Guardian Protection Review

Guardian Protection Review

A well-established home security company with a presence concentrated in the Mid-Atlantic region, Guardian Protection combines heritage home security practices with up-to-date, in-house technology. If you want someone to professionally install and monitor your home security system, and you’re also interested in using your home security system as the foundation of a smart home, Guardian Protection is a total solution.
Guardian Protection's Claim
Enjoy peace of mind. We'll work with you to make it quick, easy and affordable.
Is it true?
If your peace of mind is improved, not distressed, by committing to a three- to five-year contract, then Guardian Protection can make good on all its promises. The company works with customers on an individual level to customize every device kit. But unlike most a la carte home security systems, Guardian Protection requires professional installation and monitoring. While speed and ease are guaranteed in this arrangement, affordability is not. However, your monthly rate in addition to your upfront costs depend on the number and type of devices you choose, so expense is somewhat in your hands.
✓ Potentially valuable guarantees✓ A la carte devices✓ Wide range of home security services
✗ Very long-term contracts✗ Nonexistent or inaccurate information online
Guardian Protection Plans
Editor’s note: Guardian Protection’s advertised package tiers don’t reflect the company’s current approach to plans. Rather than select from the packages below, you are free to choose your own devices, a la carte. That reality renders plan info obsolete, but we include it here as a good primer on the devices available through Guardian Protection.

*Choose one home automation device:1 Door lock1 Thermostat1 Light modules1 Garage door switch1 HD Video Doorbell

**Choose one video surveillance device:1 HD Video Doorbell1 Indoor Camera1 Outdoor Camera
Guardian Protection Overview Advantages Potentially valuable guarantees
Guardian Protection is an old-fashioned home security company, for better and for worse. Big contracts, pro monitoring, call for a quote. But an old-fashioned way of doing business has its upside in a heightened sense of responsibility to the customer. Guardian Protection exhibits just that in its work guarantees. Professional installation means you have someone to blame if the system glitches because of an installation mistake. And if the system fails — you're burglarized when your Guardian Protection is fully functional — the company promises to pay you $500 toward your homeowners insurance deductible. (Though that shouldn’t be taken as an incentive to make a claim — claims always have repercussions.)
A la carte devices
The Guardian Protection website doesn’t reflect the provider’s current home security plans. While the site shows three plan packages with ascending numbers of security and automation devices, the hotline salespeople set the record straight. Because the pre-packaged approach was forcing customers to purchase more devices than they needed, Guardian Protection has instead been selling products individually. Monthly rates depend on the number and type you choose, as certain devices (cameras) and capabilities (automation) inflate operating costs.

Good thing that you are required to make a phone call to get customer service, because the site itself discloses neither pricing nor terms, and the little plan information it provides is out-of-date.
Wide range of home security services
Guardian Protection provides security services for a university and a nuclear research facility, among other diverse, high-caliber clients. The clientele speaks to Guardian Protection’s strengths as a security provider and its breadth of services. In addition to residential and business security, the company works with new construction to build home security into the very walls themselves.
Drawbacks Very long-term contracts
The home security industry is moving away from long contracts, with good reason. Long contracts and steep prices are major deterrents for consumers. Guardian Protection is old-school: no month-to-month payment plans, just three- and five-year contracts — long even by home security standards. You can take your system with you if you move, but there are costs involved.
Nonexistent or inaccurate information online
We tend to view company websites as an expression of a company’s transparency. Do they give you lots of ways to connect with live assistance? Are terms and conditions, customer testimonials, or clear pricing info readily available? Guardian Protection offers a fleshed-out online experience suited to their high-tech security services. But it fails to deliver on the nuts and bolts when it comes to plans, pricing, fees, and terms. The advertised plans aren’t actually sold in practice; you have to call and give personal information to hear about prices. And there’s no possibility of catching a glimpse at terms and conditions before signing up.
The Competition Guardian Protection vs. ADT
Guardian Protection and ADT offer a very similar spread of home security options. Both have in-house security and automation options, long contracts, and professional installation and monitoring. Both are also legacy home security brands, in the business for a half and full century respectively. That kind of established reputation does double duty for home security. First up, you know you are working with reliable, enduring companies with a name to uphold. Second, you have the added protection of a recognizable name posted in your front lawn. Between the two, ADT offers more flexibility in terms of plan options, price tiers, and trial period.
Guardian Protection vs. Vivint
Vivint is a home security newcomer in comparison to Guardian Protection. Unlike Guardian, Vivint offers month-to-month subscriptions in addition to traditional contract options and places more emphasis on home automation. But while both stick to the party line with professional installation and monitoring, Vivint is built to integrate with other smart home brands, making it a better choice for the tech savvy.
Guardian Protection FAQ How much does Guardian Protection cost?
Guardian Protection requires you to call the customer service hotline for a quote. Your upfront equipment costs and monthly fees hinge on the type and number of home security devices you select. Individual devices like smart cameras and video doorbells cost $200-$400. Ballpark range for monitoring: $45-$65 per month.
How do you cancel Guardian Protection?
If you want to cancel your Guardian Protection contract before the termination date, you’ll have to pay. The amount you are on the hook for depends on the number of months left in your contract. If you can’t afford to buy out your contract, and can’t afford to maintain service, Guardian Protection is willing to work with you and put a freeze on your account. If the issue is that you’re moving, you can take Guardian Protection with you, but it won’t come free.
Can you take Guardian Protection with you when you move?
You can transplant your Guardian Protection home security system to your next home, just be sure to get in touch with the company in advance to let them know you’re moving and to schedule installation. Because it’s a professionally installed system, you won’t be able to just yank the wires out and plug them back in solo. You’ll have to pay for the technician’s time, but that’s still cheaper than the cost of canceling your contract.
The Bottom Line
Guardian Protection has kept current with home security innovations, prioritizing the most useful modern technology (see for example, video doorbells) and equipping users with total smartphone control. But while the company has advanced in its technology, its service structure could use some updating. A long contract with all the typical fees — it doesn’t gain any by comparison to flexible, DIY home security systems and self-monitored home security systems. That said, if a solid, professionally installed and monitored home security system is the format you’re after, Guardian Protection guarantees its efficacy.
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