DIY Hand Hooked Monogram

DIY Hand Hooked Monogram

It’s that time of year again.

You know.

When I wax poetical and sing the praises of my brothers and sisters and their handmade presents.

But before we get to my siblings, let’s discuss my contribution this year. I went off the rails and ordered something that was handmade by someone else. To be fair I would have made it if I would have been brilliant enough to have thought of it.

My gift this year was called “Blind Date With a Book.”

You choose the genre and the books come wrapped in brown paper with twine and a tag. It’s a mystery. You have no idea what the book is until you open it. I chose non-fiction for my brothers and thrillers for my sisters and historical romance for my mother.

It was a hit and I’m sure we made a few book love connections.

And now?

Here’s what my sister wrapped up for me under the tree.

Can you guess what it is?

Here’s a close-up of the edges.

It’s about 10″ x 10″ in a circle with a monogrammed “W” in the center.

She hand hooked them herself.

Of course she did.

“Hand hooked?” I asked her when I opened them. “How did you learn to hand hook things? Did you have a pattern? Did you have a teacher?”

She shrugged and told me she taught herself and made up her own pattern with leftover yarn in her craft stash.

Of course she did.

That’s my sister. One part Martha Stewart. One part Albert Einstein.

She actually made me two of them.

Here’s the second one.

Same size. Same shape. Just a little more geometric pattern that looks like it’s closest cousin is a soccer ball.

But what do you think it is?

A purse?

A door hanger?

A wreath center?



The cutest handhooked monogrammed trivet you’ve ever seen.

And it’s amazing and blue and white and handmade and looks like it’s my newest family heirloom.


Except for one thing.


I don’t really cook. I don’t really make casseroles. The only time I need a trivet is when Thanksgiving rolls around and there’s a green bean casserole in residence at my house.

So I did the next best thing. I came with an idea for that trivet that would be so much more useful at my house.

I turned it into a…..


Isn’t it perfect?

It’s blue and white and handmade and looks so perfect in the middle of this pillow.

And then?

When Thanksgiving rolls around?

I know right where to find it. 🙂

But just in case you needed a trivet?

They really do make the perfect gift.

The quirkier the better (especially that red heart trivet for Valentine’s Day).

So here are some of my favorites that would be perfect for a friend wrapped up with a loaf of handmade bread.

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