Give Your Cravats Some Love With These Affordable Tie Racks

Give Your Cravats Some Love With These Affordable Tie Racks

* Neatly organize your growing tie collection
* Tie racks double as accessory and scarf holders too
* Tie racks make for easy gifts

There is but one way to properly store your ties and it should come as no surprise that it requires a tie rack.

Sure, you could loosely roll them up and take up precious drawer space, but why do that, when you could hang them in your closet? Not only will this help you pick which tie to where with your outfit, it will also help your cravats stay nice and wrinkle free. Plus, tie racks can easily double to accommodate scarves and other accessories, too. You know, in case you need to share.

Here are nine best tie racks available right now.


1. IPOW Twirl Tie Rack (Pack of 2)

A no-frills design that packs up to 20 ties of varying sizes onto one twirling rack. The IPOW comes in a pack of two and this latest version has an improved design over its predecessor with a bit more breathing room in between each tie.

Buy: IPOW Twirl Tie Rack $7.99


2. Tenby Living Tie Rack

To prevent any slippage, Tenby Living’s tie rack implements a small clip to keep your things in place. A rotating hanger hook lets you easily store and see your ties, too. The Tenby Living Tie Rack will accommodate up to 20 ties and also comes in a pack of two.

Buy: Tenby Living Tie Rack $8.99


3. Hangerworld Premium Wooden Tie Hanger

A more luxe version from Hangerworld might be to your liking if the plastic variants aren’t doing it for you. Made from a hardwood that’s been varnished and fitted with 24 polished chrome hooks — each hook swivels out for better viewing but just as easily tucks away when you’ve made your pick.

Buy: Hangerworld Premium Wooden Tie Hanger $10.95


4. Specialty Styles Closet Organizer Hanger

While not a traditional tie rack, Specialty Styles’ multi-purpose closet organizer comes in a pack of two, and because of its open design, it looks as though you could store quite a few more items compared to the competition. We like this rack as it’s very easy to use and takes up about as much space as a dress shirt, while still being able to hold a fair amount of ties.

Buy: Specialty Styles Closet Organizer Hanger


5. IPOW Upgraded Tie Rack Holder

This stackable tie storage option has 20 different prongs with thicker ends that will keep your ties from slipping and sliding out with movement. The hook has 360 rotation and each arm can be moved for easy retrieval of your favorite ties. Fold it to the upright position to save the maximum amount of space in your closet while keeping each tie lengthened, smooth and cared for in storage. This device can also carry scarves, chains and belts.

Buy: IPOW Upgraded Tie Rack Holder $9.99


6. EZOWare Adjustable Rack

Similar to Hangerworld’s offering, the EZOWare Adjustable Rack can also hold up to 24 ties, as well as belts, scarves, necklaces and the like. This one, however, comes in a pack of two, which makes it a great gift for the dad, brother or significant other who wears a ton of ties.

Buy: EZOWare Adjustable Rack $16.99


7. Suit & Sir Mahogany Tie and Belt Rack

Made from mahogany and adorned with brass pegs, Suit & Sir’s combination tie rack and storage shelf is the elevated take on the plastic tie rack you’ve been looking for. No need to shove this in the closet, when you could show it off, along with your collection of accessories. The rack boasts rows of prongs for your to hold anything from a tie to belt. What’s more, you can even rest other items on the top-most edge.

Buy: Suit & Sir Tie Rack $17.99


8. TieMaster Tie Organizer

Who would dare not listen to a master? This Tie Organizer from TieMaster fits on the back of your closet door so you save precious rod space. It’s super easy to install, durable and will keep your ties hung in their natural position so they’re fresh and ready for your next date night or big presentation. All hardware you need to mount is included with your purchase so you can start using it right away.

Buy: TieMaster Tie Organizer $59.95


9. Primode Motorized Tie Rack Organizer with LED Lights

Why not make your tie organization high tech? This tie rack comes motorized ready to rotate and help you pick the perfect tie to compliment your outfit. With the touch of a button all of your favorites will rotate and light up via the built-in LED lights for increased visibility. It’s powered by 4C batteries that aren’t included so be sure to pick some up along with your purchase. It does come with hanging hardware for both rods and wired shelving depending on what you’ve got in your closet.

Buy: Primode Motorized Tie Rack Organizer $39.99


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