Big Brother: 5 Reasons The Show Is Over When Julie Chen Leaves (& 5 Reasons It Can Go On)

Big Brother: 5 Reasons The Show Is Over When Julie Chen Leaves (& 5 Reasons It Can Go On)

Big Brother has been on now for 21 seasons in the U.S., on the air since 2000. Based on the Dutch TV series of the same name, the reality competition series puts different people from across America into a massive house where they must live for a month, compete in challenges, forge alliances, and try to avoid being voted out by the others.

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Since the beginning, the show has been hosted by Julie Chen Moonves, who introduces each season and every segment of the show, including twists, speaks to the houseguests remotely during challenges, reading questions if necessary and providing direction, leading the live airing of the eviction ceremonies, summarizing the goings-on for viewers, and interviewing the evicted houseguests.

What would happen if she decided to leave? Could the show go on?

10 She Brings Everyone Together: Is Over

She brings everyone together on the show, first greeting them before they enter the house, talking with them any time there's a twist or challenge, and reading out the votes for the final winner during the live finale.

Without Chen, the show wouldn't make sense. Sure, another host could come in, but Chen is as much a part of the show as the challenges, house, and players are.

9 She Flubs Words Often: It Can Go On

In almost every single episode, Chen flubs words while reading off the cue cards or asking questions. She seems to get tongue-tied more often than other reality show hosts. So, while she has been a great part of the show, she isn't exactly the most talented reality show host there is.

There are tons of great reality show hosts that could do just as good a job, if not better, than Chen.

8 The Houseguests Love Her: Is Over

Every time a houseguest is evicted from the house, the one positive they note is being able to meet Chen in person. Sure, they see her before they head into the house but not for an intimate one-on-one conversation. They talk to her through a screen while in the house so seeing her in person after so many weeks of being stuck in the house is a treat.

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She always greets them with a warm smile and a handshake so the show would seem strange without her at the other side of that door.

7 She's Only a Small Part Of The Show: It Can Go On

In the end, the show is really about the contestants not about the host. The host brings things together and is important to introduce challenges and twists and ask houseguests questions. But who the host isn't all that important.

Chen is only a small part of the show that, while it would be sad to see her go, wouldn't change the dynamic all that much.

6 She Does Great Post-Eviction Interviews: Is Over

Chen isn't afraid to ask the evicted houseguests tough questions, including addressing racial slurs they might have uttered while in the house or allegations of their mistreatment of women.

It's especially uncomfortable since the houseguests have no idea there's backlash against them until they sit down with her and she brings it up. But she always handles the situations with grace and makes them feel comfortable while also not letting them off the hook, urging them to explain their actions.

5 Someone Else Can Do The Job: It Can Go On

While change is sometimes tough, there's always someone else qualified to do a hosting job who can capture the hearts of viewers. So many reality and game shows have seen host changes over the years.

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It takes some getting used to, but if Chen were to leave, as long as the right person was chosen to take over, there's no reason the show couldn't go on.

4 She's Known For Delivering Lines: Is Over

Chen has become synonymous with phrases like "houseguests, gather in the living room," and "expect the unexpected." How could anyone else deliver those lines like her? Her voice, inflection, and personality is injected into the show through these lines.

While anyone can say them, no one can say them quite like Julie. Her face popping up on the living room screen on the show always gets houseguests excited.

3 Change Can Be Good: It Can Go On

Change is a natural part of shows that have been around for so long yet remain popular. Think about when Drew Carey took over the Price is Right. No one thought anyone could ever do that game show justice like Bob Barker, yet he has managed to fit right in.

Similarly, change could be good for a show like Big Brother, and having a new host could inject a fresh, new excitement into it.

2 History: Is Over

There's history to Big Brother and Chen is a big part of it. She has been host from the very beginning and has become synonymous with the show. Thinking about Big Brother without her just seems weird.

There's something to say for history and maintaining it. And if Chen isn't part of the show, maybe there isn't a show at all.

1 Let a Former Houseguest Take Over: It Can Go On

It would be intriguing to consider having a former player that everyone loved take over the hosting duties. They know the show inside and out like Chen does, arguably more so since they have actually played before.

Someone like Dan Gheesling, Jeff Schroeder, or even Dr. Will Kirby, who does the jury roundtables every season, could do a great job hosting the show, keeping the same level of enthusiasm while also maintaining familiarity for viewers (and new players).

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