Seems like Friday comes around at least once a week! And here it is again, so it’s time for our weekly meal plan post!

Seems like Friday comes around at least once a week! And here it is again, so it’s time for our weekly meal plan post!

The Dinner Divas have fall on our minds–I bet you’ll be able to tell by checking out our menu, too.

Get your shopping lists ready, because you’re going to want to make at least a few of these recipes!
It’s Meal Plan Time!
Before we get started, I want to put in a little extra plug for my mom’s Casserole Supreme. It’s seriously the most comforting casserole to make–and it’s easy.

Aside from that bit of comfort, we also have a hearty chowder, some great chicken sliders, a pizza for pizza night (obviously), a rich ratatouille, and two great dessert extras: no-bake lemon cheesecake parfaits and a fantastic blueberry pie.

Let’s get right to it!

Dinner Divas Weekly Meal Plan Archives
1 Hamburger Macaroni Casserole: My Mom's Casserole Supreme
The best, most comforting casserole known to man. Or at least to me. Super kid friendly, and super delicious.
Continue Reading 2 Shredded Applesauce Chicken Sliders with Brussels Sprouts Apple Slaw Photo Credit:
These flavors Erin has put together have me thinking serious fall thoughts. Yes, please!
Continue Reading 3 Langostino Chowder Recipe | Pook's Pantry Recipe Blog Photo Credit:
If you're a lobster chowder fan, you'll love this langostino version from Pook's Pantry. You can serve it as shooters for a party appetizer or in big old bowls for some serious comfort eating!
Continue Reading 4 Homemade Ratatouille (Vegetable Stew) - 3 Ways! Photo Credit:
An end-of-summer version of ratatouille, y'all. And stewing a bunch of vegetables together--with bacon--always ends in a big bowl of comfort. Plus, Kirsten shows us a great way to serve the leftovers for breakfast, too!
Continue Reading 5 3 Cheese Lasagna Pizza | Grandma Pie with Ricotta, Mozzarella & Fontina
Another of my beloved Grandma pizzas, this one made with a layer of ricotta mixed up just like you'd make the ricotta layer in a lasagna. One great pizza. Top it with other toppings if you want, but don't leave off the ricotta. It's one of my favorite pizza toppings ever.
Continue Reading 6 No Bake Lemon Cheesecake Parfaits | Pook's Pantry Recipe Blog Photo Credit:
Parfaits are great because: no sharing! But no bake lemon cheesecake layered with crisp cookies and raspberries is always a great plan!
Continue Reading 7 The Best Blueberry Pie Recipe Photo Credit:
I've told you before that Kirsten in the queen of pie, so if she says this is The Best Blueberry Pie, you have to believe her. I certainly do!
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And there you have it friends, another weekly meal plan in the books!

Please let us know in the comments what you end up making. We love to hear from you and truly hope our meal plans help make your menu planning a little bit easier!

Thank you for spending some time with us today.

Take care, and have a lovely day.

Dinner Divas Weekly Meal Plan Archives

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