I made a modern coat rack from an IKEA wire basket

I made a modern coat rack from an IKEA wire basket

It is minimalist, cute, and price friendly.

I lived in New York so it’s safe to say that it was able to handle multiple heavy winter coats.

My next apartment came with a coat rack, hence why I didn’t reinstall it. Otherwise, it would have been up on the wall again. 
IKEA products used: JONAXEL wire basket white 19 5/8 x 20 1/8 x 5 7/8 $4.50 BUMERANG hangers (8 pieces) $4.49 LACK tv unit white $15.99 Optional IKEA products: FEJKA fake hanging plant $9.99 RAGGISAR baskets (set of 3) $6.99 SUSIG cork desk pad $7.99 Non-IKEA products: S-hooks from Amazon (10 hooks) $ 6.88 3 or 4 screws 1 Command hook or similar Tools: Screwdriver Scissors/ Xacto knife Gorilla glue Pencil Leveler (iPhones have one)
Plain total price including shoe rack, no decorations: $31.86

Total price as shown in the picture, including decorations: $56.83
Step by step for modern minimalist coat rack:
1. Put together the LACK tv unit according to IKEA’s instructions.

2. Place the tv unit/shoe rack where you want it to be. If you place it close to a door, make sure that the door still fully opens. 

3. Figure out where you want the basket to hang above the shoe rack. Place the basket against the wall and figure out the height that you want it to be at.

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4. Make sure to hang the basket in the middle of the shoe rack, the shoe rack is wider than the basket.

5. Use your phone or another leveler to ensure that the coat rack is level. 

6. Grab a pencil and mark just underneath the top wire of the basket that is touching the wall, where the screws need to go in. 

7. Grab a screwdriver and screw in the screws. I used three 1/2 inch screws and I never came down, I would recommend using larger screws though. When screwing into the wall, make sure to leave 1/8 inch gap between the top of the screw and the wall. 

8. Place the basket onto the screws. Make sure that the top wire falls between the wall and the top of the screw. Adjust the screws as needed. 

9. Tighten the screws, but don’t let the top wire of the basket come out. 

10. Place an upside-down command hook at the bottom left or right corner to make sure that the basket cannot be accidentally tilted. 

11. Hang the S-hooks and hangers at the bottom of the basket. And add any decorations.
Optional: Cork layer
1. Before putting the basket up on the wall, measure the bottom inside, the width and the depth. 

2. Draw your measurements on the cork and cut it out, using scissors or an Exacto knife.

3. Place it into the basket once installed, or go to step 4 if you want to add the front ridge. 

4. For the little front ridge, figure out how tall you would like it to be, mine was about an inch tall. 

5. Measure the width of the basket to ensure that you have the correct width at your preferred height.

6. To create the perfect curvature for your cork corners, place the basket on the cork and trace the curve with a pencil. 

7. Cut out your ridge using scissors or an Xacto knife.

8. Place the base layer of cork into the basket to ensure it fits. Then take it out again. 

9. Glue the ridge to the front of the base layer of cork using super glue. Make sure to hold it in place until the glue is almost dry and add more glue if needed. Cork is hard to glue.   

10. Place the cork layer into the basket once installed and when hooks and hangers are already attached. 
Other useful info:
It took me about an hour to install the entire thing, including the LACK tv unit and the cork layer. 

One of the things I really liked about it, was how slim it was. I didn’t have a real spot to put a full-on coat rack in my university studio, but this 100% worked.

I got a lot of compliments from friends about the looks of my modern coat rack. That’s another thing that I really liked about it, the minimalist design it has.

Furthermore, it comes with a lot of storage too, you can definitely store a whole lot of gloves, scarfs, and hats, even on the top shelf. I never had anything fall out.  

First, I tried to put it up with command hooks, you can still see them if you look closely, but that didn’t work, as it is really hard to get all the weight of the coat rack evenly distributed on all command hooks. So screws it is. 
If you want you can also add an S-hook to the top shelf and hang a couple of small umbrellas on it.

I never had any issues with the wire basket deforming because of the weight of coats and jackets, the basket is really sturdy. I lived in New York and it survived multiple heavy winter coats at the same time.

~ by Stéphanie Gerritsen 

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