The Best Tools for Spring Cleaning

The Best Tools for Spring Cleaning

Just like my favorite cleaning solutions and ingredients, I find that simple tools with multiple purposes work the best. By choosing multi-tasking tools and supplies you’ll be keeping the clutter away while using the best possible tools and you can use the tools all-year long! You can also see my Favorites Page here and my Spring Cleaning favorites here.

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If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner with attachments now, don’t worry about it, but when it’s time to get a new one, make sure you find one with attachments. You’ll use the attachments all year long for cleaning under appliances and furniture, vacuuming furniture, vents, light fixtures, window treatments, and so much more!

A steam cleaner isn’t a necessity but it will definitely help with deep cleaning and sanitizing. I purchased this one about a month ago and after a thorough testing and vetting throughout the home, I can say it’s one of my favorite cleaners and it replaces a couple other deep cleaning products.

Having tools that do the job for dusting year-round is important. A blind duster is great if you have blinds but you can also use a vacuum cleaner attachment too or a damp microfiber cloth.

When it comes to general dusting I love this microfiber dusting wand – and I enjoy having a llong-handled duster for those hard to reach corners – great for spring cleaning.

Keeping dust out of the house is imperative to a clean home, especially if you have allergies. I’ll be talking about this method next week but I love using this large floor/wall washer on walls to dust and clean them quickly and easily and it also doubles as a quick floor washer. I bought these cotton terry cloth mop cloths for floors and walls too – they work great!

Great for DIY cleaning recipes, keep a couple spray bottles on hand and you can mix up any solution for any cleaning dilemma.

Great for cleaning tasks that you don’t want to use microfiber for or if you prefer 100% cotton over the poly blend in microfiber, I love my Bar Mop Towels.  I use them daily in the kitchen and I love them for washing baseboards and doors. This picture is under the kitchen sink – I have a hook on the back of the cupboard door to dry them daily and then I put the dry/dirty ones in the bucket until there’s enough to wash.

Great for bathrooms, hard surfaces and windows – no lint, no streaks, just the best clean. You can see my favorite Microfiber Cleaning Cloths here. New to microfiber? Here’s how to use and care for it effectively.

If you’re scrubbing window sills or grout you need a heavy duty scrub brush or two. Wash in between uses with a little warm water and soap and allow to dry. I like this scrub brush for larger surfaces and this one for smaller areas that need a little scrub.

If you’re looking to keep things together and at-the-ready, put your supplies in a bucket or caddy to tote and carry through the house. Corral your supplies in a bucket while you’re spring cleaning so you can grab it when you have a couple minutes to spare.

Want to DIY your cleaners? Check out my labels, spray bottles, and jars here. You can also see  my Favorites Page here and my Spring Cleaning favorites here.

If you’re looking for an in-depth cleaning guide, my brand-new PDF packet, Clean Mama’s Guide to a Clean Home: Finding Peace in Your Routine has amazing checklists, a quick-start guide, DIY cleaning recipes and more. Check it out here.

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