5 Things to Do in Preparation For the Hot Spring and Summer Real Estate Market

5 Things to Do in Preparation For the Hot Spring and Summer Real Estate Market

After a long winter spent riding out the real estate slow season, it’s nearly here.

The annual heating up of the real estate market.

Even during times of market ups and downs, spring and summer is reliably a much busier time in real estate. 

There’s more inventory, more interest, more sales. It can be a lucrative and high-growth time for agents.

To maximize sales this season, real estate agents should be ready to hit the ground running. Here are five things you can do in preparation for the hot spring and summer real estate market.

1. Make Sure Your Real Estate Website Is At Its Best

Your real estate website is usually one of the first impressions you’ll make with a potential client.

If your goal is to land more clients this spring and summer, now is the time to make sure your real estate website is firing on all cylinders. 

Already gave your website a once-over this winter? Great! If not, here’s a refresher on how to refresh your site:

Test and edit

Go through each page of your website with a fine-toothed comb, reading each line of text carefully and looking for errors, and testing every link to make sure they still work (and that links to external websites open in a new tab).

As you’re editing, you should be fact-checking, too. Make note of any stats and numbers that need to be updated.

Revise your About Me page

Depending on how long it’s been since you last updated your website, it could be time to change up your bio.

Bring it up to date with your latest sales numbers, awards, a new or more recent headshot and a refreshed version of your personal details.

Change up the look

Like a hairstyle you’ve had for years, you might be bored with how your website looks. This is a great time to play around with some new aesthetic choices — colours, fonts, layouts and imagery.

2. Create Fresh Content For Buyers and Sellers

To borrow a fishing analogy, you need the right bait to catch fish. 

In the world of real estate, that means using the right marketing content to hook as many real estate clients.

To maximize your leads heading into the busy time, double down on creating new content that specifically targets this season’s buyers and sellers.

We’re talking blog posts, Instagram Reels, lead magnets and newsletter content.

The goal is to hit buyers and sellers with the information they’re looking for and make it valuable enough that they pay attention to the source — you.

This information could be a highly detailed neighborhood guide to help buyers. A breakdown of statistics and comparables to help sellers get a sense of the current market. A pre-purchase or pre-listing checklist. 

Keep this content highly localized, truly useful and timely. Make sure you use appropriate titles, keywords and hashtags to boost discoverability.

3. Plan Pay-Per-Click Advertising

This is the perfect time to put some money behind your marketing efforts. 

Pay-per-click advertising for real estate — like Google Ads — can help boost traffic to your real estate website and maximize views of your buyer and seller content. 

PPC advertising can play a role in your marketing strategy year-round, but it’s especially valuable during a period of potentially high lead generation. 

Check out our guide to pay-per-click advertising for real estate agents to get started.

pay per click advertising

4. Commit to Outreach Efforts

This is not a time to be a wallflower. Cultivating as many leads as possible so that you can enjoy a lucrative spring and summer means getting your face and name out there.

Besides doubling down on content creation and spending some marketing budget on pay-per-click advertising, here’s what else real estate agents should be considering in the coming weeks:

5. Make Sure Your Systems Are in Place

If your efforts pay off, you’ll have a busy few months ahead of you. 

That’s why it’s important to take time now to set yourself up for success during the busy months — to make sure you can properly manage your business during hectic days. 

Real estate content calendar

Your social media accounts can’t go silent while you’re off selling houses. Get ahead of things by working on your spring and summer real estate social media content calendar now. 

Plan and schedule as many evergreen posts as you can, but make sure to leave room in the calendar for more timely content, such as sharing new listings.

Effective time management 

Implementing healthy time management practices now will pay off later in the form of boosted productivity and reduced stress. Here are a few real estate agent productivity tips to consider.

Preventing burnout

Busyness can easily breed burnout if real estate agents don’t take care of themselves. Here’s how to avoid burnout in real estate.

Planning vacation

Summer may be the busiest season in real estate, but it’s also time to get away — especially for agents with young families. Booking a getaway during this time isn’t impossible. Here’s how real estate agents can plan a stress-free vacation

Outsourcing if possible

If you have the budget to hire outside help, consider what tasks would free up the most time and bandwidth. 

This might look like hiring a cleaning or meal delivery service to give you personal time back, or it could mean hiring a real estate marketing assistant to take on social media, blog and newsletter content.

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