That’s right…you don’t need to spend a ton of money to make your bedroom look stylish

That’s right…you don’t need to spend a ton of money to make your bedroom look stylish

In fact, you can impart a chic look to the room without spending any money at all. Who wouldn’t want to make their home look more beautiful for free? So what are you waiting for? Take a look at these ideas and pick the ones you like best.

Make a pipe bed.

If you’re a fan of the industrial style and you need a new bed, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to try a DIY project. You can make the bed yourself using pipes.

A salvaged wood headboard.

You can find salvaged wood in old buildings or even get it for free from your neighbors and you can use it to make a headboard for your bedroom. The worn, weathered look of the wood will make the room feel warm and cozy.

A bed of pallets.

Wooden pallets don’t usually cost you anything. You can find them at local stores. If you can get your hands on eight of them you can build yourself a nice bed frame. Four could also be enough if you prefer a lower bed.

Repurpose concrete blocks.

Three concrete blocks are enough to make a really interesting nightstand for the bedroom. This one even has a storage compartment for books and magazines.

Display pictures on the wall.

The fact that you can display photos and pictures on walls to make them look beautiful is not news but we’ll show you how you can do that for free. The trick is not to use frames but only the pictures and to arrange them in an interesting pattern.

Decorate with tape..

Use masking tape to decorate your bedroom walls. You can use several different colors to create all sorts of interesting shapes and designs. Just use what you can find in the house.{found on objectsanduse}.

Repurpose crates.

If you have a wooden crate sitting around in the house doing nothing, how about putting it to good use? You can repurpose it and turn it into a support for your mirror for example. It would look lovely in the corner of your bedroom.{found on cmm3505}.

Hang string lights.

You don’t have to wait for Christmas to use your string lights. In fact, they’d look really lovely in the bedroom. Use them as task lighting and hang them above the bed.

Turn shutter into a headboard.

Old window shutters don’t have much use these days but instead of throwing them out you can turn them into a beautiful headboard. You can mix and match them however you want and even paint them to match the room’s décor.

Make a hanging shelf.

Find a piece of driftwood and some rope and make a hanging shelf to use as a nightstand in the bedroom. It looks really chic and stylish and it basically doesn’t cost you anything to make it you have the rope and the hook.

Fairy light display.

Use fairy lights to add charm to your bedroom. You can hang them on a wall and add a bunch of pictures, making a cute display.

A headboard made of dowels

What’s really nice about this headboard apart from the fact that it’s super easy to build is the fact that it doesn’t cover up the wall behind it. It’s a really nice design that can go really well with an accent wall. To make it you need a few dowels, a wood board and some basic tools. Make sure you customize it to sit your bed’s frame. Check out the full tutorial on themerrythought for more details.

Make fabric decorations

Adding a bit of extra color to a space can be a huge difference. A nice way to do it is with wall hangings and similar decorations. You could make something simple but effective out of some different pieces of fabric in different shapes, sizes and colors. An abstract design like the one featured on sugarandcloth could potentially suit a lot of different spaces and decors.

Wallpapered door

Wallpaper is a lot more versatile than we give it credit for. It can be used for a lot more than walls. Using it as a decoration can look very beautiful when done right. A cool and interesting idea is to cover up a door with wallpaper, like the interior of a bedroom door or a closet door as a way to make it match the décor and to look less bland and simple. This is an idea inspired by a project featured on clubcrafted.

Wood trim on a wall

Here’s a really cool and interesting way of using wood trim to decorate a wall and creating a unique design for it. In this particular scenario from themerrythought we have a really nice accent wall design which has these sections where the lines are reminiscent of mountain peaks. It’s simple and very creative plus it’s a very inexpensive project that you could do at any time.

A cute lion head decoration

This is a really adorable decoration that you can make for the nursery room, bedroom or just your home in general. It’s a very creative and interesting combination of different materials such as a raffia placemat, some fabric and toy stuffing. Some fabric paint is also needed for the little details like the cheeks and the eyes. Check out thelovelydrawer for the tutorial on this project.

A string art headboard

A headboard is not always necessarily needed but it can add a lot to the décor of the room and that particular space in general. If you want something simple and decorative you could make something like this: a this wooden frame and a geometric string pattern which you can customize based on the color palette of your choice. Check out themerrythought for details and instructions.

Make a custom nightstand lamp

Making custom light fixtures sounds like an intimidating and difficult task but it’s not always the case. Something small like a hanging wall light is actually easy to make and perfect for the bedroom. You could have one of these on either side of the bed which would look stylish and be space-efficient at the same time. Find out all the details on thewhimsicalwife if you want to give it a try.

Super simple hanging clothes rack

If you need a place where you can hang some of your clothes and a closet is not really an option or if you just want something simple that keeps the room open and airy, a hanging rack like the one featured on yourdiyfamily could be the perfect alternative. All you need to do is install two hooks into the ceiling and you can then hang a rod from them at any height you want to.

Under the bed storage

The space underneath the bed is often underutilized and letting it go to waste is not ideal, especially when you have a small bedroom to work with. You can put this space to good use if you just make a couple of rolling drawer-like containers that you can easily under the bed. You can use them to store books, clothes, extra blankets and cushions and all sorts of things. Check out grillo-designs to find out how to build them.

A cute bed frame

This is a really cute idea for a kid’s bedroom, a way to make the bed look like a miniature house, a place where they can feel cozy and safe. It’s basically a simple house-shaped wooden frame with a gable roof outline. You can add it to an existing bed and even take things a step further and add decorations and details to it. There’s a tutorial for this on lovelyindeed in case you’re interested.

Herringbone accent wall

Accent walls don’t always have to stand out a lot or to be very colorful. They can still be detailed and look beautiful but the focus can be on things like texture, finish and material. A nice idea in this sense is to make a herringbone-patterned wall similar to the one featured on kristimurphy. The dark color suits it perfectly here.

Custom bed sheets

Things like bed sheets, pillowcases and blankets are not just useful but also make wonderful decorations for the bedroom. They make it super easy to change up the color palette and to add character to the room. In that regard, a nice project idea can be to customize your own bed sheets using things like pom-pom trim, lace and similar resources. The idea comes from ohohdeco which is where you can a detailed description of the project.

Wallpaper and tape headboard

This headboard is purely decorative. It’s made using wallpaper and golden tape and it can be customized in lots of different ways. What’s cool about it is the fact you can easily remove it without leaving marks on the wall and you can replace it with a new one or you can get rid of It altogether. That’s great if you’re renting the place and you don’t want to make changes to the room but you still want it to have character. Check out deliciousanddiy if you want more details.

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