134 Smart Ideas To Get Your Home Finally Organized

134 Smart Ideas To Get Your Home Finally Organized

If you’re like me, you spend half the day on a mission to find the second missing sock, torturing your family members with never-ending "have you seen" questions about this and that, trapping yourself in the eternal "lost and found" limbo. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way, so bear with us.

Bored Panda has compiled a list full of practical and super simple ideas that will give your home (and soul) some much-needed order. From making an "eat me first" bin in your fridge to making a magnetic organizer for your makeup to mount on the wall, this is something you wanna take notes on and thank us later.

At the end of the day, there’s enough chaos in this world already, so the last thing you want is having it at home.

#1 My Synesthesia Means That I Remember Books Better By Their Color Than By Title Or Author, So This Is What Happens When I Have Enough Shelf Space

Image credits: natalopolis

#2 Keep Matching Bedsheets And Covers Inside The Pillowcase

Image credits: marthastewart

#3 I Konmari’d The Fridge. Each Bin Is A Dinner! I Put Together All The Ingredients So I Can Just Pull Out A Bin And Everything Is Right There

Image credits: sariejanemitt

For many, organizing their homes can be a truly daunting task. When you look around, it may become overwhelming and we’re stuck in a "to do" list limbo, unsure where exactly to start.

To find out more about organizing our homes like a pro, Bored Panda reached out to Erin Mursch, a certified KonMari consultant and founder of “Organized For Good.” Erin said that the first thing you want to do after deciding it’s time for a change is getting clear on your "why."

“It's one thing to acknowledge you're not satisfied with the status quo, it's another to have a clear vision of the life that awaits you after your space is completely organized.”

#4 Showed My Sister The Joy Of Konmari! She Asked For Help With Her Linen Closet And I Think We Did A Great Job Even With Her Wanting To Keep A Little Too Much

Image credits: reddit.com

#5 With Quarantine In Order, There Is Lots Of Time To Tackle My Craft Corner. It Took A While, But... My Embroidery Yarn Spark(Le)s So Much Joy Now

Image credits: roeldriesvink

#6 Hang An Office File Organizer On The Inside Of Your Tupperware Cabinet To Keep Up With The Lids

Image credits: bhg

The organizing expert suggested asking yourself questions like “once your home is tidy, what will your daily routine look like? What activities will you enjoy doing in your home?” They should help you to come up with a clear vision of the finish line, which “makes you much more likely to get there and keep your home organized for good.” Only once you feel connected to the vision in front of you, you may begin the physical work of organizing.

Erin said that despite the trend of Instagram-worthy pantries and playrooms of the rich and famous, you don't need to spend a lot of money to tidy your home. “Time and energy is really all it takes. One of the biggest mistakes I see is planning storage too soon. Buying containers, dividers, and other organizing products is usually not necessary when you begin by eliminating what you no longer use and love.”

#7 My Grandpa Uses The Actual Hardware For Labeling The Drawers

Image credits: Zandor8000

#8 An Easy Way To Organize Your Cables And Prevent Them From Getting Tangled

Image credits: randomusefulbits

#9 DIY Pantry Door Spice Rack

The expert suggests always reusing storage containers you already have, or using simple boxes as dividers inside drawers. “For example, shoe boxes without lids work well to support clothing folded vertically inside drawers, and iPhone boxes are the perfect size to organize small items within drawers of bathrooms or office desks,” Erin suggested.

Erin explained that the key is decluttering and organizing thoroughly. “If you focus on keeping only items that support your ideal life, then your home will certainly stay organized longer, and you'll automatically become more mindful of what you bring into your home,” she said.

#10 Create An "Eat Me First" Bin In Your Fridge Or Your Pantry (Or Both!) To Help Cut Down On Food Waste

Image credits: mssimplicity

#11 Old Book-Ends Keep My Shirts Tidy As I Approach Laundry Day And My Drawer Gets Emptier

Image credits: sdho

#12 Create Non-Slip Hangers With Hot Glue

However, Erin warns us to keep in mind that some things like like laundry or dishes will never be done, so mastering those habits is key. “Don't beat yourself up if things get out of place every once in a while, and 'don't let perfect be the enemy of good' is a Voltaire quote I find myself repeating often.” Start from a simple sweep, and return items to their space so things get back in order.

“The essence of being organized is having a home for everything and returning an item to its rightful home after each use. Toothbrush back in the drawer, coat back on the hook or in the closet, toys in the basket, books on the shelf. It is simple, but does require consistent effort,” Erin concluded.

#13 Cut Dollar Store Pool Noodles Into Quarters To Keep Your Boots Upright In The Floor Of Your Closet
#14 My Vertical Tea Station

Image credits: Tramstorm

#15 I Stole This One From My Mom

Image credits: soniczano

#16 A Drying Rack That Rolls Out To Sit Over Your Sink

Image credits: amazon

#17 Instead Of Tossing Out Your Old Egg Cartons, Try This Out

Store the squeeze bottles upside down in an egg carton. It not only keeps them organized and sliding around the fridge, but also helps you to squeeze them easily when you need.

Image credits: bobvila

#18 Attach An Empty Tissue Box To The Inside Of A Kitchen Cabinet For Easy-To-Grab Storage

Image credits: polishedhabitat

#19 A Coffee Measuring Spoon That Doubles As A Clip For Your Bag Of Beans

Image credits: amazon

#20 Before And After Jewelry. My Jewelry Now Brings Me Joy And I Can See It All

Image credits: Darthvader1987

#21 Two Dowels For Mounting Rolls Of Trash Bags Under Your Sink

Image credits: simplyorganized

#22 Thought You Might Like To See How I Store My Stud Earrings

Image credits: awokka

#23 I Was Growing Sick Of Always Having To Lift All The Plates To Get To The Larger Ones

Image credits: ffFreeze144

#24 Mount Coat Hooks Near The Door To Create A Handy Shoe Rack
#25 Store Christmas Decorations And Festive Lights In Egg Cartons

Image credits: imperfecthomemaking

#26 Label Your Cords
#27 Group Together Books You Haven’t Read Yet

Image credits: emeryreads

#28 Stash Under-Bed Storage Bins In Your Deepest Cabinets To Make Everything Accessible, Even In The Back Of The Cabinets

Image credits: everyday-organizing

#29 11 Trash Bags Full Of Donations Later And I Can Finally Say That My Closet And Everything In It Sparks Joy

Image credits: Rosebudsi

#30 Wrangle Your Freezer Bags With Binder Clips
#31 Organize Your Pantry With Labeled Bins

Image credits: classyclutter

#32 Use Small Storage Solutions To Make It Easier To Find Your Stuff

Image credits: stickonpods

#33 The Way My Mom Organizes My Dad's Shoes

Image credits: AgentIndiana56

#34 If You're Moving, You Can Use This Method To Easily Transport All The Clothes That You Hang

Image credits: randomusefulbits

#35 Hang Rain Gutter Shelves To Store Kids Books

Image credits: cleanandscentsible

#36 Store Bath Toys In A Fruit Basket

Image credits: 8footsix

#37 Tame Cords By Stuffing Them Inside Toilet Paper Rolls

Image credits: organizeyourstuffnow

#38 Clothespin For Earplugs
#39 Keep Cables Cleaned Up With Binder Clips
#40 Organize Hair Ties
#41 Turn A TV Armoire Into Craft Storage
#42 Adapt IKEA's Fintorp Kitchen Organizer Into Over-The-Toilet Organizers

Image credits: kaderique

#43 How I Organized My Papers Post-Konmari

Image credits: kirstendraws

#44 Attic Storage…fantastic Idea For Organizing Holiday Decor
#45 A Set Of Magnetic Spice Tins That You Can Hang On The Side Of Your Fridge

Image credits: etsy

#46 Used Wasted Space In Pantry. Way More Organized

Image credits: jneubs

#47 Opt For A Murphy Bed With Built-In Storage

Murphy beds are really ahead of the home organization/space- saving curve—especially ones that incorporate shelving and cabinetry. They optimize floor space and are perfect for any home, especially studio apartments.

Image credits: getclever

#48 Organize Canned Goods In A Magazine Holder

Image credits: pbjstories

#49 Bath Toy Organization Using A Shower Rod

Image credits: theinspiredhome

#50 Home Organizing Hacks
#51 Divide Up Your Drawers With Mesh Organizers From The Office Supply Store To Make Sure Every Utensil Has A Spot

Image credits: marthastewart

#52 Prevent Any Annoying Clothes Hanger Slippage By Wrapping Your Hangers With Pipe Cleaners

Image credits: inmyownstyle

#53 I Finished My Laundry Room. I Can Finally Breathe In Here And Enjoy This Space

Image credits: SpicyCarr0t

#54 Shower Organizing
#55 Organize The Under The Sink Cleaning Cupboard

Image credits: marthastewart

#56 Don't Underestimate The Power Of A Simple Metal Shelf (And Lidded Bins)

Image credits: inmyownstyle

#57 A Little Before And After Gem

Image credits: LipstickMonkeyy

#58 The Aftermath Of The Yarn Sorting Session - These Little Fellas Are The Ones That I’ve Decided To Keep And This Time I Won’t Stuff Them In Plastic Bags And Cardboard Boxes

Image credits: RoosDePoes

#59 Move Your Coffee Station Inside A Drawer

Tuck all your coffee and tea accoutrements into neat little acrylic bins.

Image credits: unlikelymartha

#60 Sort Your Pantry Into Easy-To-Identify Sections Using Magazine Organizers

Image credits: mimiscraftyworld

#61 Stock Your Fridge With Bins, Baskets, And Maybe A Lazy Susan Or Two

Image credits: happygoluckyblog

#62 Keep Your Bobby Pins In Check With Magnets

Image credits: sprwmn

#63 Something As Simple As Matching Hangers Can Make Such A Difference

Image credits: woodenbowlmetalspoon

#64 Can Find Anything Within 30 Seconds

Image credits: emkay95

#65 Store Spices On A Cupboard Riser

And just like that, you can actually see your coriander.

Image credits: thesocialhome

#66 Use Every Space In Your Pantry
#67 Place Larger Books On The Bottom

Image credits: prickleandvine

#68 If You Share A Bathroom With Several People, Assigned Plastic Drawers Can Give Everyone Their Own Space

Image credits: goodhousekeeping

#69 Strip All Of The Restaurant Crayons, Leftover School Crayons, And Whatever Else Crayons There Are Of Their Boxes, Then Pour 'Em Into A Cheap Candy Jar

Image credits: raisinglemons

#70 Consider A Storage Bench

Whether it is built in or freestanding, a bench with storage at the base could be just what you need. Renovating? Think about a built-in bench that opens up for more storage and top it off with some newly upholstered cushions. These built-ins make the perfect seating for any breakfast nook.

Image credits: getclever

#71 Wall-Mount Produce Baskets

Farmhouse charm meets utility.

Image credits: allthatbringsjoy

#72 Store Wrapping Paper In A Decorative Hamper

Image credits: toriejayne

#73 Use Command Clips & A Bracelet To Child Proof Your Fridge
#74 DIY Backpack Station

Image credits: scattershotdotcom

#75 Organize Your Pantry By Using Baskets And Labels
#76 Play With Horizontal Book Stacks

Image credits: polly.florence

#77 Use Your Nightstand's Drawer As An Easy Place To Hide All Of Your Charger Cords

Image credits: reddit.com

#78 Color Code Your Circuit-Breaker Box So You Don't Have To Hunt For The Right Switch When The Breaker Flips

Image credits: firsthomelovelife

#79 For Smaller Items (Like Spray Paint), Rely On The Humble Shoe Organizer

Image credits: hisugarplumsblog

#80 Declutter With Drawer Dividers

Image credits: lazada

#81 Store Games In Individual Plastic Drawers

Simply remove the drawer when you’re ready to play.

Image credits: raisinglemons

#82 Organize That Pantry!

Image credits: ajscribes

#83 Use Labels Everywhere
#84 Only Use The Top Shelf For Decor

Image credits: houseandgarden

#85 Start A System For Organizing Your Papers If You Don't Already Have One

Image credits: theorganisedhousewife

#86 Use Coat Hooks Instead Of A Towel Rod For Shared Bathrooms

Some of us aren't lucky enough to live without roommates, so when the germophobe in your life insists on their own hand towel, hang up coat hooks to keep things organized.

Image credits: followingfriends

#87 Did The Drawer, And Now It Looks Like I Have An Office Supply Store

Image credits: chique_pea

#88 Did My Desk Drawers

Image credits: emkay95

#89 Make Use Of Windowsills

An often overlooked organization-approved surface, windowsills make the perfect countertop for all of those trinket dishes we were talking about earlier.

Image credits: somewhereiwouldliketolive

#90 Turn A Dresser Into A Craft Station

Image credits: sewmanyways

#91 Add A Black-Board In Your Pantry For Grocery Lists
#92 Make Your Shower Look Neat Even When You Buy Oversized Bulk Bottles Of Shampoo, Conditioner, And Body Wash By Refilling Pretty Pump Bottles

Image credits: thechicsite

#93 Tame Your Linen Closet With The Help Of A Few Bins And Pretty Labels

Image credits: organizedmom

#94 Fold All Of Your The Clothes You Store In Your Drawers According To The Konmari Method

Image credits: icecreaminspiration

#95 Cover Empty Aluminum Cans With Washi Or Fabric Tape To Make Pretty Pencil Organizers On The Cheap

Image credits: redtedart

#96 A Wine Rack That Converts To Only Take Up As Much Space As You Have Wine
#97 The Insides Of Cabinets Are Also Great Places To Put Hooks For Rags, Gloves, And Pot Holders

Image credits: nataliembrown

#98 Hang Spice Racks To Organize Your Hair Products And Lotions

Image credits: suiterevival

#99 I Used Command Hooks To Hang My Pan Lids Onto The Inside Of A Cabinet Door

Image credits: Lars_El

#100 Purged On The Linens

Image credits: emkay95

#101 So Much Joy When I Open My Closet

Image credits: piinkclouds

#102 Add A Pegboard

A pegboard wall is an interesting way to organize anything from cooking tools to gym equipment.

Image credits:

#103 Hang Once-Opened Potato Chip Bags In Your Pantry
#104 DIY Mason Jar Holder

Image credits: lizmarieblog

#105 Curate Canisters

Assign shelves a type of food or use, like baking essentials, dry ingredients, and snacks, and place boxed goods into glass canisters for affective pantry storage.

Image credits: marthastewart

#106 Put A Small Wine Rack On Your Bathroom Cabinet Or Under Your Bathroom Cabinet To Hold All Of Your Hairstyling Tools

Image credits: lewisvillelove

#107 Turn Those Builder-Grade Shelves Into Convenient Storage Space Using S-Hooks From The Hardware Store

Image credits: familyhandyman

#108 Find More Closet Rod Space With A Double-Hang Closet Rod

Image credits: engineeryourspace

#109 Two Smaller Dowels For Your Foil And Parchment Paper

Image credits: iheartorganizing

#110 A Second Set Of Magazine Holders For Organizing Your Re-Useable Water Bottles

Image credits: drivenbydecor

#111 An Inclined Paper Sorter That Makes It Easy To Grab The Baking Sheets You Need Out Of Your Lower Cabinets

Image credits: twotwentyone

#112 Under The Sink Win

Image credits: emkay95

#113 Use Bins In The Pantry

If your pantry is a disorganized mess, consider organizing everything into “zones.” For example, you can group items into breakfast, baking, dinner, etc.

Image credits: ntentionallykatie

#114 Organize Clutter With Large Trays

We suggest placing a bigger tray atop a coffee table or console table to house a variety of home goods.

Image credits: hannahelena

#115 I’m Keeping These & Getting Rid Of The Shoes I Bought For The “Pretend Me”. Example: 3” Heels. I Bought Them Thinking, “I’ll Wear These On A Fancy Date With My Husband Or To The Theater!!”. We Don’t Go On Super Fancy Dates & I Don’t Go To The Theater. Never Buying Clothes For The Pretend Me Again

Image credits: PSPlants

#116 So My Joy!

Image credits: emkay95

#117 Stack Your Clutches Neatly Using Envelope And Paper Organizers From The Office Supply Store

Image credits: viewalongtheway

#118 Keep A Big Basket Next To Or At The Foot Of Your Bed For Tossing Throw Pillows And Other Decorative Items When It's Time To Sleep

Image credits: potterybarn

#119 Use A Stacked Plate Rack To Make Extra Counter Storage Space

Image credits: blissfullydomestic

#120 Roll Your Towels, Don't Fold Them

Image credits: always-organizing

#121 Install Multiple Towel Rods On The Back Of Your Door

Image credits: marthastewart

#122 Hang Up Your Laundry

If you hang up your laundry hamper on the wall, you can free up some valuable floor real estate.

Image credits: prettyprovidence

#123 Take Advantage Of Hard-To-Reach Spots

Line sturdy door frames with antique bottles or decorative objects for a whimsical and unexpected vibe.

Image credits: getclever

#124 I Konmari'd My Tissue Paper

Image credits: friesandcoffee

#125 Add 2 Rows Of Books Per Shelf

Image credits: booknerdbecky

#126 If You're A Major Scarf Collector, Use Shower Curtain Rings And An Over-The-Door Shoe Rack To Organize Your Favorites

Image credits: diyncrafts

#127 Store Folded Clothes Vertically

Image credits: justagirlandherblog

#128 Color-Coordinate Your Books

Organizing your books by color is great exercise in decluttering and remembering what books you actually have in your collection.

Image credits: getclever

#129 My Earrings Finally Spark Joy After Being Scattered Around My Room For Years

Image credits: belgahay

#130 Home Organizing Hacks

Image credits: marthastewart

#131 Hang Up An Oversized Cork Board So You Can Easily Pin Things You Need (And Want!) To Remember

Image credits: sincerelysarad

#132 I Couldn’t Stop With The Kid’s Bedroom. I Spent All Night Purging The Playroom. It Was Such A Mess That My 3 Year Old (Who Made The Mess) Wouldn’t Play In There Any Longer. He’s Going To Be Shocked When He Wakes Up

Image credits: LightningMqueenKitty

#133 Corral Craft Supplies In A Shoe Organizer

Clean and clear and under control.

Image credits: moneysavingqueen

#134 Remove The Dust Jackets

Image credits: chrislovesjulia

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