Rock The Boat: Everything We Know So Far About The Boy Band Comedy

Rock The Boat: Everything We Know So Far About The Boy Band Comedy

Boy bands are powerful. They've stood the test of time, staying endlessly relevant and fascinating, and have dominated pop culture discourse no matter the decade. Whether it be The Beatles or One Direction, we've at least once dreamed of following a boy band we've been obsessed with while they're on tour. And now, eOne is making a movie about it.

Titled "Rock The Boat," the female-driven boy band comedy stars queen of comedy Rebel Wilson, Leslie Mann, and James Van Der Beek. Here's everything we know about it.

Everything We Know About The Story Of Rock The Boat

As per Deadline, the film is being described as a "female-driven comedy" that borrows inspiration from the real-life phenomena generated by boy bands such as "Backstreet Boys" and "New Kids on the Block" during their reunion tours aboard luxury cruise ships. Because who doesn't want to be a part of that?

The official synopsis details that the movie follows "four best friends from high school who were obsessed with a famous boy band in the '90s." Here's the rest of the logline:

"Twenty years later, when the band announces a reunion tour aboard a cruise ship, our four women reunite and go on the ride of their lives to recapture who they were and who they always wanted to be. As they sail among their boy band teen idols and fellow superfans, friendships will be tested, alliances will be formed, and bad decisions will definitely be made." 

The project sounds like a lot of fun, and with Wilson starring, we should expect nothing less.

Everything We Know About The Cast And Crew Of Rock The Boat

Although the film's complete cast hasn't been announced yet, we do know that Rebel Wilson ("Senior Year," "The Hustle") and Leslie Mann ("Cha Cha Real Smooth") will lead as protagonists. The synopsis suggests two actresses will join them on their endeavor to reconnect with each other and their love for their once-favorite boy band, but details are being kept under wraps.

As for the boy band members, we have former teen heartthrob James Van Der Beek, best known for his roles in "Dawson's Creek" and "Varsity Blues." Netflix is in negotiations to pick up the project from eOne, and is seeking to cast "'90s mainstays" for the band roles to give the film "extra resonance and fun."

Comedy director Luke Greenfield (known for his work on "The Girl Next Door," "The Right Hook," and "Let's Be Cops") is helming the project. Jon Turteltaub, Jonathan Prince, Mark Ross, and Wilson are producing "Rock The Boat," with Josie Liang serving as executive producer. The project was initially written by Jacob Meszaros and Zach Taylor, and has been revised by Sarah Rothschild, Greenfield, and Jason Benoit.

There's no release date yet, but the project is in talks to be filmed this spring. You can watch this space for more details about its trailer, release date, and complete cast.

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