Entryway Makeover IKEA Brimnes Hack

Entryway Makeover IKEA Brimnes Hack

Wow its been so long since Ive found the time to write a new article! The holidays were such a blur, and Ive been totally out of motivation since the second week of January. Its all I can do to keep up with my thriving Youtube and Facebook channels. Anyway, I recently wrapped up a big projectour entryway makeoverso I had to come on and share!

This room wasnt supposed to be the entryway at all. But as you know if youve been following along, this past summer the exterior of house was entirely flipped to the other side. This gave us an opportunity to transform this under-utilized extra living space into a massive and highly functional entry point to our home. All it needed was a front door and storage closets!


During our full scale renovation, we moved the patio door from this spot to a new opening in our dining room/kitchen area. This way the patio door entered our porch and was no longer the closest point of entry from the garage.

This is a view from another angle. You can see how this room gives you a welcoming view of both the living room and the dining room. Its a great flow improvement. Before this, our front door was the only exterior door on the other face of the house entering right into our kitchen!

This photo was taken while we were in the process of the new front door install. The only things updated in the entryway at this point were a beautiful new ceiling fan and new window trim.

Because of the scope of what we were changing across the main level of the home, we did get all new floors. This photo shows a large patch in the original hardwood flooring we uncovered between the dining room and our new entryway. The new flooring we put down was a glue down luxury vinyl plank and you can learn more about that here.

At this point the room was beautiful, but not functional for Minnesota winters! We have so much winter gear and the room needed so much storage!

IKEA Brimnes Entryway Closets

I did a lot of digging before I secured the pieces to this closet build. The cheapest closets I could find that would work in our space were the IKEA BRIMNES collection. I had to design around the heat and return vents in the room which was a bother. The bench in the middle was an old dresser I picked up secondhand for $20. Watch the build of this project here:

After that I worked to build cute hook racks on the opposite wall. This creates a welcoming spot for guests to hang up their stuff.

Lastly, I replaced all the trim in the room with 1 x 4 pine lumber I painted. This is what Ive been doing in almost every room throughout the whole house. Its nice to have everything match considering it was all incredibly mismatched when we first moved in.

Entryway Makeover Reveal

There you have it! Heres the whole entryway makeover reveal video if you care to watch.

Im going to add some links here to products we used in our entryway makeover.

Jute Rug
Liberty Hardware pulls we upgraded the IKEA closets with (painted black)
Front door
Ceiling Fan
IKEA Brimnes closets
Wall Hooks (painted black)

If theres anything else youre wondering about just drop me a comment below!

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