Your DIY Guide To A Pretty Kitchen

Your DIY Guide To A Pretty Kitchen

 Don't we all love the idea of a brand new sparkling kitchen with gleaming appliances, state of the art flawless cabinets, and a pristine quartz countertop? This sounds like a dream for everyone who loves their kitchens but unfortunately, this falls more on the premium side that can be done only once or twice in a lifetime.

Luckily, DIYers save the day for all of us. Apart from saving money, not only do we get to make our hands dirty but also the amazing feeling of “I made that” gives you a high. 

Here is a handful of creative ideas for your next kitchen DIY:


The most fun thing with DIY is that you have the liberty to try out different styles, colors, and accessories for your kitchen. Some of the ingenious ways to add colors and statement in your kitchen are by adding plants, putting a centerpiece on your kitchen island, making your cabinets textured, or adding a colorful backsplash. You can look up the plants that work great indoors and you can DIY the textures on your cabinets but backsplash is something that’s a little tricky. But not when you have us. We are here to share what benefitted us and this guide on how to select kitchen backsplash made my decision easier. You can use it too!


If your hardwood kitchen floor is screaming for help. It's time to refinish them and bring back the good old days. Purchasing a stain and renting a sander is a great option. But if refinishing is too much of work to you, consider affordable options like vinyl, laminate, or some engineered hardwood. One of the most famous DIYs when it comes to flooring is the peel and stick tiles.  Not only are they fun to do but also lets you off the hook. You can also try repainting the tiles.


Old light fixtures can make even a designer kitchen look outdated. Simply changing the fixtures can get your kitchen to pop. Get some task lighting to lighten up your cabinets or grab some pendant lamps to install over your island. No need to go over and above your budget and dish our loads of cash. A simple self-stick light would do the trick. However, if you are looking for something more elegant a playful chandelier from your local yard sale will do it.


Undoubtedly the kitchen cabinets are the face of the kitchen, it's the first thing your eyes scan when you enter one. Changing the way your cabinets look will give your kitchen a new personality and look. While replacing the kitchen cabinets would be great but it's an expensive option. Why not opt for giving your cabinets a facelift. Removing the old door, strip, refinish, and repainting them would make it as good as new. If you want something more dramatic go for removing the doors entirely then add some wallpaper and put your dinnerware on display


As the saying goes: Devil is in the details. We often ignore our faucets, drawer and door handles and towel racks like kids ignore broccoli. But we forget that these contribute to the kitchen aura and functionality just as much as other things. Visit your nearest thrift store or walk into a home improvement store, they are packed with a variety of options for small hardware. Adding a little faucet here and replacing the door hinges and handles there, a bit of a tweak on the cabinet runner, and your kitchen as good as new. 


Ever had an experience of walking into a magnificent kitchen clean and updated to the speck but the sink made you want to run away, far far away. Yes, a dirty old chipped sink can suck the life out of your kitchen. After cabinets, the most looked at place is your sink. Fortunately, it's not that hard to change your sink. You can find an acrylic model or a stainless steel model for less than 100$. Check out the instructions before buying, many of them are just “drop-in'' style. They fit on the existing countertop making it easier for even beginner DIYers.


A change in the counter makes the kitchen unrecognizable but that comes with a price. We are here to help you cheat on this and impress your friends. You can paint the countertop tiles with special paint and enamel or invest a little more time and manpower to make your own concrete countertops. If you still think your budget allows going for the cheapest option, go for laminates, they are one of the least expensive ones and come in eye-popping colors. 

Hopefully, these low budget tips and surfing Pinterest all day making notes have given you plenty of ideas. This will help you achieve a little less than your dream kitchen but save you thousands of bucks for your actual dream kitchen. Have a great day DIYing!!


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