A sweet little spring home tour!

A sweet little spring home tour!

Hello my friends! I hope you're doing well and staying healthy.

Yesterday I dug out my bin of Easter and spring decor and realized I had forgotten about some really cute stuff! I haven't decorated with themey stuff like bunnies and eggs for a few years, but if there was ever time to bring them out, this is it!

I have to tell you, it made me so happy to decorate with the fun decor and colors. It brought me a lot of joy to add little touches throughout the house. :)

I figured I'd share a little "spring tour" to give you some ideas as well. I used stuff I already had. Some of the things I don't consider spring really, but I brought them out because they felt light and pretty.

You may remember my love of the simple grapevine wreath and all the different ways I use it throughout the year. I took off the Christmas decor and added the faux tulips back for this super easy spring wreath:
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Goodness I LOVE it! This is such an easy DIY wreath, it's hard to go wrong.

This boxwood wreath usually hangs on our pantry door, but I replaced it with an Easter version instead. I thought the boxwood would be pretty on the inside of the door and I was right:

I think it may have to stay here! :) 
I added quite a few spring touches in the kitchen -- including the open shelves: 
That "let's stay in" sign is perfect right now right? The other side says "let's go out" -- I wish! I had most of the spring decor, but I found the chunky ceramic birds at Joann's a couple months ago. 
I also had the "nest" filler for the cloche, but you can use a shredder to cut up paper for the same look: 
I found this hanging bunny at Joann's years ago too: 
You know how I love the free printables so many lovely bloggers share for each season! I added some spring prints to my frames in the kitchen: 
You can find some of my favorite free spring printables here and here. 
I still love this tray that corrals all the cooking stuff on our counters:
I think that little spring sign was from the Target dollar spot. I used a 3M command hook to hang it on the tile. 
I love these faux cherry blossoms I found on Amazon: 
They are so full and real looking! I get asked all the time about the hanging rod and hooks -- you can find those in this finish and black at IKEA. 
I got the idea of hanging this bunny bag and filling it with tulips from a friend of mine:  Hand lettered sign tutorial  So cute! :) 
I was running out of bunny stuff 😂 so I started looking around my decor stash for items that felt like they fit in for spring. I've had the fake orchid for awhile and like displaying it under a cloche: 
I got that tray at a local store but I found a similar wood beaded tray here! 
The lighter throw blankets and pillows came out as well: 
You can see how I use napkins to make pillows for super cheap here. 
In the family room I added the faux succulent in a little vase, along with my pretty glass beads: 
And the cute bunny bunting brings some cheer to the family room: 
It was so fun to pull all of this out. For some reason I haven't used a lot of it in the past few years, but as I said, this year it felt so right.

Your spring decor doesn't have to be bunny rabbits...just adding in some lighter tones and flowers (real or faux) may brighten your mood like it did mine!

Here are a few of the items pictured if you're wondering where to find them!:

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