, 2017
Hi. I went to Google so see what 8mm and 10mm even looked like. Lol. My answer is yes. 
By Alice on November 13, 2017
Yes to the plastic hangers. I have heavier plastic hangers for jackets and sweaters (9 or 10mm) and they fit through just fine. 
By Cecilia on November 13, 2017
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By Yarde Bojehtno on March 29, 2016
Yes,it will. The door I have it on is 1 3/4". 
By Rene Emond on March 28, 2016
By CAB on March 29, 2016
NO. I do not recommend this procedure because it may not be safe, but I simply took a long pliers and, since the spacer is open on one side and made of soft metal, bent the spacer almost flat. Then the unit fit my door fine. I had gone to the Honey-Can-Do website and they had no instructions, but they were selling th… 
By Ken in Manhattan on May 13, 2018
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13 1/2 inches.
I have 4 and love them. Very handy.
By KayKay3 on July 11, 2015
It sticks out about a foot when you extend it. 
By S Frye on July 9, 2015
By Kindle Customer on July 11, 2015
Approximately 15 inches. 
By Colleen W. on July 9, 2015
It stick out 12 inches. 
By NONA on July 9, 2015
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