“She Hit And Killed A Homeless Man”: 45 Shockingly Dark Secrets That People Know About Others

“She Hit And Killed A Homeless Man”: 45 Shockingly Dark Secrets That People Know About Others

Many of us start keeping secrets from a very young age. I remember sweating profusely while playing Truth or Dare in middle school, and turning off the TV as fast as I could when I was watching something with adult language and suddenly heard my parents coming home. Some of us even keep information that has the potential to ruin our lives hidden in our personal vaults. But little do we know, someone else might have that information too.

One curious Reddit user asked others to share the deepest, darkest secrets they know about another person, so below, you’ll find some of the juiciest ones. Enjoy reading these shocking secrets, and cross your fingers hoping that you don’t find any about yourself!


When I was a Teaching Assistant, my professor told me (over a few too many glasses of wine) that when she was 16, and learning to drive, she hit and killed a homeless man.  The local cops showed up at the scene and she confessed she hit him.  After some internal discussions, the cops told her to go home and never speak of it.  They said he was a 'Homeless drunk that probably wandered into the road and wouldnt be missed.'  She's been having nightmares over that day for years since... 

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My wife doesn't know I have a 17 year old son.

EDIT: Unknowingly got a co-worker preggo right before I left for college. I went back to my hometown for a funeral just last fall and I ran into her. She asked if I would take a paternity test, you know, "for science". That's one test I wish I'd failed.

Not quite sure how to tell my wife. We've been together for 12 years so I wasn't cheating.

EDIT #2: He knows about me now. He or his mom wasn't sure who his dad was. No idea. Saw his facebook the day after I got the test back and it said something about finding his dad. F**k. Debating whether or not to go to his HS graduation. So many emotions....

EDIT #3: You guys are making me tear up at work. I've been agonizing over something else since I found out I was the father. The mom is single, s****y job at Supercuts, not much money in the bank, and still lives at home with her parents. No doubt unable to continue her education since getting pregnant as a college freshman. Should I try to make it right by paying for her to go back to school? After all, she did have to drop out to raise my son and altered the course of her financial future. I can't imagine being a single working parent trying to raise a kid by myself.

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I fix the computers of everyone in my family.
They all love porn sites... everyone.

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I have two sisters. Mom died more than 20 years ago. A few years back my father was going in for a high risk surgery. The night before he went in he told my oldest sister that he wasn't really her dad. It turns out that before they got married my mom and dad broke up briefly and my mom hooked up with some guy, getting pregnant in the process. She told my father and the two ended up eloping. For whatever reason they never told my sister and my father promised to keep the secret before my mom passed. After telling my sister, my father asked her to not tell anyone else. She's talked to her husband, myself and my second sister about it. My dad has no idea we know.

He also has no idea how much I respect him for raising another man's child and always loving her like the daughter she was.

Second story is that it turns out my uncle (by marriage) molested my sisters for a number of years. When my sisters told my mom and dad, they didn't believe them. It eventually stopped. When my sister had kids she told him that they would never be left alone with him. My sister just told me about it this past Christmas, 40 years after the fact. My uncle has no idea that I know.

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Since most are about sex (I do have sex ones but meh, they're all basically been stated) here's something different:

I knew a girl I was interested in dating that fabricated her entire childhood. Literally, from birth to about 11 Years old was a complete lie. She claimed she was born outside of the country. She had pictures of her in another country (Ireland, completely faked) she faked an accent. She would stage fake phone calls with her grandparents.

She wasn't aware that her parents were friends with a mutual friend of mine. I had met them before, and they mentioned her. The specifically mentioned her being baptized in a church in the area when she was born. So hearing that, I went to research. Yup.... the /entire/ thing was fabricated.

I never did anything out of fear of what it would do to her.

We later had sex, completely protected.

She told my friends that I didn't use protection, took her by force and she had to abort my child.

Looking back, I should have seen that coming.

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Last year, this girl I knew from high school got pregnant. She was single, but she uploaded ultrasound photos and even had professional maternity pictures done. The baby would have been born in July, but then suddenly she cut contact with people and started posting things implying that the baby had died somehow.

The truth: She faked the whole pregnancy to try to get the "father" to be with her. She was wearing a fake belly the whole time. This also isn't the first time she's done it, but as far as everybody else knows she just lost the baby somehow.

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I know my ex is secretly having sex with my dad.

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The receptionist at my work is screwing my boss. She doesn't do anything required for her job and essentially has a free ride.

The other day while aimlessly wandering facebook, I came across her husband's profile (through a friend of a friend). She has never come to work with a ring on her finger. She has only alluded that she has a casual boyfriend. She took three weeks of vacation last summer and said she was going to Hawaii with her mom. Turns out that was when she got married and had her honeymoon.

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When I was about 8 or 9 (this was in the late 80's), I was wanting to get back my Ghostbuster's action figures that my dad had hidden in his closet as a punishment for attempting to bury my sleeping brother in the sandbox at school. I was digging around when I thought I saw them on the top shelf (which made sense) and climbed on the dresser and reached up for it and pulled it down. A shoebox filled with cash, about a dozen passports, maps, an instamatic camera, a pistol, and a silencer and several photos of people spilled out over the floor. I wasn't thinking much, I hurridly packed it all back in and placed it back in it's spot.

My dad obviously had to have noticed it was disturbed, but didn't say anything and I was too frightened about getting my butt whooped for attempting to take back the toys and being in there. Years and years later, my dad died of bronchial cancer and it wasn't until we were making funeral arrangements did I find out he was a "state department liaison" and that we wouldn't need to pay for the funeral and the government would help out for expenses until we were 18. Apparently my mother thought he was a translator, but I'm not so sure. Deep dark secret? Yes, that my dad took with him to the grave. Not sure if cringe worthy.

TL;DR: I'm pretty sure my dad was an assassin or secret agent. I'm not sure which.

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My roommate is bulimic. I think she thinks she's being sneaky because she can throw up really, really quietly, but I can hear it. It breaks my heart to catch her in the middle of a binge and have her pretend she was actually putting away that jar of peanut butter instead of eating out of it with her hand.

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A girl from my high school went to Hawaii on vacation with her friends and some of their parents while her boyfriend stayed home. While she was there, she got really drunk and ended up having a threesome with 2 other boys she met on the beach. Well, her friends saw what happened and she was worried her boyfriend would find out, so she claimed she was r**ed. After a crazy 48 hours for her and the boys she slept with, she finally admitted she was not raped and that all of the acts were consensual...only after the two boys had been processed, arrested and charged with rape. She quickly left the state. Her boyfriend still doesn't know. Found out from a family friend of hers that I know well. What a c**t.


My roommate freshman year in college was a forever alone type - always tried but things never seemed to work out. One day, I'm chilling on my computer and start getting hungry, so I asked him if he wanted to go get food. He replied "no, guess why?" I guessed he had already eaten, but he surprised me by saying that he had a date with this hot chick from a class of his. So I congratulate him and ask him about her - he describes her as that ideal blonde, big boobs, perky nice sexy girl next door.

So I go get dinner and give him some space. I take my books and laptop and go study for a few hours at the library. I text him to ask if it's ok for me to come back to the room (it was getting late). He said yeah. Date turned out not so good though.

After him buying dinner and ice cream, she drops the bomb that she's actually a lesbian and apparently thought it was just a friend type thing. He wasn't very happy about it, but he didn't really want to talk about it so I let it go and went to bed.

Around 4 am, I wake up, which is odd cause I'm usually a deep sleeper. I roll over and hear this kind of thudding noise. I glance over without getting up and there I see my hefty roommate humping rather vigorously the dresser - seriously, no pants on, just banging the dresser. I immediately rolled over and pretended to be asleep... I didn't get to sleep before he finished though ಠ_ಠ

TL;DR: Forever alone roommate has a bad date, finds out shes a lesbian, bangs dresser.

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I know that my dad is a sex worker and runs his "business" out of his home.

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My grandfather went out and stabbed my cousin's elementary school bully's dad to death. My cousin's bully bullied him everyday for years, and his parents knew and justified it by saying it was a good way for their boy to assert himself and that my cousin needed to grow some balls. Upon my grandfather finding out, especially when he learned they were white, he grabbed the biggest kitchen knife in the house and left. He came back several hours later with a bloody t-shirt and the knife missing. The next morning on the news, there was a story about a murdered man found in an alley way stabbed multiple times. That man was the bully's dad. My cousin was never bullied again. My grandfather was never caught.

Edit - I was only about 4 when this happened, but I was smart enough to put the pieces together. My grandfather passed away a few years ago.

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My boyfriend hung himself 3 years ago and his brother saved him just in time. Something I know that he would never tell me himself and I will never let him know that I know. But it scares me

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A friend of my roommate at the time was this cute girl we'll call Mel. Mel and my Roomie (female) were heading out on a thursday to have some drinks with friends with the intention of returning to our Apartment at the end of the night to crash. Mel had a bit of a crush on me and before she left she told me she was sleeping in my bed that night and I didn't have a say in the matter. Fine by me, I thought, I was single and she was cute.

Fast forward to 3am. I wake up to my roomie asking for help getting Mel upstairs, our apartment was on the second floor. So I get out of bed, look over the railing and see this girl absolutely out-f*****g-cold at the bottom of the stairs. Well, looks like I'm not getting any tonight, I then carry this girl upstairs to the living room where she gets tucked into the couch and I head back to bed.

I awake the next morning and head to the kitchen for breakfast before work. As soon as I walked into the kitchen the smell hit me. I immediately started looking around, it didn't take long to find the source. There, in the middle of the kitchen, is one of the kitchen chairs and on the floor in front of it is a cupcake tray. Sitting on top of the tray is a steaming nightmarish pile of beer and shooter induced fecal slurry that would have made a grizzly bear proud. I s**t you not, it was one of the biggest single piles I've ever seen and the kicker was that it belonged to a lady. A dainty, petite lady that at some point in the night had wandered into the kitchen, and had the where-with-all to put a cupcake tray on the floor before pulling out a chair to brace herself with(there was some s**t on the chair too) so she could comfortably s**t on the tray.

That's when I just walked away. I didn't see much of her after that but my roomie who worked with her said it's obvious that she has no clue she did it. She was black out drunk so I'm not surprised. I guess the couple people that did know started calling her cupcake which she thinks is a cute nickname....

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One of my best female friends, while at college, was discovered roaming the corridors in the middle of the night, ridiculously drunk and stark naked. I know this because a couple of my (male) friends, who she doesn't really know, found her and guided her back to her room in a towel.

I've no idea if she has any memory of it, but either way I'm sure she'd be mortified if she knew they'd told me (I made them swear not to tell anyone else).

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The names of the three people my dad killed when he was younger.

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I know a guy from college who drove an M3, wore expensive s**t, and always bought drinks and paid for s**t. Told everyone he made his money off calls/puts on eTrade, and "hustled" on the side. I think he watched Boiler Room or read Wolf of Wall St. one too many times, and thought he could just pretend he was some market wizard (who was a GENERAL BUSINESS MAJOR, lol.)

I worked with a friend of his dad, who told me that daddy paid for EVERYTHING via card, cash handouts, paid his bills every month, and that this kid didn't do s**t.

At least I got a few free drinks.

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I am aware that someone I know had a child who died. I do not know the circumstances, but I do know he spent time in prison because of it. It's not common knowledge, obviously.

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I work at a fairly small company in the city. There's one particular coworker of mine, a fairly hot Asian woman. We recently found a video that was posted on a website of a sexual nature. In the video, she gets tied up and has a ball gag placed into her mouth.

I can't look her in the face without seeing a mental image of a ball gag.

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Have been doing household computer work for a family for a number of years... one summer while on break from school, I was helping the parents setup a wireless printer and wanted me to connect their daughter's (my age-- in college at the time) laptop. Opened it to find some pretty graphic Harry Potter sex stories.

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One of my friends is a virgin and tells people that he's slept with "many girls". He has no clue that most of us all know.

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My mom and stepdad came home from the bar exceptionally late one night, so late, I was already awake for the day. I heard them arguing somewhat less than quietly.

My mom got picked up by and had sex with another woman, against the direct behest of my stepdad, surprisingly.

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A girl I knew in high school was involved in an online relationship with a much older guy when she was 13-14.

They planned on meeting up, but one of her parents intercepted the online conversations she was having with the p*******e and the cops caught him with some sick s**t in his car: rope, whips, chains, dildos, etc.

Yeah, he was planning on r**ing and (possibly) KILLING her as well. Thank goodness the f****r was caught. The girl has no idea I know, either.

I only know because there was this Brody Ruckus Facebook group that had like a million members (remember that?) back in like 2006, and there was a discussion thread about r**e. She talked about her experience in the thread and posted a link to a local newspaper article about the pedophile being caught as well.

Scary s**t.

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Girl I sit next to every day at work has been in porn. Bang Bus, mainly, and some amateur style foot / sock fetish stuff. I've never let on that I know it's her, but it has been confirmed via tattoos that it is in fact her.

EDIT: Sorry guys. I'm not blowing up her spot. No links or names will be provided.

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my male cousin who is engaged to a female f****d a male flight attendant on the plane to disneyworld.

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We got a new girl at work couple months back, when she first started i could of sworn she looked familiar. So im sitting down at my computer late night picking out which porn to watch from some ones i have favorited and i realize that shes in one of them.


I don't know if he would cringe...but I discovered by accident that my friend in college is gay, and a furry. My computer crapped out on me, so I asked if I could use his to finish my project. Had to download some random audio sounds (it was a communications class). Downloaded, came across a ton of 'NOPE-grade' material in his downloaded folder. He doesn't know that I know, but it's not my place to 'out' him. If he wants to, he'll do it on his own. He's still a great guy and a great friend.



The year was 1996, I was 16, got on IRC, and fell for a girl I met. A very convincing girl, who was very cagey about her identity, but swore me to secrecy that her name was "Tina Yothers" (no, but let's say it was). Yes, we got frisky online. She was supposedly from Montreal, but just happened not to be there whenever I visited.

I got suspicious, and she disappeared for the most part. I was crushed, all the same. She would email from time to time with updates on her life, and sometimes pop up on IRC, and we'd still talk. I moved on. This continued until 2010.

.. except I didn't buy it. In 2000 I found out about the SMTP EXPN command, which basically made her ISP's mail server spew out the name associated with the email address, and it was nothing like what she had told me. It was a guy's name - let's say "Joe Stamos". she said it was her dad's accountant, and he handled all the billing. I was still suspicious, but it wasn't enough proof. The email address was very unique - all references to the username part were either a female born in 1980, or a guy with this guy's name. Both would use the same weird punctuation and smilies.

In 2006, she sent me a photo of her and her family. In the EXIF data was a hidden tag, mentioning two names - let's say "Michelle/Tom".

In 2009, I google'd the guy's name from the EXPN earlier, and found an obituary listing him as a son-in-law, along with all his wife's family.

Through 2010, I tracked them all down through facebook and other sources, and all of their children, and grandchildren. I built up a family tree for the entire family, including blanks where I had found references to children, but no records of names. I also found an article written on a fantasy basketball forum, in the style of a newspaper article, with "Joe Stamos" as the username, and "Tina McYothers" as the byline on the fake article.

Then a month or so ago two of the family members on facebook became friends with someone named "Michelle", and I'll be damned if it wasn't the same girl I'd got photos of all those years ago. After 13 years of searching, I'd found our her real name, and it was the guy's niece.

There was lots of other correlations that fell into place after that - a photo she'd given of them outside a house, and street view confirms it was her parents place in Colorado, the "Michelle/Tom" in EXIF and she was married to a guy named Tom. I also found out that she had been on the Martha Stewart show a few times (if only I watched..), and featured in an episode of a Discovery Channel show. From that I matched to a photo I got years ago taken at the same angle, and they're dead on. I also found an account on photobucket, with the username of "jms" ("Joe M Stamos") with photos and her and him and the entire family from a Christmas party in 2007, I found a website with apologies from she and "Tom" for not being able to make another family member's wedding in 2009 too.

**tl;dr: I know a 68 year old guy who used to talk dirty with underage boys on IRC and pretend to be his niece, and I know her email address. I think the appropriate response to that if outed would be to kill yourself**


An ex-girlfriend of mine was a prostitute who would befriend other girls, give them nice clothes, then take them to bars and sell them. She'd tell them that the men "loved" her. It was really odd because her family was very rich, and her pimp never forced her into prostitution. He did slap her once when she got tired of doing a blow job after like 20 minutes (more than one guy).

I found out from a mutual friend who swore me to secrecy.


My friend found our mutual friend's younger brother in a few hardcore gay porn videos. She (our mutual friend) would absolutely die if she found out her little brother was doing that.

He's really young in them too, but actually looks like he's enjoying himself so more power to him?


My mother would probably freak out if she found out that I knew that she was pregnant with me before meeting (who I have known my whole life as) my father. I've been trying to figure out some way to ask her who my real father is, but keep coming up blank.

Edit: In hindsight, using the term real father was probably bad, I originally typed blood father, but it looked and sounded odd, using the term biological father never crossed my mind. I understand that my father that raised me is my real father, he passed away in 2008 from cancer.

Further clarification: First off, I'm 25. How I found out about this was in casual conversation with my older brother and his mom (dads ex wife). We got to talking about how my older brother was athletic and I was smart, how we are opposite ends of the spectrum from each other, and she made a comment in passing about how my mother was pregnant with me before she met my dad. My little sister and I look alike, nothing like our dad. Our little brother looks like our dad though. What confirmed it was shortly before he passed away, he confessed to my sister that we weren't his. She chalked it up to the drugs talking, when I found out about the confession two years later, my older brother and I got to talking and we pulled a copy of my birth certificate (him and his wife had custody of me when I was 15-18, another story entirely). The father section on my birth certificate was blank.

Now for asking my mother, that isn't really an option, my mom has been a liar and a conniver my whole life, it took me 10 years of investigating and showing her the proof to her face for her to confess that my grandfather (her father) was really her step father and not her biological father. She basically ditched the family 3 years ago to move to Indiana without telling anyone, and in my research, I found that her biological father lived in Indiana as well. So asking my mother without anything other than what has been said will prove futile. She'd rather tell 100 complex lies than one simple truth.

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Found a vibrator and lube in my dad's bedside table .... all I wanted was some goddamn Skittles that he always hides. Have told my best friend and that's it.

EDIT: And reddit now too. You're huge a******s, in the best way possible.


My friend took some pretty gross up-crotch shots of herself on her photobooth. I don't know if it was for something medical or something, because they sure as hell were not sexy.

Also, it was super awkward because I was on her computer and she was behind me, because we were looking for something on the computer together. I tried really hard to "not notice" the pictures and I kept trying to close the program without her seeing that I saw it. I was embarrassed for her.

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Friend went home from a club with this girl, bed was wrapped in plastic, she used a**l beads on him and he used her bed as a good spot for diarrhea.


I found my friend's "chicks with d***s" magazine. He has no idea, so I drop about one joke per year just to freak him out a little.

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Here's two:

Back in high school, a 15-year-old girl I knew named Maggie had a thing for her 17-year-old brother. One night she came to a party I was having and, as usual for Maggie (and everyone else, for that matter), got fairly wasted. While drunk she confessed that earlier in the day she had finally seduced her brother, and it was better than anything she could've imagined. Apparently the guy f****d her for 45 minutes straight (compared to the 2-minute average of most high school guys) and she came 7 or 8 times. Until then she had no idea tha any guy could last longer than a few minutes, or that a girl could come more than once. She was ecstatic; she'd finally scored with her brother, and it had been better than her wildest fantasy. She was quite eager for a rematch, too.

Fast-forward to the next day. Maggie sobers up after sleeping over and doesn't remember telling me and a couple of other friends about her escapades with her brother. We wisely decide not to mention to the conversation, as the embarrassment probably would've killed her. Still, we all know several different girls named Maggie, and whenever a Maggie pops up during a conversation it goes something like this: "Which Maggie? You mean the one that banged her brother?" followed by chuckling, because even after all this time we still find the incident insanely funny.

Next one: a friend (David) and I were living together during our college days. A third person (Andy) came over and we all decide that it's a good night to get very, very stoned. Out comes the bong and we spent about an hour seeing just how much weed we could inhale. Well, weed and mushrooms; we had a habit of mixing in a fair bit of shrooms just for shits and giggles. Temporarily sated, I settled down to watch TV, because f**k, even the commercials are amazing at this point, especially with the auditory hallucinations I always get from the shrooms.

After awhile I realized my roomie, David, and Andy have disappeared. Not sure how long it took for me to notice their absence. I decided to go looking for them, and more importantly, the bong they took with them.

I wandered out of the living room, down the hall, turned the corner and noticed David's bedroom door was cracked open. Without a thought I walked down the hall and stuck my head in...to find David balls deep in Andy's a*s. My stoned brain doesn't really comprehend the scene at first and insists that we must be hallucinating, as we know that both of these friends are straight - god knows they've insisted on it enough times. Stoned brain says the shrooms have stepped it up from auditory to visual hallucinations, which would've been cool except that the subject matter is kinda disturbing. Stoned brain says that if we watch long enough the hallucination will dissolve and life will return to normal.

Only it doesn't. Both guys, being very stoned and canted away from the door, didn't notice me standing there. David is ramming his member into Andy's a*s, again and again, and both are grunting and groaning and obviously enjoying the a*s f*****g. This is a sight that me, an actual straight guy, could easily do without, and to make matters worse I discover what the word "santorum" means long before the internet came up with said word. S**t-and-lube-covered d**k, plunging into a*s again and again, stoned brain finally realizing that we aren't imagining things yet unable to formulate an escape plan or retreat before that disgusting image is burned into our retinas forever.

I finally managed to regain motor control and slipped back down the hallway as quietly as I could. Not that it mattered; they were so stoned and so into the a*s-f*****g nothing short of a kick to the head would've caught their attention. Still, the pot acted like indelible ink with respect to that incident, and every time I see either of these guys that image immediately pops to mind.

David and Any have no idea that I caught them in the act. Can't imagine what their wives would think if I ever said anything, especially since they still go do things together once every couple of weeks. What things, who the f**k knows, but so long as I don't have to get an up-close-and-personal view of it I'm happy with my ignorance.


Back in high school, in band class, there was a girl who drunkenly admitted to having a**l sex with a hobo at a bus stop. Her friend recorded the confession, shared it with everyone, and didn't tell her. I don't know if she knows that everyone knows. The girl was 15 and played clarinet.


Someone I know has no clue I know he goes to orgies, gets gay hook ups on craigslist, gets off on b********y porn....for a start.

If his ex-wife knew half the stuff I knew, she could easily get full custody of the kids and wreck his life. I keep my mouth shut because as hard as it is to believe, she's a worse parent and current mentally abuses the children, their happiest days are those away from her.

Each kid can't wait till they are of a legal age to ask the courts to move in full time with their dad - THEY DONT KNOW that dad doesn't want them full time, because he loves his sex life.

So you could say I am harboring two secrets from two people...no, one person and a 'group' of people (don't want to say how many kids involved)

It's a huge sad situation.

And that's the end of this throw away account.


Next door neighbors. He is physically abusive to his wife and kids (I've seen him hit her and the kids(multiple occasions over the last 7 years)). She has been cheating on him during their entire marriage. She is verbally abusive to the kids.


10 years ago a friend of mine slept with a married guy at work after a bunch of people from work went out to a bar and got drunk. She told me he and his friend just slept over in her living room after the bar. I also accidentally opened the mail of the guy who lived in our place before us (we would very occasionally get his mail) and saw the insurance claim for his herpes medication. I should have ready the envelope first.


Party at a friend's house.

Friend A, we'll call him Tanner, gets shitfaced off of 4 beers because he's a lightweight.

Friend B, let's say... Tim, keeps his head about him at 8 beers and has a good time with everyone, keeps it classy, all is well.

This is Friend Bs house, and at the end of the night (2am because we're in high school at the time) we crash in his room which has bunk beds.

I pass out in top bunk. after I pass out Tim and Tanner pass out in bottom bunk. I wake up, smoke a cheeky cigarette, go home, all is well.

Find out from Tim later that he woke up at some point in the dark night with Tanner attempting to penetrate his a*****e like some sort of alley dog, saying "shut up f*g, you like it" while Tim is like "dude, what the f**k..." Then Tim wakes up a little later (he's unphased somehow) to Tanner sucking his d**k, to which again Tim says "dude.. f**k, what the f**k...?" to which Tanner replies, "shut up f*g".

I was best friends with both Tim and Tanner at the time. Tanner has never admitted to any of this happening when Tim has brought it up, but Tim has brought it up with me a few times. I know this about Tanner, who has been engaged once and now has a serious girlfriend, and I can never bring it up with him because it's so far in the past. But still, I want to say, "man... you bro-raped one of our best friends. dude... what the f**k...?"


I found pictures of a friend topless and a different friend's sister using a vibrator both while browsing random threads on the internet, if that counts.

I saved them both, and have fapped to them.

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Another redditor once confessed, with a throwaway, that she had had lesbian sex. She accidentally replied to her own post with her main account, deleted it quickly, but I have her tagged in res.

Edit: I'm **not judging her negatively, it was a positive confession**. I'm glad for her, plus I totally know it's creepy of me. I felt weird typing it out, but I'd feel weirder deleting this now that so many people have voted on it and commented..
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