1. Organize Clutter
Nothing induces anxiety quite the same way as clutter does. Whether it’s piles of unopened mail or plastic containers with missing lids to find a home, clutter is a reality in most homes. But our kitchen cleaning tips might be the solution. At CliqStudios, we are no stranger to helping homeowners with clearing clutter. A few smart design decisions and storage cabinets can significantly organize your space.

Here are a few of our favorites:

A versatile staple for any kitchen, the Pantry Cabinet takes away the stress of organizing food, cookware and small appliances.

Roll-out Trays are the perfect solution for the homeowner needing easy access to kitchen items. See everything you need when the entire shelf contents smoothly glide out.

Meet the Multi-Storage Drawer, the ultimate way to reduce kitchen clutter. Dividers keep storage tidy and organized, reducing searches for items that easily buried.

Another way to better organize your kitchen is establishing a command center. A command center is a place in your home designated for posting important information, such as calendars and reminders. This can be created by using a counter area as a desk or a bulletin board. Additionally, your command center stores items that easily create clutter in an organized way. This includes items like mail, homework, permission slips, schedules and menus. With a command center, everything is conveniently at a glance and accessible.
2. Schedule Cleaning Tasks
Cleaning your kitchen is easier when you create a schedule for cleaning tasks to promote good cleaning habits. But what does this entail? First off, it’s a smart idea to break your cleaning tasks in three categories:
Daily Weekly Monthly
Scheduling cleaning tasks will help reduce stress and keep your routine running smoothly. Real Simple has a great checklist for easily tackling tasks and scheduling.
Daily Cleaning
Daily tasks are exactly as they sound. These are the parts of your cleaning routine that need to happen every day to keep your kitchen organized and tidy. These are often top of mind tasks that are frequently influenced by your day-to-day routine. Daily kitchen cleaning includes the following:
Unload dishwasher Clear and wipe off countertop Tidy kitchen after meals Wash and prepare coffee pot Wipe kitchen table
You might choose to keep a running list of daily tasks on display for an easy reminder (your command center is a great location for this) or commit it to habit. Either way, these tasks will keep your kitchen ready for your busy, every day routines.
Weekly Cleaning
There are plenty of cleaning tasks that should happen regularly, but might not be needed each and every day. These will be your weekly tasks. Some examples of weekly task include:
Clean our refrigerator Clean windows Water plants Mop and sweep floors Tidy up command center Dust and polish surfaces Surface clean refrigerator, stove and microwave
A way to keep your weekly tasks from feeling overwhelming is to assign certain tasks to each day of the week. For example, you might decide to clear your refrigerator on Sunday because that’s also the day that you meal prep for the week. By cleaning the fridge out on Sunday, you’ll have more space available for the meals you cook in advance.

You will also want to plan your weekly task around other things that keep you busy, like your work hours, when the kids have soccer practice. Each will help you better assess how much time you have to spare each day.
Monthly Cleaning
Monthly tasks are just as critical to keeping a clean kitchen as daily and weekly tasks. Common monthly cleaning projects include:
Tidy inside and outside of cabinets Run disinfect cycle on dishwasher Deep clean light fixtures Disinfect trash can Deep clean refrigerator, stove, and microwave
Remember that you don’t have to be alone in getting these tasks done. You can easily use your command center as a place to display who is going to do which task and when.
3. Know Your Cleaning Tools
Finally, keep your kitchen clean and tidy by having the right tools for the work. Common cleaning tools include mops and buckets, sponges, dust clothes and cleaning sprays. Our cabinet care guide is a great resource for making sure you have the right tools for cleaning your kitchen cabinets.

Remember, the key to keeping your kitchen organized is to be organized yourself. From there it will all fall together. At CliqStudios, our expert design team is eager to help you create a kitchen that keeps your home tidy and organized.

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