The Best 10 Ironing Boards

The Best 10 Ironing Boards

If theres one chore that weve always found a little laborious and let ourselves slack on more than the others, its ironing. Lately, however, weve been wondering whether upgrading our ironing supplies might motivate us to do it a little more often. We recently replaced our old iron to a much newer and easier to use model and found that our theory was pretty correct and we didnt mind doing it so much, so now were looking to treat ourselves to a new ironing board too!

Just like we did with the iron itself, were feeling pretty intent on choosing the best ironing board we possibly can. Thats where our online researching skills come into play. Since were the master of bookmarking option lists, we figured wed might as well share what we found just in case our readers could use some ironing board recommendations as well!

1. Reliable The Board 550VB Professional Vacuum Table

Reliable the board 550vb professional vacuum table

Are you the kind of person who cares alot about your clothing, since youve worked hard to save for and invest in quality pieces from good designer brands? Then perhaps youve prefer a whole station like this one from Reliable rather than just an ironing board!

This particular model features a very stable construction, a heated top surface that warms up fabrics just enough so that you dont need to turn the iron on quite so hot, an adjustable height capability that you can control with a foot pedal, and even a laundry rack for hanging clothes! Its like the Mercedes Benz of ironing boards.

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2. Mabel Home Extra-Wide ironing Pro Board

Mabel home extra wide ironing pro board

Are you looking for something much simpler than what you saw above but youre also intrigued to learn whether there might be an easier model for maneuvering clothes on? Then we have a feeling you might have a little more success with something like this design from Mabel Home!

Beside sits durable construction and hanger panel, the mean draw of this model is that it has shoulder wings on one end. These are pieces you can pop upwards into place or fold away in order to get a better shape and have an easier time when youre ironing dress shirts or things with angles.

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3. Brabantia Ironing Board with Solid Steam Iron Rest

Brabantia ironing board with solid steam iron resta

If youre going to get an ironing board with extra features, would you rather consider the actual side of the work surface itself? Then this design from Brabantia might be precisely the kind of thing youre looking for!

This ironing board gives you a lot more width to work with than the average design. Additionally, they provide you a good steam mat to cover all that width, as well as a conveniently placed rack on which to set the iron when you need to put it down.

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4. Honey-Can-Do Tabletop Ironing Board with Retractable Iron Rest

Honey can do tabletop ironing board with retractable iron rest

Do you actually live in a very small apartment right now and youre worried that an ironing board of the average size wont actually fit anywhere when you need to work with it? Then weddefinitelyencourage you to consider this smaller retractable model from Honey-Can-Do instead!

Although this board is much smaller than some people might initially be looking for, its alsomuch more convenient when it comes to storage or usage space. Once youve finished ironing your clothes on just about any tabletop youve got available, you can fold the legs under easily and hang it up essentially anywhere.

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5. Minky Homecare Ergo Plus Ironing Board

Minky homecare ergo plus ironing board

Are you actually in the market for a slightly more basic ironing board design but you still want to make sure its extremely durable and heat resistant, since you find that boards youve head in the past weathered so easily and you iron alot of clothing? Then maybe this board from Minky Homecare is the one for you!

In addition to be a slightly more affordable design, this ironing board is made from industrial strength materials. The pad on the top is more heat resistant than many other designs and the tray and bar on either end areperfectly placed. Its all very useful, simple, an effective!

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6. Honey-Can-Do Door Hanging Ironing Board

Honey can do door hanging ironing board

Are you still finding yourself quite interested in the concept of an easily stored, somewhat miniature ironing board for your small space, but you dont really have spare tabletops to work with like you saw before? Then perhaps youd prefer this alternative design from Honey-Can-Do!

This ironing board still folds away discreetly to save space, just like the other one, but this time the whole thing is wall-mounted! Rather than needing to find a table workspaceand a storage space for it, you just need to choose a wall space for it once, easily attach it there, and then fold it up and down as needed.

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7. Xabitat Deluxe Ironing Board with Wall Mount Storage

Xabitat deluxe ironing board with wall mount storage

Do you actually really love the idea of wall storing your ironing board but youre intent on having a full-sized design and floor space for a standing board isnt really a problem for you? Then we think this design from Xabitat might be the one for you!

At first, this board seems like just your average ironing board. The provider makes it worth your while, however, by creating it from durable materials, including a simple folding laundry rack for small pieces, and a wall hook so that, when you fold the board up after youve finished, you can hang it up nice and discreetly.

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8. Bartnelli Pro Luxury Ironing Board

Bartnelli pro luxury ironing board

Are you still thinking about how much you liked the idea of an ironing board that has a little more width but you also wish it was a little more adjustable, and maybe even a little cuter looking? In that case, we think you should give this board from Bartnelli some consideration!

This board is a little more of an investment than some of the other quite basic and sensical designs, but its generous width makes up for that, as does its durable and adjustable legs. Those adjustments themselves are alsoextremely simple to make thanks to the T-leg way that it folds. As if those things arent enough, the black and white floral pattern that adorns the board itself is nothing short of lovely.

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9. Iron-A-Way Built-In Ironing Center with 42 Inch Ironing Board

Iron a way built in ironing center with 42 inch ironing board

Are youalmost convinced that the smaller wall-mounted ironing board is the best design for you but you cant help wishing the look of it when its folded away were a little more discreet or stylish? Then maybe youd prefer what Iron-A-Way has to offer!

This heater board has an adjustable dial and a perfectly placed and angled light of its own to make sure that you can see what youre doing very well indeed while youre at it. The cupboard that the board folds into also features a storage shelf thats specially designed to safely have your iron set on it before its even cooled. Finally, you can hide the whole works away nicely and stylishly behind a maple wood door.

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10. Homz T-leg ironing board

Homz t leg ironing board

In the end, are you really just looking for a straight forward, basic, and simple to use ironing board design but youd prefer to order it online than take the time out of your busy day to haul it home from the store? Then HOMZ definitely has what youre looking for.

Compared to some of the other models on this list, there isnt really anything super unique to point out about this particular ironing board, but thats actually precisely the beauty of it. Its durable, its well sized, its affordable, itll come right to your door, and it just plain works!

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