Not A DIY-er? These 8 Craft Kits Will Help You Get Started

Not A DIY-er? These 8 Craft Kits Will Help You Get Started

Hello, Mindful Crafting

If there’s anything we’ve learned over the past year, it’s the magic of slowing down and savoring all the small moments. For many of us, that means embracing our inner child, learning new hobbies, and crafting for the first time in years. Sometimes though, we can use a bit of guidance when it comes to DIYing on our own, especially when we don’t know where to start. 

With these craft kit brands, you won’t have to wonder what tools you need or how the heck to knit one, purl two. That’s because they've curated the entire experience for you, so all you need to do is “add to cart” and wait for it to arrive right at your door. Best of all, your purchase will support small businesses, women-led companies, and sustainable practices. Win-win!

So whether you’re using these craft kits to unwind, focus, or pass the time, it’ll be an enjoyable experience from start to finish 🧶.

1. Wool and the Gang

Kit Types | Knitting, crochet, macrame, embroidery, cross-stitch
Best For | Ages 12+
Price | Starting at $21

For aspiring knitters and crocheters, Wool And The Gang is our one-stop shop. The easy-to-follow kits and tutorials are made for everyone, from newbies to advanced pros. Nearly all of the team’s supply chain is sustainable and ethical, with a particular focus on cruelty-free fibers and inclusive sizing. So whether you’re hoping to knit yourself a new sweater or make a macrame wall hanging, you can find it here. 

Shop Wool And The Gang

2. RISE Tailor Studio

Kit Types | Punch-needle, embroidery, dreamcatcher, weaving
Best For | Ages 7+
Price | Starting at $10

RISE Tailor Studio’s craft kits on Etsy are as adorable as they are soothing, with uplifting patterns of animals, rainbows, and plants, as well as the basic tools needed to begin DIYing. And because most RISE designs are easier than many other similar kits, children can join in on the fun with the help of a simple YouTube tutorial. With many kits starting at under $10, it’s also one of the most cost-effective crafts out there, with whimsical and colorful results.

Shop RISE Tailor Studio

3. Create The Culture

Kit Types | Pop culture embroidery kits
Best For | Ages 17+
Price | Starting at $20

For modern and statement embroidery, check out Create The Culture’s DIY kits. Here you’ll find bold designs of Beyoncé, Maya Angelou, and Biggie Smalls that any fan will appreciate. (Hint: it’s a great gift!) One kit is about six inches big, making it easy to bring with you on your commute—even if that commute is between the living room and bedroom 😉. Best of all, each purchase is made-to-order and supports a woman-run small business from Brooklyn, NY.

Shop Create The Culture

4. Craft Jam

Kit Types | Embroidery, watercolor brush lettering, weaving, macrame, modern calligraphy
Best For | Ages 12+
Price | Starting at $12

Based in New York City, Craft Jam works with teachers across the country for various hands-on workshops and crafts, including watercolors, calligraphy, and even mask making. Once you order one of the curated kits, you can tune in to a live-streamed workshop to try out your new skills or practice on your own time. Or, if you already have supplies, simply purchase a ticket for the beginner-friendly classes.

Shop Craft Jam

5. We Are Knitters

Kit Types | Knitting, crocheting, macrame, weaving, latch hook
Best For | Ages 12+
Price | Starting at $6

We Are Knitters makes it easy to enjoy all kinds of crafting, thanks to its affordable ready-to-go kits and sustainably sourced materials. Once you choose your appropriate activity, level, color, and size, WAK will ship everything (including the tools!) right to you. Featured in Vanity Fair and Elle for its ease and quality, this platform is a budding global community spanning thousands—and it even hosts virtual knitting parties from time to time!

Shop We Are Knitters

6. Craft Box Club

Kit Types | Weaving, candle making, basket weaving, jewelry making
Best For | Ages 18+
Price | Starting at £20/month

For our UK friends, Craft Box Club helps you unwind and relax through a monthly craft kit. This eco-friendly subscription sends a different plastic-free DIY kit to your door each month for £20 or less, and crafts can range from pom-poms to beeswax candles. If that month’s craft isn’t your thing, you can also send it back to receive credit towards another purchase to reduce waste. It’s the gift of surprise, sustainability, and creativity for you or a friend.

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7. Uncommon Goods

Kit Types | Painting, soaps/candles/balms, beer brewing, plants and terrariums
Best For | Ages 10+
Price | Starting at $10

As the name suggests, you can find almost any craft kit at Uncommon Goods. This certified B Corp works directly with makers across the globe for innovative and one-of-a-kind craft kits. There are nearly 150 options to choose from, and many ship in less than 24 hours. We love the idea of shipping one to yourself and to a friend to virtually do together over a weekend!

Shop Uncommon Goods

8. Doodle Crate

Kit Types | Science and art kits
Best For | Ages 9–16
Price | Starting at $9.95/month

For kiddos who love art, science, or both, KiwiCo’s Doodle Crate is a subscription service they’ll love. Each month, they’ll receive a “crate” with a project designed specifically for their age range by educators and child development professionals. And the crate includes tools, directions, access to online tutorials, and more. Because each crate is different, they’ll learn a new skill every time—like sculpting, block-printing, or needle felting. Help build up their confidence and creativity!

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