What I Pack When I Travel Top 10 Essentials

What I Pack When I Travel Top 10 Essentials

Travel = Im trying to collect more experiences and destinations rather than stuff this year and so Im making a list of places to visit and things I want to see. Just this morning, I am flying out with Hilton Sandestin for a few days of much-needed rest and relaxation, tours of their incredible resort + local destinations and then a fun day at the 30A Songwriters Festival = solo work time, yes please!

suitcase set | packing cubes | studded sandals [just $16] | sunglasses | tote-ally bag [use NATASHA10 for 10% off] | jewelry case | gold beaded earrings | headbands | beaded clutch | winflo sneakers | continental hat

With that, I am trying to learn how to pack better more efficient use of all my necessities, more helpful items to have on hand to make travel easier and of course those beloved packing cubes that help me stay organized when assembling everything into my suitcase. Spolier alertyes, I ALWAYS check a bag. Minimalism was never my thing and Im not going to start now = a girl needs options when it comes to travel OOTD.
So, here are my top 10 things you need with you when you travel even for a long weekend getaway, I promise you they make travel far more enjoyable!

ONE | the perfect suitcase set

Ive had this under $200 hardcase three piece luggage set for almost a year now and Ive been SUPER impressed with how well its held up from Cabo to cruises to Italy, Antigua and more, its served me well and I cant say enough great things about this brand of luggage. Hands down a must-have and I highly recommend grabbing a coloful set so they stand out at baggage claim!

TWO | makeup organizer

I stumbled upon this beauty last year right before our first big trip of 2019 and its gone everywhere with me. I love a hard case for my makeup and this one features adjustable dividers based on the items you use and/or personal preferences. There is a compartment for your makeup brushes, which makes it all the more convenient and for just $20, you cant go wrong!!

THREE | travel wallet/passport holder

Not only do I love the ease of use from a travel wallet, but I love that it can keep my passport, tickets, baggage receipts, etc all in one location. Thats a must, especially when youre traveling internationally and I scooped up this one before Italy and it was a great purchase. Under $35 and a great gift to give the world traveler, too.

FOUR | a portable steamer

Oddly enough, I use this travel steamer way more than the full size one we have at home. Super convenient, lightweight and a great alterantive to ironing [seriously who does that anymore?!?!], this is my favorite little travel companion I never leave home without. All you need is water and an outlet and 2 minutes later, youre good to get all your clothes looking good. I also snagged one for the hubs since he is constantly traveling for work!

FIVE | packing cubes

I never leave home without them. And I love this set so much every person in my household has their very own set. For just $15, everything you need to bring with you has a home and can neatly be unpacked into your hotel room or stay in the suitcase. Depends on where I am traveling, but I usually pack them by category: 1 for dresses, 1 for pajamas/undies/bras, 1 for workout wear, etc. I use a few of the larger sizes more frequently, so I ordered two sets to have on hand for long trips.

SIX | silicone curling/flat iron holder

Gamechanger alert, I assure you of that. I grabbed this curling/flat iron holder a few weeks ago and LOVE it. Basically, it helps me keep my curling iron turned on until I throw it in the suitcase without having to worry about the heat. Easy to pack because it folds flat and a steal for $6 via Amazon Prime!

SEVEN | the hanging toiletry bag

Another way to keep all those serums, masks, facial oils and beauty buys organized when youre on the go, this hanging toiletry bag is a STEAL for a mere $16. The hook makes it easy to hang on the bathroom door and I separate my items easily into the zippered compartments [teeth, face, body, hair, etc].

EIGHT | travel jewelry organizer

I found this Amazon winner right before our fall beach trip and instantly fell in love with itnot sure how I survived without it!! At $18, you can keep all your beautiful baubles organized for each outfit and occasion. The zipper ensures everything stays put and I love that there are plenty of pockets for rings + earrings + bracelets + necklaces, too.

NINE | a proper portable charger

Ive had to rely on airport + airplane outlets WAY too many times to count so this external charger was an absolute NECESSITY. Its gone with me on every single trip since I purchased it and it never fails me it gives me 5 full charges, is lightweight and easy to take with you on-the-go. My hubby is notorious for forgetting to charge his phone, so this would be a good little giftable for the guys who travel a lot!

TEN | a cute + personalized travel tote

Thanks to my friend Beth via Seersucker + Saddles, I stumbled upon Shop Bagging Rights last month and instantly fell in love with their personalized totes. Such a great gift idea to yourself or someone special, they come with compartments to make the most of your carryall, and I love the colorful canvas options paired with leather straps. Total win and just $150, which makes it a fraction of the price of its competition. And you can use my code NATASHA10 to take 10% off your order!

Honorable Mentions

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