Whoops! It’s been almost two weeks since my last recent eats post and I have quite the backlog of meals to share

Whoops! It’s been almost two weeks since my last recent eats post and I have quite the backlog of meals to share

For this post I am going to focus on breakfast and lunch. I’ve been breaking out of my normal groove a good bit lately and have some new meal ideas and salad combos for y’all.


I’ve been off of smoothie bowls lately and onto eggs. I’ve also been craving sauerkraut lately, oddly enough. This is two scrambled eggs with sauerkraut, berries and banana zucchini oat bread. I based the bread on this recipe.

Dave’s Killer Cinnamon Raisin Remix bagel. One half with butter, the other with peanut butter and banana.

I made these blueberry greek yogurt pancakes in hopes that Finn would like them. Not so much but they made for a nice change of pace for breakfast for me!

I ate three of them with butter and maple syrup + most of Finn’s. Two scrambled eggs on the side.

I usually wake up ravenous but there was one morning last week where I just wasn’t hungry. I had to be at my 6-week post-op appointment at 8a and didn’t feel like eating prior to. I ended up stopping into Amelie’s after and had a whole milk latte before teaching a yoga class. Rarely do I ever skip breakfast so I try to listen to my hunger cues and not force it when I’m not feeling it.

While I haven’t felt like smoothies for breakfast, they have been hitting the spot for lunch. It has been so, so hot in Charlotte the last couple of weeks. A few days ago we finally got a break in the heat and humidity but it’s back again. Smoothie bowls are just so refreshing in the middle of a hot day!

I used to be all about pressed wraps but they haven’t been appealing lately. I much prefer sandwiches with bread and I’m also off of warm/toasty sandwiches right now in favor of untoasted, soft bread and cold cuts. This was turkey, cheese, avocado, pickles and mayo on a multigrain wrap with honey mustard to dip.

For whatever reason, this lunch has been so appealing for going on a year now (or longer!).

Several awesome salad combos to share. I know you’re going o love these! Spinach and arugula with avocado, pistachios, feta, chickpeas, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers and Tessamae’s Green Goddess.

Mixed baby greens, pears, pistachios, tomatoes, dried cranberries, roasted sweet potatoes, avocado, feta and Tessamae’s Poppyseed dressing.

Kale and green lentil salad with pistachios, cucumbers, tomatoes, feta, olives, avocado and Tessamae’s Green Goddess.

I made this kale and lentil salad and ate it for lunch three days in a row. I was going to make my favorite kale and quinoa salad but I realized I was out of quinoa so I pulled a bag of lentils out of the pantry instead. I forget how good (and good for you!) lentils are.

Details on this salad combo are posted on Instagram.

Lastly, a warm lunch of couscous (it’s under there!), a mushroom/risotto veggie burger from ALDI, sautéed spinach, avocado, sauerkraut, hummus and feta. Loved this assortment.

I’ll be back tomorrow with part two. It will be all about dinner and dessert!

Do you prefer warm/toasted or unheated/untoasted sandwiches? 

Do you like sauerkraut? If so, favorite thing to eat it with/on? 

Would LOVE any favorite lentil recipes you might have. 

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