8 Innovative Gadgets that are Helping to Fight Corona

8 Innovative Gadgets that are Helping to Fight Corona

At the time that the coronavirus pandemic started in China, no one could predict how much it would affect them and their countries. Now that we are so deep into it, we have seen and we know firsthand what devastating impact it has had and still have on the global and local economy, healthcare workers and other industries, social lives, etc. technology ever, what we did not see coming at all was that it would also spur creativity in people in the bid to fight the virus. But it certainly has.

The saying: Necessity is the mother of invention, cannot be truer as this coronavirus pandemic has confirmed. While we struggle to follow the different guidelines laid down by health organizations and the government such as not touching our faces, disinfecting surfaces regularly, wearing gloves and face masks, etc., there are others that have been thinking of ways to ease this burden with technology and help us stay safe. This has led to a lot of ‘coronavirus inventions.’

Here, we look at 8 innovative gadgets that were developed in the fight against coronavirus.

1. Hygiene Hook for Doors

If at some point in the past, someone had told us that in the future we would be scared to hold doorknobs to open the door, we would have strongly refuted such predictions. But here is a hook with which we can open a door without touching it because the virus might be on the knob.

Steve Brooks, a furniture designer from Britain, designed this simple device that looks like a coat hanger and a hook that can be used for pushing, pulling, or turning the handle of a door.

According to UK assignment help, Brooks made this device to help the frontline health care workers. However, it's a very important tool for every one of us. We all have to go in and out of places, even rooms in our houses. So, it is practically impossible to avoid a door handle. However, with this device people can maneuver their way around doors.

2. ImmuTouch Wristband

One of the numerous guidelines given by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the different health ministries is to avoid touching our face, especially the eyes, nose, and mouth because the virus can get into the body through these vulnerable spots. There is no problem with this guideline except that people touch their faces as a part of their unconscious behavior. So, it is hard to stop it so suddenly.

According to a report published, the least number of times people put their hands to their faces in one hour is 23 times. That is 23 different times that the virus can be transferred from the hands to the body system in just one hour.

This fact is what led to the invention of the Immutouch wristband or bracelet. This wristband is able to detect when a person is trying to touch their face, including the eyes, nose, and mouth. It then vibrates immediately it senses this to caution the person of their unconscious action. This will make the person more conscious, and reduce the risk of infection.

3. Mask that Kills the Virus
There is also the mask/ventilator that can actually kill the virus. This is another important invention that can help in many ways. It can kill and help reduce the spread of the virus, reduce the workload on the health workers, and help the patient recover.

This snood mask has an antiviral coating to help combat the virus. According to the inventors of this mask, it can also work as a basic ventilator that can be used in the treatment of the coronavirus, as it helps the patient breathes better and also kill the virus. Even though this mask was not created to replace the ICU ventilator, most patients that are given this mask first will not need to go into ICU.

The mask is also able to clean the particles of the virus in the room and give the patient a purified air. With this mask, the patients can take care of themselves, and this will reduce the workload of nurses and health workers.

4. CoronaOven

This was invented by the Log 9 Materials. The basis of this oven is the patent-pending technology, and it uses ultraviolet light with a precise wavelength. When this is combined with many of the parameters for designing this product, it is effective in disinfecting surfaces from viruses, bacteria, and germs.

According to the manufacturers, the design of this product is based on their study of SARS. This has allowed them to create an effective product, so you don't have to worry about contacting the virus from your groceries or grocery shopping.

The CoronaOven is a different microwave form the normal microwaves, as it has a precise application of ultraviolet light and a superior design that is backed by science. However, it can be used as easily as a normal microwave. All you need to do is place your item inside the box for disinfection, then turn the microwave on for a while based on the suggested requirements, and it will completely disinfect it.

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5. Fitz Protect Custom Glasses

The healthcare workers on the frontline of the fight against coronavirus need protection. There have been calls for more PPEs and many other types of equipment to protect them and help curb the spread of the virus.

Fitz, a 3D-printed eyewear brand has responded to this call with its protective glasses for healthcare workers. This company leverages technology to create custom-fit glasses to protect the healthcare workers that need protection on the frontline.

The ‘Protect’ custom-fit glasses can be used for a broad number of prescriptions which include doctors and nurses getting cover and protection against fluids that would have ordinarily entered into their eyes. As much as healthcare professionals are using the nose masks to prevent the entry of fluids into their nose and mouth from COVID-19 positive patients, they also need to protect their eyes. The regular corrective glasses which they wear have come short in this regard. That is what makes the Fitz protect custom glasses necessary.

6. Antimicrobial Fabric

This is another very interesting tool in the fight against coronavirus. However, it will be false to say that it was invented for the fight against corona. Antimicrobial fabrics have been in existence before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Antimicrobial fabrics are treated with substances that are meant to prevent microbes like viruses, bacteria, and fungi from living or flourishing in it. These fabrics are already in use in the healthcare industry for making gowns, drapery, and bed dressings, so that they are not easily contaminated and won't need regular replacement.

However, not all of these fabrics kills the virus. There are those that kill it and others that slow or stops its growth.

These fabrics are effective in the fight against coronavirus as they can trap the virus in the fabric, killing it or stopping its growth.

7. Droom Corona Shield
AEGIS Microbe shield technology is the basis for the Droom corona shield. With this technology, cars can be sanitized deeply in order to reduce microorganism growth which can be transferred across surfaces.

The manufacturers of this shield, Droom, provide antimicrobial protectant shields for surfaces in two-wheeler vehicles and cars which have proven effective against other viruses that are spread by droplets such as SARS.

This technology inhibits the growth of harmful microbes such as viruses, algae, bacteria, mildew, and mold, etc. It is a protective layer which improves biological risk management with a microorganism reduction rate of 99.99 percent, while also providing another layer of hygiene protection. This shield has an efficiency of up to 4 months.

8. Smart Thermal Imaging Goggles

This is another technology invented by Chinese AI startup Rokid. It is a smart glass powered by AI and is able to pick out people that have a fever, which is a major symptom of COVID-19. These glasses make use of thermal imaging cameras for measuring the temperature of a person up to a meter away.

According to the manufacturers, each one of these goggles is able to scan the temperature of hundreds of people within 2 minutes. The device also makes digital records and sends alerts to the appropriate staff as soon as it spots a person with a high fever.

These smart thermal imaging goggles identify people with fever by measuring their skin temperature and core body temperature. When it is not the same, it is a sign that the person has a fever. So, it is effective for detecting people that are positive with coronavirus but do not show the symptoms yet. These devices are already in use at airports and hospitals for testing staff and patients alike. This is yet another invention in the growing list of COVID-19-inspired inventions.

The willingness of individuals and corporate bodies to help solve the problem with coronavirus is seeing us through this tough period. The list of technologies and inventions that have been made in this period is overwhelming and it does make the work easier for our health workers.

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