69 People Are Sharing Shockingly Terrifying Things They’ve Experienced

69 People Are Sharing Shockingly Terrifying Things They’ve Experienced

It’s curious how a few tell-tale signs can make us immediately uneasy in a “mundane” situation. A sudden chill wind, the unexpected slamming of a door, or a person who smiles just a little too wide. We might not even notice it at first until those hairs on the back of our necks stand up and we feel a wave of goosebumps roll over us. 

One internet user wanted to hear the eerie, creepy, and unexplainable encounters others have had. These range from good old sleep paralysis to Civil War ghosts. So, prepare to pre-game Halloween, get cozy, start scrolling, upvote your favorites, and share any similar stories in the comments. 


I’m a medic and firefighter. We once had a call for something normal, like chest pain or something, I can’t remember. The caller said he was in his barn/garage, which isn’t weird really around here.

Anyway we pull up on scene and something just felt off. No idea why but something just told me in my gut that something was wrong.

I decided to do a 360 around the building before we went through the door at the front that was clearly the entrance. I walk around and come to a window on the side of the building and look in.

There was a shotgun rigged to the door. The guy had set a booby trap for us. And he had hung himself as well.

We kicked in this plexiglass type material on the side of the building and entered that way. Guy was dead. Nothing we could do about it at that point.

I would have been the first through that door. No idea why I didn’t just walk through it that day.

I’ve posted this before but I feel it’s a decent story.

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Sleep paralysis. I've had 2 episodes in my life, but the first one will stick with me forever.

My bed was in a corner of my room. My closet was in the opposite corner. No door on the closet, and it was stacked with a ton of junk (community storage for the household as I never used it).

I wake up lying on my back, with the door in line of sight. I can see that it's full. But I can also see a hand slide out and grip the door frame. Pale and feminine. Followed by the slowly emerging frame of a very tall woman clad in a white, victorian era dress.

She was almost pretty, aside from something in her face that wasn't quite right. I couldn't tell you what it was, but I remember being uneasy about it. For a while, probably about 15 minutes, she just stood there, talking to herself. I wasn't able to make out anything she said, but that's when the panic set in. I realized I couldn't move or speak, couldn't look away, and had no idea what was happening, as I felt fully awake.

Then she stopped, looked me in the eye and smiled, and the corners of her mouth pulled back to her ears. Terrifying. She started to approach, and slowly opened her mouth so wide, her chin was touching where I'd estimate the bottom of her ribcage sat. It wasn't long before I could smell her rotten breath, and she began to crawl on top of me.

The entire time, she was letting out this awful, multi-toned moan that sounded like 5 voices at once, all distorted. I could feel her weight resting on my chest. I couldn't breathe or scream as she inched closer. She put my entire head in her mouth, and I fully woke up when all I could see was darkness.

I still get a bit panicky remembering that one. It felt so real.

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When I was 13-14 years old, some older boys threw rocks from a demolition site at me and my friend. One rock hit me in the face and knocked me down. I started bleeding profusely on the sidewalk and my friend was freaking out. We did not have cell phones since it was the 1990s and weren't near a payphone.

An older man in his 50s or 60s stopped in a pickup truck and asked us to get in. My friend was like OMG - but I said, No let's get in - it's fine.

This older man felt really trustworthy, but I didn't know why. My friend got in with me and he drove us straight to the hospital.

The hospital took his name, my friend's, and mine when we got to the ER, and the man peaced out. I had problems from the injury for 2-3 years, but I'm fine now, other than a small dent in my skull.

My mom told me I should look him up in the phone book and call to thank him.

There was exactly 1 name that matched his (it was an unusual name). I called it. The woman who picked up told me he had died 6 months earlier -but his physical description matched what both my friend and I recalled. I was able to look up his obituary and the photo matched his appearance.

It was definitely eerie, and to this day, I don't really have any explanation for it.

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Now, some of these stories involve actual, physical things that happened, but often eeriness is best described as a feeling. We love spooky stories in the right context, but eeriness comes from something we can’t quite place our finger on, either literally or figuratively. For example, the uncanny valley, where something appears to be mostly human but artificial enough to put us on edge

People with a good sense of fantasy have run rampant with the idea. Why does this instinct exist, they might ask, why do we have an evolutionary fear of something that looks almost like us? A danger-sense of aliens, skinwalkers, or something else? As much as I love these concepts, the truth is probably a bit more morbid but mundane. Corpses. We fear corpses since they are likely vectors for disease and also indicate that a human died here, meaning there is something dangerous about.


One time my husband and I were lying in bed and the bottom drawer to his nightstand slammed shut. There was no logical explanation for why that happened and we still don’t understand to this day!

Edited to add: I should clarify that we were both awake when this happened. We were just lying there reading and playing on our phones and we both heard the drawer shut clear as day! My husband has a habit of keeping his lower drawer open and we looked over and it was closed. Very weird!

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This happened last year. I was having a recurring dream where I was in the woods at night. I noticed a campfire in the distance. Whoever was sitting at the fire notices me and yells out "hey! What are you doing out here?" and starts moving towards me until I wake up. Late last summer I decided to go out to the woods for a hike. Once I got out there, I needed to pee. I hopped off of the trail to get closer to the creek so I could take care of business and not worry about anyone walking up on me. As I approached the creek, I see a hidden shelter and a man setting up a campfire. When he noticed me, he said "hey! What are you doing out here?" Nothing else happened. I apologized and went on my way. It was the only time in my life that I had dreams of an event before it happened. I was pretty shook at the time.

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when i was very young and first started wearing makeup, i stopped by a pharmacy before going home from making a school project with my peers at their house. i ordered a cab and stayed at the entrance of the store near the auto doors. a VERY old tall man came in and flirted with me. i froze and he towered over me. he grabbed my face. i think his grip really scared me back then. he said he'd be back and went inside. people walked past and nobody spoke up. when the taxi came i ran inside and cried.

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Fear itself is a pretty wide spectrum. Many of the tales here zero in on the specific feeling of chills, nervousness, and goosebumps. When we call something “chilling,” it’s not a misnomer, our body does actually feel a rush of cold. This kind of “fear” mostly comes in that gray space between truly feeling in danger and the brain starting to recognize patterns of danger. A tiger in the wild, for example, is a clear and present danger. Creepiness is more a result of the brain feeling in danger without quite knowing why.


Facinated by the many plagues on ancient rome and the fact we hadn't had a big pandemic since 1917, I started writing a dystopian novel about one in 2016 as a satire on our (america') lack of public healthcare. The novel was set in December 2022. Oh so close!

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I work at a hospital and like to take a walk around it before I start work. It is usually dark, and I feel safer walking there. I passed a car, stopped in the middle of the road, and I heard a loud RUN in my head. I literally said, "I'm not going to run," and I heard it again louder, so I took off running and then heard running behind me. I didn't stop until I got to the street in front of the hospital door, I turned around, and there were two men chasing me. I hate to think what would've happened if i didn't run, I think about that all the time.

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I had one of those dreams that you couldn't wake up from. I knew I was asleep and I was aware but I couldn't wake up. I was absolutely terrified thinking that I was stuck in like a coma or something. I had a gun with me for some reason and as the terror of not being able to wake up grew I for some reason had a thought and belief that if I killed myself in the dream I would die in real life and that that was a better alternative than being in a coma. So I brought the gun to my head and pulled the trigger. I physically felt pain in my temple and heard the shot. I woke up right afterwards.

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Despite popping up when perhaps we don’t want it to, this feeling has an evolutionary advantage. Our brains are relatively clever, we can recognize patterns. Even more cleverly, we can recognize patterns that we haven’t experienced. True crime enthusiasts, for example, can be well aware of certain dangers without ever being the victim of a crime themselves. The advantage of this is that our brain will tell us we might be in danger before we consciously understand it.


I was driving home per usual and got this random, unwavering feeling that my house had been broken into. I kind of laughed and said “please don’t let my house have actually been broken into” out loud as I turned the corner onto my street. The first thing I noticed when I pulled up to the house were the blinds on my bedroom window. They were yanked around and twisted up. Some guy that lives across the street turned out to have been stalking me and decided to climb through my bedroom window. He took nothing valuable. Just some weird personal items. It was terrifying to walk in and see my things rummaged through. It was even scarier when I talked to the neighbor and they admitted that multiple people in the neighborhood had seen it happen, but they were all too scared of ol’ dude to say anything. The weirdest part of it all (and I mean this guy took some *creepy* personal things) is that nagging feeling I had before I found the remnants of the break in. I swear I knew before I knew, and that was such an eerie feeling.

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A friend of ours gave us a clock she had before going into care. When she died, her clock stopped 10 minutes later. Brain death time can vary between individuals and can occur in 10 minutes or less.

I don’t really believe in that stuff, I think it’s just an eerie coincidence.

Edit: better information; clarification

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i once met the same set of twins in the same day. one after the other. one at a library and then another at the mall

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On the other hand, this does mean that we also might feel in danger in situations that do not warrant it. Horror movies really do make dark rooms seem considerably more sinister than they should be. A historical recreation enthusiast is generally not something to fear, but add some fog and you have a verifiable ghost on hand. Our brains are recognizing patterns they have seen in films, which would be a useful skill if you only watched documentaries. However, it’s no surprise that the majority of media consumption is precisely fictional.


Years ago, I worked the late shift at a hospital (4pm-midnight). My nightly drive home led me through back roads of fields and woods which often had low hanging fog - particularly in early spring.

I lived in a small town that has a lot of civil war history. Ghost stories were so popular that area historians would do moonlight “ghost walks” where they searched for signs of restless spirits roaming the battlefield. The urban legend was that, in a war that pitted brother against brother, those soldiers who were killed by family became souls that were never at rest.

I never bought into it, but one night under particularly dense fog did scare the ever living c**p out of me.

At around 1am, as I sped through curves and hills, I saw the outline of 2 figures walking along the side of the road. The closer I got, the more I slowed down as I didn’t want to hit them or anything. By the time I passed them, I was going probably 10 mph.

First I noticed their weirdly shaped hats. Then, the buttons on their jackets glimmered in my headlights.

I swear to God, there were 2 Civil war soldiers walking in the fog in the moonlight. I could not breathe.

The taller one, thin and gangly, looked up at my car and put his hand towards me.

I hit the gas so hard. My transmission could barely keep up. I sped off into the night and, when I finally caught my breath, screamed several expletives.

As I rounded another curve, I saw a small car - a geo metro, pulled over with lights flashing. It’s hood was up and steam was coming from the engine.

A man in civil war garb stood close by staring at it with his hands on his hips.

Damn reenactors were in town for some event and had car problems. To this day I have no clue why they were out so late.

About scared me to death.

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I was walking to a college class and felt as if I'd suddenly stepped outside of my body and was watching myself move around like a puppeteer. It lasted for about 10 minutes while I called a parent to ground myself to reality. Happened again the next week for a smaller amount of time.

I'm guessing it was some kind of stress-induced disassociation episode, since it was midterms season and my first semester away from home.

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I was once having a nightmare that ended with something (an animal I think) stabbing me in the back with it’s claws the pain woke me up but when i woke up I still felt the pain and was paralyzed for about 15 minutes not to mention the amount of fear and chills that i felt that day

When I finally got up and looked at my back in the bathroom it was red like something hit it really hard multiple times and i felt the pain all day I still have no idea what that was

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There are other evolutionary features at play as well. As sentient creatures, we recognize that there are other sentient or at least intelligent beings out there. This is sometimes called agent detection. Imagine hiking through the woods and seeing what might be the indentation of a bear’s paw print. Most humans recognize that bears can be pretty dangerous, so without even confirming it’s presence, a human will modify their behavior to protect themselves. For example, I would just go home. 


30 years ago I was sparing with a friend of mine who has since passed. He was the only one of my friends in my weight class. It was cold out side and the windows were covered with condensation from our exertion. All the sudden I felt connected/ attuned to him I knew if I thew a technique he would counter it and vice versa it was a weird almost psychic feeling. we both backed off and said that was weird and took a break.

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About 10 years ago. My wife and I were watching Paranormal Activity on TV. It was late at night. As soon as the final scene (terrifying) was over and the credits started rolling, we heard a large dog barking outside our front door. We lived in an isolated house in the country, had been in the house for years, and had never heard any dogs nearby. I ran upstairs and opened the door…no dog. Nothing. Dead quiet.

My wife immediately swore off horror movies and hasn’t watched one since.

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I grew up in a two family house. Me, my parents and siblings living on one side, my grandmother on the other side. You’re able to access my grandmother’s side through a single door in the house. Once she passed away I slowly took over her side since I was in high school and wanted my own space. One night I was walking to my room at the end of the hallway, there was a small mirror on the wall at the end. It was pretty dark but I was still able to see. Right before I entered my room I had looked up into the mirror and saw my grandmother standing behind me. So terrifying since this was around 3am. I had to leave the house and stay with my girlfriend!

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Was watching out of my bedroom window after bed, about 13yrs old and saw a man walking his dog in the street (suburban) when he dropped and didn't move. The howling and anguish of the Labrador still pervades my thoughts occasionally. The man had passed by heart attack.

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I was a manager of computer repair for a retailer a couple year ago. We had a clients computer in the back running various malware and virus scans. I was doing morning paperwork in the back near the computer. This pc had its screen saver on displaying random photos from the My pictures folder, various family members, children's birthday parties the usual stuff. then from then of my eye I swear to god I saw a picture of a woman from the shoulders up with her throat cut. As soon as I realized what I was making out I directed my full attention and it was back to photos of a car show. As they day went on I though nothing of it and proceeded continue my work until I was bringing another customers pc to the back to work on and again from my peripheral I could have sworn I saw a bloody body in bound in a trunk of a car. At that moment I began to freak out. I grabbed one of my employees explained to him the situation. We then sat for 10 minutes and watched this screen saver (It is against company policy to search through the clients personal files without absolute just cause.) We then proceeded to see a photo 2 bodies in a shallow grave out in the woods and another photo of a severed hand down in kitchen drawer. I then went and got the general manager and informed him of the situation and had him view this screen saver. We then felt that I would be in everyone's best interest to contact Law Enforcement. In about 15 minutes later owner of the computer and another gentleman show up I proceed to tell him that his computer is not ready and it will be awhile. He then informs me that he was called there because someone reported there was some photographs of a grisly murder that we had found. I showed him his computer and then his partner then begins to laugh at him. Apparently he went against Police policy and took some of his work home with him and had never noticed his work photos were being used as a screen saver.

**TLDR** a Detective unknowingly brings me his computer filled with gory homicide pictures that get mixed in with his screen saver. I soil myself thinking I am dealing with a murder, Call the cops and the Detective returns to investigate his own computer.

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My ex and I lived in a remote part of Northern Nevada. The house was literally in the middle of a field and our neighbors were far away. He worked nights and I never liked how dark and quiet it was.

On a night he was working, I fell asleep and had a dream about him. In the dream, he was standing on the edge of a cliff (like the Grand Canyon), looking out at the view. I tried many times to get his attention but he wouldn't acknowledge me. He was just staring straight ahead.

After ignoring me for a while, he abruptly turned to me and grabbed the outside of my arms firmly. His face looked panicked and he said, "(name), there's somebody in the house."

Like the movies, my eyes shot open and I woke up with my blood running cold. I lay in bed silently, listening for any sound. I was even *more* terrified when the dog woke up almost immediately, started barking, and ran out his dog door, into the yard. What did he hear?

I never saw or heard anything out of place. I couldn't see anything outside in the dark. The dog came back in and fell asleep. I stayed up the rest of the night, totally creeped out.

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One time I was camping with an ex. We had taken a bunch of LSD and we were listening to music and just enjoying the trip in the tent when I started to see flashes of light. At first I figured it was just some other campers shining a flashlight around but it kep happening... then we finally heard a distant ominus boom.

I look outside, one side of the sky is a clear starry night, the other side was giant black doom cloud with an absolutely enourmous amount of lightning coming out of it. We scrambled to get everything out of the tent and into the car. I remember picking up armloads of stuff that was just melting into my arms cuz I was so high. We left the lent cuz we couldmt figure out how to take it down, and huddled in the car. By this time the storm was just about to be on top of us.

It was by far the craziest electrical storm ive ever seen, and not just because I was tripping, it was at least a strike every second, sometimes more, and it went on for about 8 hours. At one point I looked over at my ex, and her hair was standing right up on end, and she looked at me and the widening of eyes told me mine was too. We had maybe a half second of realization, and then *BOOOOM!* it was like someone threw a flashbang grenade beside me. I looked to my right out the passenger window, and there was this streak of ionized air where the strike had landed, I literally could have opened the window and grabbed it.

At the time I described it as, Zeus was chilling with his greek god bros, saw a couple puny mortals tripping balls in lightning storm and said "Hey guys, wanna see something funny?" And tossed a lightning bolt beside us. And that event is what inspired my username.


I hired a lady to help me clean my rural house. She had never been to my part of the county before. She proceeds to tell me she can see things 'through the veil'. Goes on to describe in detail, a hidden bedroom in my uncle's Victorian farmhouse hidden in the forest in front of my home. I always thought the attic bedroom was a fun play space when I was a young child. But She told me it used to house a child with a disability that the family didn't want others to see back in the mid 1800's (likely downs syndrome)

The extra f****d up part, on top of the house not bring visible from any road... there is no humanly way you can see / know that bedroom exists unless you are inside the house. All the attic bedroom windows are hidden so it doesn't look like anything is up there when you look from outside.

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No one in my house smokes, yet one night, we smelled cigarette smoke upstairs in our office and bedroom, couldn't figure it out and chalked it up to someone walking outside (poor insulation in the house) despite it lingering a bit.

Next night got a call my dad (who'd smoked for decades) had suffered a heart attack that ended up being fatal.


I was laying in bed and it literally felt like someone was behind me, touching my back and everything. I was too terrified to turn around or even breathe, but when I finally did, nobody was there.

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The day after my dad died, I laid down and took a long nap. I was exhausted from the visitors and the questions and the reminders that he was gone, so I just wanted to escape for awhile.

During that nap, I dreamt a strange dream. I was back in the hospital again and I saw my dad surrounded by doctors and hooked to all kinds of wires and IVs. I cried and told them to leave him alone and that he had suffered enough, but my dad told me not to cry, and it was then that I noticed they were actually removing the wires and IVs from him. He stood up, which was something he hadn’t done in a long time, and asked me to walk with him.

He was wearing a long white robe and together we walked through a beautiful place next to a stream. I was telling him about how we had seen the Avengers recently and how his favorite superhero, The Hulk, had been in it. I laughed as I explained the scene where Hulk slams Loki around like a rag doll and said, “Oh my god. That would have been your favorite part. You would have died laughing.” My dad said, “Poor choice of words,” but he was smiling. I said, “Yeah, true. Sorry dad.”

His smile went away and then he looked at me seriously, and said, “It’s alright. You know, I didn’t really want to die.”

…and then I woke up. I had tears streaming down my face, and to this day I have never had another dream like that again. I’ve always been skeptical of the unknown but sometimes I wonder if he was saying goodbye to me in the only way he could. I still miss him every day of my life.

If I could have just one more dream with him, I would be so happy.


I was over at my parents house and watering their plants this winter when they were on vacation. I go to my car and put in the reverse and this old man walking on the pavement and I make eye contact. He smiles at me and I smile back. And then I am out on the way and putting in the forward and going to drive away and I still look at this old man. But then when I look forward and start driving away he is absolutely GONE. I look in all the mirrors and turn my neck and he is nowhere to be seen. Just gone.

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I once heard someone tapping on my bedroom door while no one else was home except for me and my girlfriend, but she was asleep next to me!!!

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When I was in middle school, I used to spend my free time playing on my Gameboy or listening to CDs in my room. It was a three-family house. Most of my family, including my parents, sister, and I, lived on the top floor, while my grandma lived alone on the second floor.

My grandma used to take care of my sister and me while my parents were at work. She would frequently walk up the stairs at least twice a day to check on us. She wore loud wooden slippers in the house, so we could always hear her walking around on her floor and especially when she was coming upstairs.

One weekend while I was alone at home with my grandma, I was sitting on my bed playing my Gameboy when I heard my grandma's unmistakable footsteps coming up the stairs. I heard her walking down the hallway and stopping in front of my door. I looked up to meet her gaze, but there was no one there. I felt startled and ran out of my room to check the hallway, kitchen, and stairs, but I couldn't find anyone else upstairs besides me. I found my grandma sitting downstairs on the couch watching television.

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One of my favorite aunts died at 94, leaving my elderly dad a much needed sum of money for his care. He had been recently “IOU” conned out of his entire savings while also left in deep debt by a man from a neighboring county & I was working w/the DA from 1,200 miles away to build a case against him, all of which was unknown to my aunt upon her death.

I had POA for my dad by then and was at the bank on a Sat. morning to collect the inheritance check. Myself & the manager were the only people there, so she directed me to the only desk in the lobby rather than her office. After sharing with her the circumstances that had brought me there & finalizing paperwork, she left to process a cashiers check in another area.

Before putting away my aunt’s death certificate, I placed my palm on it whispering a prayer of gratitude to her for generously providing for my dad. At that moment, out of the corner of my left eye I saw movement . A coin was rolling across the carpet floor and spun to a stop four feet to my direct left. Stunned, I got up and retrieved it looking around for the source. It came from the direction of the floor to ceiling lobby window, brightly lit by sun. No one was around, inside or out. I had goosebumps.

When the manager came back, I told her what had just happened, showed her the penny & asked if she had any possible explanation. She told me no change was kept in that area of the bank, it had been cleaned the night before & I was the only customer so far. I half jokingly said “it’s definitely my aunt then, letting me know it’s going to be okay”. The manager came around the desk & gave me a heartfelt hug.

The conman was successfully convicted for fraud, elder abuse, etc. & sent to prison w/max sentence. I was able to ensure my dad was debt free, comfortable, cared for & safe until his peaceful death. I carry that penny with me to this day.


Had a manager where I worked who was taking from the register. He detested me because he suspected I knew what he was up to. He was right. I gathered proof of what he was doing. He fired me and tried to blame me for stock discrepancies. I went to my boss with proof of what he’s been up to. My boss fired him and promoted me. Years later in another job I woke from a dream about him. Walked into work only to find the new guy who was to start working with us was him. Freaky

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It's long.

My oldest daughter when she was younger had trouble taking naps. From time to time I would lay down in her bed during nap time and read her book and rub her back so she could fall asleep.

One time I was doing this she fell asleep and I was pretty drowsy as well. Suddenly she springs right up in bed and looks right through me. I ask her what's wrong but she's just staring through me. Then she starts screaming and runs into the middle of the room where she's basically just screaming. She then goes on the floor but just her chest and shoulders, she starts pushing herself around the floor groaning, her arms just dragging along. She then stands straight up looks at me and starts walking towards me.

She ended up just laying back down and going to bed.

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I woke up one morning at 3.30, got on my bike and started riding to work. I was pedalling up a hill where there was no lights except for my bike and there was fog. I could see something in the middle of the road. It looked like a person. As I got closer I could see it was moving toward me and it was over 7 foot tall. I turned and sped home.

I called in sick, told my wife I was sick and haven't told anyone the truth.

I wish there was someone there to see it with me


I had a full blown premonition once. My friend was going to be married in a few months and I was in the wedding party, so we had been planning the bachelor party, but didn't get into any specifics yet. But one night, about 3 months before the wedding, i had this extremely intense dream. In the dream, I'm sitting in a restaurant with all the guys at a table, and I look to my left and see a big window on the far wall, and it is raining outside. Then I feel my pocket vibrate, so I reach down and I have a text. It's a picture taken from directly behind me, so you can actually see the back of my head and everyone else at the table. I look behind me and nobody is there. It felt weirdly sinister. I woke up totally exhausted, sweating all over and had this buzzing sound in my ears. I had to just sit there with my head in my hands, it felt like my brain was just swimming. It was so bizarre. I tell my wife and about it and she's just kind of like "that's weird man." So, a few months later, it's finally time for the bachelor party. We re sitting at the table at a restaurant I've never been to before. I look to my left, and on the far wall is a big window. It is raining outside. I start to feel like this all seems very familiar. The brother of my friend is sitting across from me.and he reaches into his pocket, pulls out his phone and looks at it. He smirks and shows me his phone. It's a picture of the back of my head, and all of us sitting at the table. I whip around, and my friends sister was sitting a few tables away from us and sent the pic as a joke. She and her family didn't know we were going to be there that morning. At this point I'm really freaked out because the only details that were different is that it wasn't my phone that got the message, and it was my friends sister who sent the picture, not some other worldly presence of whatever. It seemed too specific to be a mere coincidence, and I'm weirded out by it to this day.


I have quite a few but one of the ones from my childhood was a night, I had to be 12-15, and was home alone.

I was playing on the computer in our den and directly across from it was the door that went up to the pantry which had a set of stairs that led to the attic. Suddenly I heard a loud thump then the repeated thumps as something fell down the stairs.

My heart stopped because there was a door at the top of the stairs that shouldn't have allowed anything to do so.

I remember getting up and walking over to the door but being unable to touch the k**b. Then the sound of pacing started above me.

Slowly walking backwards I returned to the den and curled up in a ball on the couch staring at that door as the sound of a thump followed by the sound of something following down the stairs happened again.

This continued on for hours till shortly before my parents got home it stopped and never happened again.

My dad went up after they got home and confirmed nothing was moved or anything but I hated being alone so night after this.

This was the same house I wouldn't shower if nobody was home either though. It was just a bit odd. The one we moved into after this one was worse though.

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I went to Tajikistan in 2019 to meet my new colleagues and learn the area I was to be working in. I was greeted by my employer and a few of my new colleagues at the airport and they took me to an apartment complex where everyone was housed. Every building was dull and dusty on the outside. Upon entering I could see hallways with tile flooring and metal staircases leading to each apartment. The apartments had heavy metal doors. I couldn't decide if I felt safe because everything looked secure, or uneasy.. because why did everything need to be so secure. We walked up to the third floor and entered the door on that landing. As I walked in I was shocked. The floor was covered in immaculately detailed rugs, beautiful wallpaper covered in sparkling gold, plum and emerald colored designs, massive crystal chandeliers and beautiful antique furniture. It felt like I had just walked into an underground palace. There were 2 women that took my things, showed me to my room and offered me tea, cake and a variety of snacks. Everyone was so kind and welcoming. It was around 6 pm and the women had prepared dinner for everyone. I was the only female in the group of colleagues. We were ushered into the dining room that had a long table close to the floor and surrounded by big beautiful floor pillows. We ate, laughed and had good conversation. Come bedtime one of the ladies brought towels and toiletries to my room and let me get settled in. She told me to lock my door, which I would have done regardless. The doors to the rooms were also a heavy metal door with large sliding locks on them. After I freshened up I got into my pajamas and got into bed to call my husband. We talked for about an hour before I started falling asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night with my phone in my hand. I could hear someone singing. I didn't understand the words but it sounded sad. Made my hair stand up on end. It sounded far away. I got out of bed to look out the window. In the distance was a mountain range with faint lighting behind it as if the moon was setting behind it. The singing was coming from the mountains. It was both beautiful and eerily terrifying. I lost track of time, not even sure how long I was standing at the window. I asked about it the next morning at breakfast and everyone just kind of looked at eachother. Never gave me an explanation. They just said some things here are ancient. I'll never forget that experience.

Edit: I posted a few of the pics I was able to find. I have some videos that I am currently unsure of where they are. I'll keep digging because the photos do not do it justice. [Tajik](https://www.reddit.com/user/vshylah/comments/12w7chr/tajik/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button)


This is kind of a weird one, but no ghost c**p. One time I was home alone after school laying in bed trying to take a nap (still 110% awake the entire time, I had only laid down like 2 minutes before all of this and I take forever to fall asleep on a good day) when suddenly there was this massive rumbling that shook my entire house, kind of like thunder but much lower in pitch. It must have gone on for at least 15 seconds, because I had enough time to think "wow, this is going on for a long time", get up and walk to and open my window before it stopped (so clearly not a dream).

I was looking in the direction it came from, and on the horizon (would have been about 20 miles away if I had to guess) there was a massive rounded dark cloud that was just cresting the horizon that sort of looked like the top of a mushroom cloud, but the "stem" was past the horizon. It was almost but not quite chilly outside as it was the very beginning of fall with absolutely no wind and incredibly clear skies, and as I spent like 20-30 seconds looking at that cloud, there was sudden a massive gust of very hot wind that lasted about 15 seconds, like knocking over my trashcans kind of massive.

I was still pretty young, and my mom worked at the hospital, so I tried to call her, but for like 30 minutes I would only get an automated message that the phones weren't working. When I finally got through, I explained and -asked her if she had heard anything about it and she had no idea what I was talking about. In conclusion, I essentially spent half an hour thinking that there might have possibly been some kind of massive explosion or nuke in New England, and this would have only been a couple of years after 9/11 so that wasn't an entirely unreasonable thought. Apparently I must have been the only one teleported out of my original dimension to this practically identical one where the bomb never went off right when the shockwave hit. Or not, who the f**k knows?


This is so stupid now but at 5 I woke up to the shadow of a figure in the door. “That’s mom,” I thought til I realized she was in bed next to me. This shadow does not move and just lingers, looking at us. I was horrified someone had come in. Terrified, I didn’t move.

The next morning I realized my mom had hung her bathrobe on my headboard post in a way the shadow hit it just so. ?‍♂️ it’s so so stupid but that few minutes I just closed my eyes til I fell asleep I was so scared.

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I guess this a small world kinda thing rather than truly paranormal, but I was an ER tech and while restraining an unruly drunk patient, he spat in my face, swung at me, and threatened to kill my family. He got a continuance on charges so it was an ongoing case.

One day about 8 months later I got on the train and was buried in my phone. I heard behind me “Thank you for saving my life.”

I look behind and it was him. He apologized profusely, told me he was sober, and scribbled a free meal coupon on a page of his sudoku book for a restaurant he had found work at.

I dropped the charges. I hope he’s still doing well.


This happened in the early to mid 70’s to a female teacher of mine. We’ll call her Sandy.

She was housesitting for a couple who were out of town for a few months. It was an old three story house the couple had restored. It was a dark night and it was raining outside.

Sandy was watching tv but she kept feeling uneasy. She felt like someone was watching her. Over and over again she’d look around and see nothing but the feeling wouldn’t go away. Finally, she firmly decided that she was just being silly and started ignoring the feeling.
That’s when the man attacked her.

Sandy struggled with him, pushed him down and grabbed an old heavy antique table lamp. As he came back at her, she swung the lamp hard with both hands and cracked him right in the head with it. He dropped unconscious and bleeding.

She called the cops. He ended up in prison and physically messed up for the rest of his life.

Sandy was a teacher and a tennis coach. I imagine it was the most satisfying swing of her life.


When I was 16, I woke up one day with lines cut into my left thumb, not deep enough to draw blood just enough to break through the top layer of skin. It was 4 lines perfectly spaced. I assumed it happened while shaving. Maybe I absent-mindedly moved my thumb across the razor to clear it, and it cut into the skin even though the spacing and number of blades didn't match the cuts. It healed in a day or two but happened two more times over the next week, despite not shaving. Every time you could tell, the cuts were just a couple of hours old. I was freaking out pretty bad by then because I had no rational explanation, and then it just stopped and never happened again. I am sure there is a rational explanation. I just could never figure it out. I told my mom, and she also had no idea. I am a heavy sleeper (I slept through a burglary of my house that included a smashed window and a neighbour's alarm going off), so you could probably lightly cut my thumb and I wouldn't wake. Still creepy and I still check my thumb when I wake every morning


It would have been about 4mths after my dad died, I had a toy rabbit he gave me that was sitting under a mirror in my room. I got on with my day doing g washing and watching TV and that night when I went to bed the rabbit was on my bed. I was the only one home as my partner was away for work for a few weeks.


I've had several eerie encounters in my life, but I'd like to lighten the post with one of the more positive ones I experienced.

We had a farm and I was having a very bad day. The goats had gotten out, my schedule was off, I had to drive an hour each way to get groceries and lots of things I needed were out of stock. It was just one thing after the other and I was just not having it.

Our fridge wasn't leveled, so whenever I put groceries away, I had to prop it open with a shoe or the door would close. But you know how people get when they're frustrated and pissy - I didn't want to get the shoe to prop the fridge open. So the fridge door kept closing on me and I was just getting increasingly angry.

Then, for no apparent reason at all, the door gently opened wide and stayed open. I finished putting the groceries away and stepped back. The door gently closed. I said, "Thank you" out loud just in case and went on with my day.


When I lived alone I was having a bath, about 15 minutes after I'd settled in for a relaxing soak I heard my kettle come to the boil and switch off (Electric kettle)

I thought I must have just been hearing things but something made me get out of the bath and check, and sure enough the kettle was full of hot water.

I have no idea how it could have switched itself on all by itself, it worked fine for years after and never did it again.

I've had plenty of scary dreams and nightmares, and spooky things happen that were later explained rationally, but the kettle wasn't a dream and I still can't explain it.


I was asleep on the couch and I woke up to an older man sitting on the loveseat. I tried to sit up but there were hands holding me down. I tried to yell for my boyfriend but nothing came out. The old man stood up and he was really tall. He kept telling me it was ok just to come with him. I could feel fingers on my shoulders. The old man started moving towards me so I closed my eyes and just laid there trying not to move. I felt a wave of cold air and I opened my eyes. The old man was gone and I jumped up and ran to my bedroom. It took awhile to calm down and fall back asleep.


I ve had several eerie experiences, some actually funny. The first was when I was about 9 or 10 years old, I walked into my bedroom at around 7 o clock at night, and it was dark already. I specifically remember that I was going in there to play Banjo Kazooie on the N64. Right as I'm about to flip on the light switch as I enter the room, I hear my name quickly whispered. It sounded like it came from the upper left corner of my room. Nobody was home except for my mom who was in the basement, and I was on the second floor of the house. I said "hello?" And this time I hear the voice a bit closer saying my name again. It was clearly a woman's voice. I start to panic and I said "whose there???" And then, right in front of me the voice spoke my name one last time in a firm voice. Clear as day. At this point I full blown panic and run down the stairs, screaming for my mom. I didn't sleep in my bedroom for at least a year.

As for the other thing that happened, I was in the basement, verbalizing my thoughts when I was about 20. I do this a lot, and people often catch me doing it and it's embarrassing. Anyway, the basement is divided into 2 rooms. I was basically talking to myself and I hear a voice clear as can be in the next room over, this time a man's voice, say "who are you talking to?" In a slightly disgusted tone, like they were making fun of me for talking to myself. I assumed it was my dad so I said "how long have you been down here?" I get no response. So I said "dad? Are you done here?" I open the door to the next room and he's not down there in fact, no one is down there. In fact, I was home alone! My parents have various stories of different voices they have heard in the house over the years as well. And when we all finally moved out of that house, none of us hear anything like that anymore. My parents will sometimes have a couple odd things happen, but I haven't had anything truly strange happen in a while.


When I was a kid (about 9 years old) I used to play this game called Stardoll all the time. There was a chat function as it was an online game and one day I'm talking to some random account when they start saying some really creepy things. They start off by telling me that I have a sister and then start describing exactly what she looks like. Up to here I'm like ok someone I know is playing some really messed up prank on me. But then they start saying some very personal things about my sister (for example what piercings she has and where) that I haven't told anyone and didn't even know at the time. I was really scared and told my sister and she said that around that time some pages from her diary were missing. To this day I don't know who that was, if that was a friend of my sister's or someone who found the pages (how would they know my Stardoll account). After that day that person never spoke to me again but I still have many questions.


This has to be one of my earliest eerie happenings that I vividly remember but to this day I am so sure it happened but at the same time I am unsure it even happened. A good many years ago in the early to mid 90's, when I was a preteen, we lived in a 3 bedroom house with a fair sized yard, located smack bang center of the largest residential suburb in our town. We often have blackouts which can last for hours on end so hanging around under the stars wasn't anything new.

One particular night, we had a blackout so as usual we (myself with the older siblings and an aunt and maybe an uncle also - probably 4-6 people in total) found ourselves sitting outside on the large picnic table and telling stories, drinking tea and enjoying each other's company.

Now, what happened next probably felt like it happened in more than 30 secs to me but probably less than 3 secs to everyone else. I was sitting on the table top and everyone else sitting about when suddenly I noticed everything starting to slow down. Everyone was still chatting away as normal but in slow motion. Like when you play a YouTube video on 0.5x or less. I was not afraid or anything but just curious and confused. I noticed the place began to light with colors. Not so bright but it was visible. I looked down to my cup of tea and saw this refection of colorful lights in the sky. I looked up and saw all these colorful lights hovering above us, coming from some kind of aircraft maybe the size of the Guardians of the Galaxy's spacecraft, hovering maybe 50 to 100m above us. No sound at all just hovering there while everyone except me, moving in slow motion. I stared at it for maybe 3 secs trying to understand what was going on, then in a blink of an eye, everything was back to normal.

I asked if anyone else saw what I just saw but no one was even bothered about me and went back to what they were chatting about. Though I am so sure it happened, I think everyone's no-reaction that night probably instilled a lot of doubt in myself.


Found a small piece of bone in a chicken McNugget as a little kid and it straight up looked like a tiny cartoon bone. Didn’t eat McDonald’s nugs for a few years after that.


My mom is one of those psychically sensitive people. We've had a few incidents, with a couple of stand outs:

One morning as I was getting ready to go to school, my mom asks me what I was looking for in her bedroom last night.

"Nothing, why?"
"You were looking for something in that box at the foot of the bed in the middle of the night, I felt you sit on the bed and go through it very quietly, it was around midnight."
"Ummmmm nope not me."

I was in high school and we lived alone. Never been a sleepwalker.

A few minutes later, the phone rings. Her best friend had passed away that night. My mom went to the box in her room, and on top of the pile of stuff in it, was a beautiful scarf this friend had gifted her years ago.

Another one:

A few years later, we moved into a new apartment. The day we moved in my mom goes "someone passed away here."

I was like "OK I don't need this right now."

Fast forward a few days, she blurts out "it was a woman." Few weeks later, she says "it was in this side of the house." The side my room was in.

I had it at that point. I called Claudio, our landlord.

"Hey man, got a strange question for you.. anybody die here? My mom is driving me crazy, you know how latina moms are."

He was Argentinian, we're Venezuelan.

"Nah man not that I know of!"

We laughed it off. It was a fairly new apartment so I left it at that.

Some time later, I get a call from Claudio:

"So I called the guy I bought the apartment from. His wife passed away there, from a heart attack."

I never saw anything, until next Christmas Eve. My mom, a friend of mine who was in town that we invited over, and I are in the living room having dinner at the table. All of a sudden we all stopped talking and eating and looked at each other.

"Did you see what I just saw?"
"I just saw someone walk across the living room towards the bedroom."
"Yeah me too."
"Are you sure?"

All three of us saw her. My friend didn't know about the backstory and we told him then. We had a good laugh.

Last one!

Same apartment, my mom had moved out to her own place, I was 20 at the time. It was about 2am, I was learning how to code and was going through a phase of being up all night studying and experimenting. My desk was in the living room, and the whole room was pitch dark except for the glow of the monitor. I was alone at the apt.

My mind was fully immersed in what I was doing. All of a sudden my awareness was pulled out of the computer, and I got this intense sensation that someone was standing directly behind me. I'd never been so spooked in my life. I froze for a few seconds, and slowly pushed the keyboard in.

Without looking back, I got up and quickly shimmied out of the apartment. I walked to the nearest bar, had a bunch of drinks and came back to the apartment to pass out drunk.

Moved out a few weeks later.


A group of five girls, about 12 years old staying at a friend's for a sleepover in 1995. Friend lives in a rural area, closest neighbor is about a half mile away. The dad built a fort out of an old ship that's in the backyard not far from the house. The "cabin" of the ship was not the original cabin, but was roughly a 10×10 basic wood shack (2×6 planks of wood) with a tin roof, about 4 feet tall inside (could only sit). It was atop four 8 inch pillars about 5-6 feet off the ground. Two doors that swung freely sat opposite from each other, one attached to a plank from the rest of the ship, the other opened to a pole that you could slide down to exit. Last, there was a 1 foot gap in the wood all around the perimeter between the walls and roof serving as something of a window.

We were in there maybe around 9 pm telling ghost stories. Ya know, holding the flashlight to our faces and laughing. The dad and his friend came out to scare us once, and again to tell us to quiet down. We were having a blast.

Then, in the middle of one of our stories we felt what could have been a hammer, or something big and heavy, hit the bottom of the cabin. Shocked, we all laughed it off. Thought it was her dad and his friend messing with us again. Then, something landed on the tin roof. I don't know what anyone else was thinking, but they had peacocks as pets which are known to jump on the roofs of houses, so I immediately thought it was one of the birds. Then, the whole cabin started shaking. Not violently, but enough for us to wiggle. Rapidly, the hard object started hitting the sides in random places and would scrape along the length of the walls, like someone scraping a hammer along a fence. Unexpectedly, door that opened to the pole exit was hit hard and flew open. There was nothing behind it. After a few seconds of silence, all of the things started happening at the same time. Thuds coming from the roof, banging and scraping the walls, the shaking has now become violent and the one door kept being hit open. Candi, the strongest and bravest girl of the group (she won the school's arm wrestling contest...against all the boys) jumped in front of the door to keep it from being hit open. Well, that door was being hit so hard that Candi, while putting all of her weight and effort on it, was being pushed forward. The door was no longer flying open, but was still opening 3-4 inches. I will never forget the sheer terror on her face.

Needless to say, we were screaming our heads off. Well, one girl was, thats for sure. While all of this was happening I had enough courage to try and look through the "window" by getting up on my knees. Unfortunately, I couldn't see anything without sticking my head out....and that wasn't gonna happen. I was determined to figure out what was out there so I was intently listening for some kind of human indicator (i.e. laugh, voice, breath, footsteps, etc.) and heard nothing.

Then, we heard a gunshot from a short distance away. Everhthing stopped abruptly. It was the dad. He pulled us all out of the cabin and locked us in their giant pantry. After the property was searched we were let out. They found nothing. We were to wait until morning to see the damage.

Next morning comes and we head outside with the dad and and his friend. We all piled back into the cabin so the two men could recreate the shaking. It didn't work. They could barely move it. I walked around the outside checking the planks and saw scratches, but nothing else. The last thing that was found was half of an amethyst geode. That's it. The door that was being hit open had no marks on it whatsoever. I only wish I had more of an opportunity to investigate a little more as we were escorted back inside.

I only stayed friends with the one screaming girl and am glad we, as adults, can still agree on what happened that night. I wish I could find the other girls, Candi, Joy and Sarah, to hear what they remember.


Was around 18 at the time. Home alone as usual. I was dancing and jamming going from my bedroom to the dining room. As I reach a corner, and in the corner of my eye I see something black, as I turn my head all my body froze in place, a shadow of a man on the wall, not mine. I stared in disbelieve as the shadow walked off 3 seconds later... I ran to the kitchen to grab a knife, I started saying loud "I know you are here, please leave, this is not your house, we have nothing of value". I went to every room of the house and never found anyone. The house was to silent. If it was someone it had to go pass me at some point to leave my house, the dogs never barked (really territorial pitbulls). Till this day, I don't know what or who that shadow was, but it creeps me out...


I once dreamt I was on a bus with a bunch of people about to cross the border to another country. The police boarded the bus at the checkpoint and saw me using my phone. He said "no phones allowed, I hope it's switched off". "It is," I replied. "I'm going to call you in a couple of minutes, if that phone rings, you are going to find out what happens".

Then I wake up, my actual phone was ringing. What I see on the screen is an unknown number calling. I pick it up. "Hello?"

No answer.
They hung up..


I was working at a juice bar, bending down behind the counter to get something when the door opens and a customer walks in. I stand up to greet them and immediately get a cold rush of abject horror upon seeing the man. I don't know why. There was nothing unusual about his appearance, he was just a middle aged white dude who smiled pleasantly.

We made small talk chit chat as he placed his order. But the whole time my stomach was lurching and my mind was like, "This guys is a serial killer and he has a girl chained up in his basement somewhere." As I was preparing his order he started walking around the counter and looking behind it. At one point he asked if he could come back there. I was like, "No, it's not for customers."

Then he took his order and left. Nothing crazy. Just the intense rush of fear I experienced upon standing up and seeing him. My instincts telling me he's bad news. That's the only time in my life I've ever experienced that.


I was making a big move to a new city, and spending my last days just wrapping things up. Some part of me kept yelling at me to visit my friend to say goodbye, I had a clear feeling that I would never see him again, and that would be my only chance. I waved it off because all of my family and his, still lived there. I figured we both still had ties there, I'll see him when I visit. He and I continued to check in on each other through calls and text. One spring, I get a sense of dread when I think about him, almost like a panic. I call him and he texts back, everything is fine, he's doing great, but it doesn't calm my growing anxiety when I think of him. He died a little over a week after we last spoke from a heart attack in his sleep, he was only 34. I felt like part of me knew I was going to lose him


My husband and I were doing renovations in our house and we had no window coverings in our front room. The front room was completely gutted and had just a ladder. In the middle of the night my dogs started barking a warning bark (if you have dogs you know the bark I am referring to).

Now - I immediately got out of the bed and started to scale the wall to peak downstairs. When I looked around the corner to the front room, I saw someone looking in the large window with a flash light. My dogs ran to the front door barking. I went into one of the spare bedrooms that looked out over the front yard and saw a cop car. What was odd is that the cop didn’t knock or announce himself so they must have been looking for someone, right? I got my phone and called our local dispatch number and asked if someone had been called out to my area or if there was a search underway and they said no. I thanked them and hung up. So I wanted to let this cop know that, yes people lived in what may have looked like an abandoned house but something just didn’t feel right so I didn’t want to open the door. So instead I turned my porch light on and off repeatedly to see what the cop would do. He sprinted to his car and took off. I don’t know what he was doing at my house or why he was looking in my windows but I know he broke protocol by not calling it in and he was by himself. I told my husband about this, who slept through all of it. He said, it was just a cop. Me on the other hand, I know something was not right. Thanks dogs for letting me know!

Edit: typo


I used to hear things happen before they actually happened. For example: A bunch of times I'd answer someone's question before they'd even asked it because I heard it in my head and thought they'd said it out loud... and I still have no f*****g idea how. I'd hear the door knock before it'd knock and answer the door whilst the person was walking towards it, I'd pick up the phone before it started ringing because I'd heard it ring in my head. It's not happened in many years now but it was a weird as f**k time when it was.


My story starts in Albuquerque, NM. 

I grew up in this state, New Mexico. This place has always had more than its fair share of spooky stuff, from Roswell to route. 666 (name now changed), it wouldn't be hard to find someone who had an encounter of sorts.

So growing up I lived with my mother and my babysitter, in a place called the south valley, (the reasons for this and the subsequent events that followed are another horror story unto itself.) The babysitter had her two adult kids, and 3 grandkids there too. 

One of them was named Dustin, now this guy was a metal head in all senses of the word. We're talking 80's Iron Maiden, Metallica, all the big names are fresh to the scene, bullying and fights for being a metal head was an everyday occurrence for this dude, may seem unimportant but this dude wasn't scared of s**t, I was 10 or 11 at the time.

We'd go out get food from the local fast food joints near by regularly, our road went right over an old mud arroyo (ditch), you could continue straight or walk along the dirt path beside the arroyo, this path would lead to the backside of a Burger King and besides the landlords house, unless we really wanted BK, we'd avoid this route for 2 reasons, one, because the landlord was always watching out his window and two, due their being a small irrigation "bridge" for the family down the road.
You could walk on the "bridge" if you needed to, it was just a foot in front of foot while holding the one rail it had kind of walk. Slip and you'll go in. 

One night we wanted BK, so we went, it's about 9:40ish pm. He wanted to go at closing because they'd hook us up with more food. With him being my senior by 7 years, I figured he knew what was best. We got our food, two bags each and decided to go back via the bridge path since it was shorter. 

Now in the valley we'd get blue moons, a full moon that made the whole place look blue, that night was one. Dustin crossed first, then me, he was about 5 feet ahead of me, we heard something splash and he turned to look if it was me. I see him go white, full fledged panic mode, all he says is run. Then he drops the food and bolts, the SV was known to be a rough area, I figured he'd seen someone behind me that was gonna mug us or something. I hurry, my foot slips in the water, regain myself and get on the dirt path running to catch him. 

I'm about where he was initially when I turn back to look, all I can see is a bright white light on the bridge, now I know it ain't no bicycle, nor can it be someone with a flashlight, too steady and fast. My turn to drop food and run like hell. I catch up to Dustin and we get inside the house, I dive on the couch in the living room and he goes to his room. About 10 minutes later someone is pounding on the door, I'm freaking out, the oldest kid goes and answers it, the landlord Ray, is standing there in his underwear angry as can be. 

He swears that Dustin was looking in his bedroom window, he knows it was him because the person had long hair, he goes on to say he was holding a flashlight to illuminate himself so he could try and scare Ray and his wife by moaning and crying. Ryan, oldest kid, said he'd deal with it. Closed door said "wtf did you guys do?" I tried to explain, he just said "Ditch witch, La Llorona was after you." I didn't sleep the rest of the night.

Never walked that bridge again. 

So that's it, I know it's a hell of a read.

TL;DR I got chased by La Llorona for some greasy BK food. 

For anybody curious Google maps, you want the intersection of tobacco road and isleta Blvd in Albuquerque New Mexico, head east up tobacco, bout halfway there is the arroyo on both sides, the bridge side is to the left if your facing east. Not the absolute clearest shot, but you can see what I described. 


A few years ago I was on holiday in Malta with my family. My parents are Maltese and I have a ton of cousins and family living there. One of my cousins’ father had passed a few years before this and I’d known him fairly well. On this day while I was on holiday, we were just outside the walls of Valletta walking on a road and my wife and I started mentioning we needed to look for a way to cross. We were just walking normally and not standing on the edge of the road or making any sign that we wanted to cross.
Suddenly a Mini Cooper appears out of nowhere, slams to a halt where I am and the driver leans across and tells me not to cross the road where I am, that’s too dangerous and points to a spot where I should cross. Then he drives off.
The driver was an exact resemblance of my cousins father, wearing exactly the same clothes (shorts, white singlet) he used to habitually wear and driving exactly the same car he used when alive, and the same colour. The thing is, he spoke to me in English when the default should’ve been Maltese - it’s like he knew I spoke English when there was nothing that would have marked me out as a foreigner.
I can’t explain how he knew that I was intending to cross the road but am convinced he appeared to save me from getting hit.


I lived in a apartment years ago and every night the sensor detector would go on (every 2 to 3 AM) everytime it turn on I usually check the windows and double check the doors is theur locked then go back to sleep. It has 3 weeks and it was becoming more frequent and happens more than once a day. So as annoyed as I was I installed a camera where the sensor was and the next day I checked the footage and I saw a young girl at the window or in my porch (I was third to the last floor and it was 7 stories tall) she usually goes down then when the sensors go on she goes back up. I let it sit for a few more days before I told the top floor but they said they had no child. I also did that to the other floors but none of them had the same girl I see in the cameras. Ever since then though she has stopped appearing to the porch and the sensors dont go off anymore. To this day I dont know who she was but it was the eeriest thing I have ever had.


Not really errie in retrospect but it was freaky at the time.

One night a few years ago, i woke up in the middle of the night to a scratching noise in my room. When i got up to check it out it stopped. I went back to bed and woke up 10 or 15 minutes later by the same noise. Looked around again and found nothing. This happened twice more but i never found anything. On the 5th time i finally figure out that it was coming from under my bed where i store all my cardboard boxes. It was just one of my hermit crabs that somehow managed to climb down a 4 foot tall dresser and across a room to chew on some cardboard lol.


Two stand out in my life.

The first was when I was in the military and stationed in a place called South Camp 7 on the Sinai Peninsula. Pulling guard duty one night and saw a meteor crash/land in the Red Sea. Rare but normal, but it was eerie nonetheless.

Second: Years later, sitting in a cigar bar one afternoon. Only a couple of us in the place. The entry door opens by itself. Nobody anywhere around it. It stayed open for about five seconds and then closed. The other guy saw it as well. We looked at each other with a wtf expression. The door was one of those glass doors with an aluminum frame, which meant you could clearly see anyone coming in. We walked outside and looked around. Nobody. We stood there for several minutes trying to figure it out, and discussed the possibility of wind blowing it open. The problem was, there was no wind. We never did figure it out.


I was living in a dorm way back on my college days. I was alone that day, laying in the lower bunk bed. Then, 2 sets of feet suddenly hung from the upper bed bunk. Then i heard a voice, "Why can't everybody see us, except him?". Then an upside down faces of girls hung between each pair of legs while looking at me.

I still don't know what happened that day. Maybe it was a dream but I'm not sure.


I worked at a nuclear weapons storage depot in the Nevada desert outside Nellis AFB for six years- it’s now shut down. When people say UFOs are attracted to nukes, they are telling the truth. But so much more goes on.

My first night there I witnessed a ball of light trigger sensor on fence line, prompting a security response. The ball got chased by three patrols as it ‘flew’ directly above the fence line before finally taking a sharp turn out into the desert.

We discovered three mutilated donkeys across a span of two weeks, all about a mile from each other and seemingly dropped off out of nowhere. No tracks in or out. Various organs removed from each, no blood anywhere, no tears in flesh all cuts. Scavengers didn’t even touch the bodies.

I witnessed a figure atop a roof of a structure just 30 meters from me and 14 other personnel. It was just standing there watching us. I took a spotlight and shined it up there and as soon as the light hit the figure it disappeared- we all saw it happen.

I heard a man laughing maniacally once, nothing there. Sweep with night vision and thermals revealed nothing, three other witnesses. We wrote it off as the “laughing Colonel”, an urban legend passed down by the security personnel for ages.

While on patrol in adjoining conventional weapons storage area, me and partner parked next to a hot pad loaded with 500 lbs bombs about to be shipped overseas. Heard a soft ‘cooing’ sound coming from the pad. Me and partner did a security sweep of the pad and the ‘cooing’ kept happening and seemingly luring us past the pad and into the pitch black desert. Night vision and thermals revealed nothing. We did not pursue, just did another sweep of the pad and moved along.

While on training exercise our machine gun overwatch team spotted two figures on thermals in desert behind us. Exercise was immediately canceled when Security 1 said he didn’t place any ‘bad guys’ out there. Everyone locked and loaded, set up a sweep. The overwatch team observed the figures going prone and backing away from our sweep element, then disappear when we got close. Our thermals confirmed trace heat on ground despite us doing the sweep never seeing anything.

Weirdest event was when I was exterior patrol, outside the fence line. Got call to respond to a truck approaching on side of mountain nearby. Not unusual, most people didnt know we’re out there and we got off raiders all the time we’d scare the s**t out of. Visually confirm truck on NVGs, then suddenly the headlights disappear. We believe they’ve turned them off and are now approaching on foot, so call for k9 and move to blocking position where I know anyone will have to cross past us to approach perimeter. We are there for about ten minutes when one by one patrol members over watching us from high points on the inside call in lights appearing at our 12, 3, and 9 o’clock- in effect flanking us (with fence line about 300 meters behind us). We see and hear nothing, not even on NVGs or thermals, dog never reacts. Suddenly panicked patrol calls in that the lights are ‘rushing’ us. We are already locked and loaded, I tell my partner to put a grenade in the tube. Nothing happens, dog never indicates. Our radios die and after ten minutes we hike back to fence line only to discover we were out of contact for twice as long as I thought we were. Very paraphrased event cuz on phone, but our radios only started working when we were back at fence line. There’s more but these were the highlights or events I’m allowed to speak about.

The world is not as normal as you believe it is.


This was a few years ago in my early 20s. Hallucinated from the lack of sleep one night. I was slowly falling asleep, but had an odd feeling. I turned on my bedroom light, and looked up at the corner of the bedroom ceiling. Someone with long, black hair and rotting skin, crawled towards me at a horrifying speed for a split second, then in the blink of an eye, gone. Ended up staying awake with the light on, then finally sleeping a bit when the morning sun rose.

Another creepy thing to happen which had caused me to cover my ears with blankets and pillows until I heard of ear plugs years later in my mid 20s, to finally get some damn sleep. I was in my teen years, and decided to take a nap one afternoon. Slowly drifted to sleep, and vaguely kept hearing my name being whispered, until there was a very sharp, forced whisper of my name being called directly next to my ear. I got up awake fast. Freaked me the hell out, and nobody was in my bedroom but myself.

I am still a very light sleeper, so it makes sleeping difficult without ear plugs.


I was sitting in my sunroom, working on my laptop, when my laptop restarted itself and my glass of water exploded outwards. I had thought that house was haunted before but that solidified it.


I was once my own sleep paralysis demon

In college I had really bad insomnia and i got a bad caffeine addiction to try and treat it. One day i do my routine of getting out of bed, walking across the room, chugging a flat red bull, and hitting the snooze button.

But when my alarm goes off again and i get up, i feel really weird. Like I'm moving, but I'm not touching the ground. I feel the motions of getting up but the visuals are lagging behind. I get to the alarm clock, turn around, and I see myself still in bed. That's when things snapped back into place and i was back in bed. Except I couldn't make myself move and it felt like I couldn't breathe. I've had sleep paralysis before, but that was the first time I hallucinated when i got it.


Mom wanted to be at home as she died. We set up the hospital bed in the living room because more space. One morning, the hospice nurse came by and we quietly asked her "how will we know when she is very close to dying?" She answered, "your dog will let you know." That evening, I was throwing a ball down the hallway, playing with the dog. He brought the ball back to the living room, whipped around with the ball in his mouth and looked up into the corners of the room at ceiling level, his head going back and forth between 2 corners. After about a minute, he stopped and brought me the ball. Mom passed the next morning. I'm not particularly religious, but if that was not 2 angels coming to guide Mom home, well....

Anyone else experience something similar?


As a teen in the late 70s, my friend group used to enjoy marijuana and beer. On one of those rare weekends, where a friend’s parents leave the house for the weekend, we were enjoying a rare treat of partying in comfort in a living room. We ran out of beer and snacks. My three companions went to the store around sundown. While alone in a dimly lit house, the phone rang. When I answered, a voice said in a slow, quiet whisper “…it’s allllll yourrrrr faullllt….”.

What ran through my brain in an instant was how boring my life had been to this point, and this was probably the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me. Like something you see on TV or in the movies. And in a flash my excitement blurted out as “far OUT!!!!”. Then they hung up.
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