57 Long-Sleeve Going-Out Tops to Add to Your Night-Out Wardrobe, Stat

57 Long-Sleeve Going-Out Tops to Add to Your Night-Out Wardrobe, Stat

The average going-out wardrobe is filled with halters, tube tops, and spaghetti strap-adorned crops. We love a sparsely strapped blouse—almost as much as we love a happening dance floor. But once the temperatures start to drop, not even a handy-dandy alcohol blanket can keep us warm in the cool nighttime weather. We need outfits that can take us from the frigid outdoors to the sweat-filled indoors. We need shirts that’ll keep us warm as we dart from club to club. We need long-sleeve going-out tops.

The phrase “long-sleeve going-out tops” undoubtedly sounds like an oxymoron. Sleeves? In a bar crammed with people who are hot from drinking alcohol and even hotter from shaking their asses all night? The scene sounds like an abject mess—but it also highlights a myopia in our thinking about sleeve lengths. Consider the alternatives: sporting a short-sleeve blouse and showing up to the club covered in goosebumps. Or, sporting a short-sleeve blouse, showing up to the club covered in goosebumps, and toting heavy outerwear around all night long. One option leaves you frozen, and the other leaves you thoroughly inconvenienced.

Though they may seem like an out-of-the-box choice, long-sleeve going-out tops deftly navigate the middle-ground that exists between these two extremes. They’ll keep your arms adequately warm on frigid autumn nights, without leaving you feeling overheated the moment you step inside your destination of choice. And they don’t require you to carry anything around, so you can keep your hands free for more important things—namely, holding cocktails.

Not to mention, long-sleeve going-out tops are hot. They look good. They’re a surprising addition to any closet—sure to spruce up even the most tired of weekend wardrobes. If all you’re dealing with is a cool breeze, throw a long-sleeve going-out top over your hottest mini skirt or your favorite pair of leather shorts. If the wind’s picked up a little, opt for a pair of no-fail black jeans, instead. Long-sleeve going-out tops abound, and the styling options for them are just as abundant. Your eyes have officially been opened to a new and very practical sartorial frontier: Go forth and explore it.

Lorane Velvet Cropped Top $250 buy it
You had us at black velvet.

Shimmer for Me Square-Neck Blouse $30 buy it
Available in an equally dreamy rose gold, if that’s more your speed.

Hold Me Tight Corset $98 buy it
A walking lesson in: How to Wear a Corset Outside the House Without Looking Utterly Ridiculous.

On Wrap Knit Crop Top $18 buy it
A knit that’s thick enough to qualify as autumnal—but not too thick to be considered bar-worthy.

Zhivago When the Sun Went Down Top $384 buy it
The stuff of your wildest, most maximalist dreams.

Let Me Off the Hook and Eye Satin Blouse $30 buy it
A blouse that’s as easily dressed up as it is dressed down. Just opt for leather skinnies or distressed jeans, accordingly.

Plus-Size Satin Flounce Top $22.99 buy it
A going-out top that fully understands 2019’s major ruffles trend.

Micha Tee $98 buy it
Proof a little mesh paneling—and a lot of embroidery—can go a long way.

Don't Tail a Soul Satin Tiger Shirt $30 buy it
Because of course you can wear a slinky button-down to The Club if you want to.

Sleeve It at the Door Square-Neck… $30 buy it
Puffy sleeves that feel decidedly sexy instead of sweet.

Satin Sheets Tie Blouse $28 buy it
Sexy enough to wear out tonight—and cozy enough to fall asleep in afterward.

Mesh with the Best Glitter Crop Top $8 buy it
Give us sparkles, a vibrant palette, and a dainty lettuce hem, and we’ll be happy.

Cora Cozy Surplice Sweater $49 buy it
Low-key sexiness and high-key coziness, delivered in one fell swoop.

Marry the Night Embellished Mesh Blouse $25 buy it
Sleeves that keep you covered—but leave you all kinds of room to breathe.

Sabina Musayev Samantha Blouse $145 buy it
A blouse worth snagging now and wearing well through the winter holidays.

I'm a Big Sleever Organza Crop Top $28 buy it
Because sometimes it’s OK to favor form over function.

Curve Long-Sleeve Plunge Satin Bodysuit $48 buy it
A night-out top that could probably take you to the office tomorrow.

Glitter Metallic Thread Long-Sleeve… $35 buy it
Because life is better with more figure skater-worthy tops in it.

Majorelle Mauve Julia Top $158 buy it
Any shirt that’s equal parts cozy and sexy gets an emphatic “yes” from us.

Plus-Size Strappy Ribbed Top $12.90 buy it
A no-fail silhouette, rendered in a truly incredible color.

Camila Coelho Kristi Top $188 buy it
Were it not for the cut-out, we might suggest you wear this to work tomorrow morning.

Sheer We Go Mesh Square-Neck Bodysuit $22 buy it
Fans of all-black-everything will be delighted to learn this bodysuit is also available in a darker iteration.

Plunge Zip Rib Long-Sleeve Bodysuit $11.20 buy it
The zipper will allow you to easily adjust from hot indoors to cold outdoors (and back).

Gabby Blouse $158 buy it
A top that’s so low-key sexy you could get away with wearing it on the daily.

Floating Memories Blouse $148 buy it
Throw on your favorite statement earrings and your most reliable black jeans, and you’ll have a comfy-cute night-out look that could take you anywhere.

Mesh My Shoulder Ruched… $20 buy it
A bodysuit that gives new meaning to the phrase “cold shoulder.”

Idol Paisley Long-Sleeve Top $35 buy it
Let early aughts motifs have their way with you, and wear this printed top everywhere.

Spot It Diamante Mesh Bodysuit $15 buy it
A bodysuit that could definitely double as tonight’s lingerie.

J.O.A. Plunging Tie-Front Top $60 buy it
Because tie-front tops don’t just disappear when summer ends.

Star Sequin Mesh Long-Sleeve Top $85 buy it
OK, this one is decidedly impractical. But it’s so cute we can’t really be bothered to care.

Metallic Ruched Top $39.90 buy it
Everything you love about the ’80s, crafted with 2019 in mind.

Asymmetric One-Shoulder Ribbed Top $29 buy it
For the fan of off-the-shoulder who also loves a good sleeve.

Sheer Beaded Smock Top $103 buy it
A top that’ll fit as seamlessly into your beach wardrobe as it will into your winter wardrobe.

Applique Long-Sleeve Bodysuit $28.50 buy it
We’re not saying this one will keep you warm. We’re just saying the palette is too autumnal to pass up.

Pink Silk and Coffee Lace Plunging… $30 buy it
A plunging bodysuit that comes with a built-in scarf? Yes, please.

Daisy Airtex Long-Sleeve Top $35 buy it
Florals are a surprising addition to any night-out wardrobe—and a truly delightful one, too.

Ain't She Cute Top $78 buy it
A blouse that makes the most of 2019’s obsession with ruching—and does so in the most charming way possible.

On and Off-the-Shoulder Plus Ribbed… $20 buy it
Long-sleeve, off-the-shoulder tops are the reliable night-out basic every closet needs.

Show 'Em Your Slinky Side Metallic… $18 buy it
Turtleneck, but make it club-worthy.

Sweet on You Square-Neck Crop Top $16 buy it
A neckline so romantic you’ll wonder why you don’t own more of it.

Lace Asymmetric Hem Top $68 buy it
A top that’ll take you from brunch to the bar—and back.

The Jetset Diaries Here Comes the Sun… $143 buy it
For those nights when you want to pull out all the stops.

Zip Me with Your Best Shot Bodysuit $15 buy it
Sure to play as well with jeans and a flannel as it will with leather skinnies.

Puff Sleeve Top $59 buy it
Proof structure and comfort are far from mutually exclusive.

The Ragged Priest Tie-Dye Mesh Top $48 buy it
It was really only a matter of time before tie-dye permeated our night-out wardrobes, too.

Cut-Out Long-Sleeved Ribbed Velvet Top $40 buy it
Pair it with a leather skirt, high-waisted jeans—anything, really.

Open and Upfront Floral Mesh Blouse $30 buy it
A cut-out that means business.

Softly Spoken Ribbed Square-Neck… $20 buy it
For Friday nights where you crave comfort and sex appeal in equal measure.

Curve Long-Sleeve Satin Wrap Top $45 buy it
A boss-worthy blouse you could sport any day (or night!) of the week.

Idol Floral Flock Funnel Mesh Top $35 buy it
The starting point for your next hyper-chic night-out look.

Downtown Plunging Wrap Top $6 buy it
Equal parts cozy and glam.

Don't Even Tie Satin Crop Blouse $22 buy it
A decidedly fresh take on the asymmetrical top.

Call Me Black Widow Plus Cropped Blouse $22 buy it
Buy it for October. Wear it year-round.

Plus-Size Ribbed Velvet Top $19.99 buy it
Is it just us, or does this blouse absolutely drip with luxe appeal?

How Star Will You Go Sheer Bodysuit $20 buy it
Be the walking embodiment of the starry-eyed emoji. Because you can.

Forever Chasing the Sun Top $68 buy it
Behold: the perfect day-to-night top.

Zhivago When the Sun Went Down Top $312 buy it
The ’80s called—they want you to make full use of this truly kickass blouse.


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