Object of Desire: Custom Hardware from Stahl + Band in Los Angeles

Object of Desire: Custom Hardware from Stahl + Band in Los Angeles

We’ve got a weak spot for well-made sculptural hardware (see: 10 Favorites: Architectural Hardware as House Jewelry), so we’re adding these custom pieces from LA shop Stahl + Band to our covet list.

Here’s a look:
Above: The Compass Hook from Sydney, Australian, designer Henry Wilson is available in bronze ($90), blackened bronze ($110), or aluminum ($80). Above: The Compass Hook in situ; photo by Toby Scott via Studio Henry Wilson. Above: Also by Henry Wilson, the PSL Handle is available in two sizes and three finishes; prices start at $55 for the small aluminum handle. Above: The 89 Hangers ($100 for a set of four) “result from a scanning process that manipulates everyday objects to reveal organic sculptural forms. The distorted digital representations generated by the scanner are used to create a mould cavity out of sand, which molten brass is then poured into. The hangers are completed with a brushed finish, highlighting the slightly pitted expression of the sand casting process.” Above: The Palais Lever Handle is available in high tensile brass or aluminum. Each handle is individually cast  from a wax positive, vibration polished, and machined; $325 per set of two handles, including rose. Above: Another piece from designer Henry Wilson, the brass Cove Handle Mini is $90.
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