Painting progress and other tidbits

Painting progress and other tidbits


I'll admit, I have been terrible at cleaning the ceiling fans in the bedroom.  After dusting with the swiffer duster, I had to wash them with soap/water.  You can see the dust left on them after dusting them.  I'm also going thru to many duster refills, so I invested in this...

The blue cover slides off, and is washable.  The unit can be attached to your extender handle you use for painting ceilings with (if you have one).  Works great for weekly dusting on these types of ceiling fans.

My hands are cracked, dry and sore.  My back is sore by most evenings.  My fingernails are worn, torn and look terrible.   I'm climbing ladders unsupervised most days, but progress on the bedroom is starting to happen.  

In order to paint, I had to climb into our walk-in closet like a monkey holding a flashlight.  I had to get our "paint" clothes.  Mission accomplished.  Oh, the reason for the flashlight?  Well, the switch in there is a motion sensor switch, installed behind the door (builders did some dumb stuff), and it is not working.  It's on the to-do list with everything else.  

When our bed was dismantled, it ended up in three places - the master bath, the hallway and the walk-in closet.  Hence the monkey climbing.

The ceiling fans had to be cleaned, as they were covered in order to paint the ceiling.  Today, it's wall painting day.  It's also the day Tiger is to get out of the emergency vet.  We have not heard any update on his condition, so I am stressed and worried it will not be good news.

Daughter E has been keeping herself very busy at her salon, but also with her boyfriend.  She however, became even more stressed yesterday when she found out her boyfriend's Grandpa passed away.  Instead of her focusing on her cat, whom she loves dearly, she focused on her boyfriend.  She made him a basket. 

It made us tear up, that she was so very thoughtful, when she was so mentally stressed over her cat.

It's been cold and raining here, and today high wind warning.  I guess I'm thankful for the little things right now, considering our "living in the wild" during this process of renovations.

I'm thankful for leaving a sweater on a hook in the kitchen.  I cannot get to my bathroom, which I left on the back of the door in the master bath.
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