Where to Donate School Supplies!

Do you love to give back to kids in your community? One of the best ways to give back is to Donate School Supplies! This is always a big need and we want to share different places to donate. You can grab the best Back to School Supplies deals that we have posted!

Donate School Supplies -School supplies at Target

Donate School Supplies

One thing that I really enjoy is teaching my kids to be generous. We look for ways to give back throughout the year. As we are out shopping for school supplies we pick up extra supplies for others. I thought it would be helpful to create a post about the different ways and places to donate school supplies.

Fill the Bus

In my area, there is usually a Fill the Bus event in July and August. There will be a school bus sitting in front of a Walmart and as you go in to shop, you grab some school supplies for others. When you are walking out of the store you drop off your donation and help fill the bus! I know that United Way and Salvation Army are non-profits that help organize the event. They will work with other non-profits in that community so supplies stay in the local school district. 

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army host Fill the Bus events but it’s good to check with them about other school supplies donations! This is great if you want to make a financial donation and want it to stay local. You can search for your local Salvation Army’s Registry for Good to donate online. The Salvation Army will distribute donations to kids in your community.

Local Non-Profits

You will be able to find local non-profits that accept school supplies. Check with churches or search for giveaways on Facebook. Another good place to check is with your local Thrift Store. They may not accept school supplies but they will know of organizations that are taking them.

Donors Choose

My teacher friends love Donors Choose! It’s an online platform that allows teachers and students all over the country to post their needs. Then donors see those requests and purchase the items for the classroom! The needs might be crayons and books or could be to help transform a classroom! What I like about Donors Choose is teachers are on the frontlines and know what students need to be successful. Plus, you can give online and know that the gift will go towards helping children. Click here to see a need on Donors Choose!

Organize a School Supply Drive

Maybe you are reading this and have not seen a local organization that is hosting school supply drive. Does that motivate you to start one? If you are not sure where to start then check out the School Supply Drive Toolkit! This is something the whole family can be part of and invite others to help. The toolkit will give you everything you need to get started.  If you would like to help as an individual, you can print the Sample School Supply List/Individual Donation Sheet to get ideas, purchase supplies, attach the list to your box or bag of donations and drop it off to your local school.

These are some of the places that you can donate school supplies. What are some ideas that you have for giving back? Let us know in the comments!