The easiest way to hang wreaths on windows (and outdoor decor)

The easiest way to hang wreaths on windows (and outdoor decor)

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Our outdoor decor is pretty simple, but it looks extra festive and cheer with a dusting of snow.

My favorite outdoor decorations are the wreaths on the windows. We remove the screens on the front windows to hang. I can fold our windows in so I can hang them from inside. No roof walking for me.

After a few years of trial and error, I have found the very easiest and most secure way to hang them.

OUTDOOR COMMAND HOOKS.(These are the exact ones we used.)

We have tried other methods including using ribbons to hang. But we get seriously windy weather and the wreaths started to bang around and even scratched the window frames. The Command Hooks can go on to the window and keep the wreath tight to the window. They have caused zero issues, even in high winds.

I also leave the base of the hook up all year, just sliding off the hook itself to install the windows for the summer. This made it pretty simple to put them back in the right spot this Christmas.

This is not sponsored, I buy the hooks with my own money. But after trying several methods, I have found this to be the simplest and the sturdiest.

(Oh, and here are the wreaths we used. They are prelit and on a timer. This is the first year that I had to replace batteries.)

I think the wreaths add a big bang for their buck. And they look particularly pretty dusted with snow.

Our front door is pretty simple. The red door itself feels festive. I filled the pots with evergreens that Ryan cut down in our yard.

The only new-to-us decor this year are the molded plastic Nutcrackers and Santa on the ground. These vintage guys were my grandparents and I love having them in our front yard now. They were still in the original boxes!

I just put them in the ground with a stake. Like I mentioned, it gets windy here. They have spun around a little but mostly stayed put.

Arent the nutcrackers cute guarding the stairs to our door? I also added the little sled that was originally from Ryans mom and dad.

The garlands on the porch have been with us since our first home 12 years ago. I just fluff them up every year and they are good to go.

And thats our outdoor decor. To be honest, the snow did the heavy lifting here. Thank you, Mother Nature.

How do you decorate the outside of your home for the holidays?

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How to hang wreaths on windows

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