7 ways Im making my tiny apartment feel like home for the holidays

7 ways Im making my tiny apartment feel like home for the holidays

Real talk: I have issues making new places feel like me, so ever since I sold my car (shout out to you, Penelope) and bought a plane ticket from Florida to New York City, Ive put little effort into my apartmentespecially in December. What holiday decorating ideas could ever compare to my childhood home(s)?

My first place in NYC was a tad too small for a regular-sized person to comfortably move around, so Im off the hook on that one. But now that Im onto my second (still tiny!) apartment, Ive made it my goal to create a space that feels close to being home for the holidayseven though my moms candle collection and my dads gigantic hand-picked trees are hard to beat.

Oh, the other thing I forgot to mention? I live with a thousand other people (just kidding, like five), so balancing a holiday theme throughout the apartment that also jives with everyone elses tastes is another hurdle Ive avoided until now.

In preparation, Ive planned out my first-ever holiday shopping spreeminus the long lines, impatient New Yorkers, and back aches, because my millennial burnout is much too strong for me to shop anywhere other than from the comfort of my itty bitty apartment.

Keep scrolling for some holiday decorating ideas that will finally make any small space feel like home.

3ft Flocked Pre-lit Slim Artificial Christmas Tree, $60

My apartment is a bit cluttered (remember all the roommates?), but a tree is a non-negotiable. I cant exactly go buy an eight-footer like my dad does due to the square footage in my home (and no, my pride will not divulge what that is), but this three-foot, pre-lit tree will fit right in.

Air Wick Scented Oil Twin Refill Essential Oils, $5

Since my tree hasnt been cut down from a forest, its lacking the pine scent I crave this time of yearand one that constantly circulates my Panhandle homeso opting for these diffusers will produce the same nostalgic feeling (without having to actually care for a living tree). One for every room? Why not.

Philips 90ct Christmas LED Dewdrop String Fairy Lights, $15

I used to beg my parents to get on the roof and string lights up when I was a kidan urge they often obligedbut this year I decided to outfit my stoop (closest thing to a front yard!) with these fairy lights that give just a touch of twinkle without becoming that neighbor. And Im even thinking of snagging another set to string throughout the living room as well. The more the merrier, am I right?

Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Keurig K-Cup Pods, $36

This isnt decor, but I cant possibly enjoy my tree, lights, and pine-scented air without a mug of hot chocolate in hand. With a quick pop into the Keurig, Ill be sipping on this sweet form of pure holiday cheer through December (or, lets be honest, March).

holiday decorating ideas

Faux Pine Wreath with Red Berries, $25

Ill admit it: I dig wreathsespecially this simple pine one with a splash of red berries. Ill be hanging it on my apartment front door as welcoming prop for when friends come over for feasting and wine nights, and probably one in my room just to boost the overall jolly vibes of my personal living quarters.

holiday decorating ideas

Womens Red Plaid Pajama Set, $20

If I could live in pajamas I would, which is why this time of yearwhen everyone sports a set of matching PJs without any shameful looks or questions like, Why are you wearing pajamas at a movie theater?suits me so well. And this plaid set is classic, not over the top, and the idyllic fit for watching holiday movies and sipping something warm and sweet.

holiday decorating ideas

Solid Cable Knit Chenille with Sherpa Reverse Throw Blanket, $30

The finishing touch? A knit throw to up cozy factor. Once Im be snuggling under this one watching every holiday movie, sporting the cutest PJs ever, and admiring my teensy tree, itll feel like Im *finally* home.

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