“We Never Saw Him Again”: 39 Incidents That Got Teachers Booted Out Of Schools, As Shared In This Online Group

“We Never Saw Him Again”: 39 Incidents That Got Teachers Booted Out Of Schools, As Shared In This Online Group

Many say that your school days are the best time of your life, and, to be fair, they aren’t that wrong!

School teaches you social skills and gives you the opportunity to explore your interests further and develop a sense of self, you meet your life-long friends, and there’s always a holiday to look forward to – but your teachers are one of the most important perks of education. I can’t speak for everyone, but chances are that at least a couple of you had that one certain teacher that made your whole experience total bliss.

However, as we all know, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies, and sometimes the very people who were supposed to be our mentors and role models find themselves getting involved in some pretty heinous things.

Why did that teacher get fired from your school?” – this internet user took to one of Reddit’s most informative and thought-provoking communities, inviting its members to share reasons why their teachers got fired. The post managed to garner over 5K upvotes as well as 5.9K comments containing some wild tales.

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Because he set up a camera in the middle school theater changing room (girl's side).

His dumb a*s was on the beginning of the video, turning the camera on and adjusting a modified shoebox he put over it to hide it. A student found it and took it home, watched it with parents.

Goodbye, Mr. Goebel.

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He was actually just a substitute. Left quicker than he arrived. He told our class he practices judo so one student told him to show a move. The move he chose to demonstrate on this student in front of the class was a sleeper hold. Put that motherducker right to sleep and got charged with assaulting a minor.

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That teacher was my step-dad. He got fired for being physically abusive to his students. Good for the students! Bad for me and my siblings who could not just fire him.

As a side note, the only place he could get a job after that was on a reservation. He started pulling that s**t with those students and there was no long, drawn out firing process. They just vandalized our house and trashed the car. Done and done. I admired the f**k out of those rez kids.

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He was the gym teacher for over 30 years. He volunteered to stand near the trash cans during lunch every day to ensure the students dumped their food and gave their finished trays to the cafeteria workers in an organized way. He had done this for decades. Even when my father attended that junior high.

One day, a student decided to toss her entire tray in the trash instead of dumping the contents and giving it to the cafeteria work. He removed the tray from the trash and gave it back to her. She threw a carton of chocolate milk at his face, close range. He responded by punching her in the eye.

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Gave a student written confirmation of the zero tolerance policy, highlighting that any two students involved in a fight would get the same punishment. Next time the kid got bullied he f*****g tore into the bully and started pounding him in the head with a trashbin lid.

The written confirmation got used to succesfully demand both students suffered the same consequences, especially after the student showed he had received confirmation that he wouldn't be punished more severely for fighting back.

From that point "Can I get that in writing?" was basically a get-out-of-jail-free-card.

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History teacher never really taught history. Sometimes he'd just yell at the kids in class. It got worse when his son died in desert storm. Then he spent half the class time crying. Assistant principal had to take over one too many days. Eventually he stopped coming to school and we never saw him again.

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My Dad subbed (teacher) for a while after he retired. He got personally escorted out of a school once for doing “black magic” for 5th graders….. he did a card trick…. And he was in the process of cutting a sheet of paper in a way that makes it possible to walk thru it. He is currently banned for life from Deer Park public schools in WA.

Side note: when I went to visit once we went to a bar. The bartender said, “Holy s**t, it’s [insert full name] Dude! I named my bong after you, Mr. [name]! I guess he really influenced the youth ??‍♂️

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He was asked to resign because he was engaged to one of the other teachers. They’re still happily married and he made more money as a carpenter. Great guy.

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They posted a QR code for the Boston Public Library so that kids could get access to banned books. Not exactly fired, but written up for discipline and eventually during the process left the school.

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Called a black kid a “cotton picker”. He was a science teacher and we were using cotton balls in a science experiment… I’m unsure what he thought the outcome of this comment could’ve been other than immediate termination….

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She dared a troublemaker to hit her. He said I don't hit people with glasses. She took them off. He backed down. She said "that's what I thought."

He was disruptive and just an a*****e. She backed him down. Even 20+ years later I think she handled it perfectly.

The school board disagreed and she got fired.

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For being a s****y person and an even worse teacher. She was a complete a*****e to students and parents and she was even worse to the other members of the faculty. My mom was also a teacher at the school and she told me horror stories about this woman. She would confront other staff and verbally abuse and belittle middle school aged kids in front of other students. She even cursed out the other teachers in a staff meeting when they confronted her about her behavior. She was walked out by the vice principal in front of everyone in the cafeteria. The entire student body applauded.

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Biology teacher was fired when the principal saw how a student yelled and threw a test on the teacher’s face. The teacher already had some clashes with school authorities so they used that situation to fire her because “she didnt show authority over the students”. A few years later I entered a bakery store and there was my old teacher she was the owner of the store, happy and her employees spoked very well about her.


She got angry with a student (dude was an a*****e, and would disrespect her daily), so she said he was a witless brat that only passed each year because his father was a corrupt lawyer that paid the school so he didn't fail every subject (she was right and everyone knew it). She got fired a week later.

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She almost got fired for that, but somehow she stayed. She got pregnant with one of her students on prom night and found out after his graduation.

The funniest part is, she was Sex Ed teacher.

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All his classes were failing. He spoke unintelligible, didn't explain anything well and if anyone asked a question, he'd respond with 'ehm, ask someone else who does know'. As if we ever wanted to ask him anything unless the entire class didn't understand. This was my old chemistry teacher. He was fired halfway through the year, we then didn't have any chemistry classes for a while.

The other chemistry teacher couldn't take over all the vacant hours, but she gave us a 3 week crash course at the end of the year. I learned more in those 3 weeks than I did in the first 6 months with the fired guy.

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He showed us Pulp Fiction in history class and forgot to take out the tape when returning AV equipment.

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Had a samurai sword in his trunk, proceeded to unsheathe it during a fire drill because his lineup location was next to his car and show people…

The best part was that after he got fired people posted flyers around the school of him photoshopped with a samurai outfit with a caption of “free my homie samurai so and so”

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An ex grew up in a tiny, nowhere town in Wyoming. One day they got a long lunch recess and their teacher was walked out to a car with some people in suits and military clothes. It turns out he switched dog tags with someone killed in Vietnam and the dead soldiers parents went to the military when their son didn't call or visit. He had hidden in one of the most isolated places in the US and it took enough time for him to finish a degree and get a job.

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One of my wife's coworkers got canned as a teacher for letting the students feel her new breast implants.


Some student made allegations that the teacher had assaulted them. Teacher got fired and career ruined, came out later that the student account was completely false and several students knew the kid intended to lie because he didn't like the teacher . The kid even made a false police report at some point during the whole fiasco. Everything came out later but the dudes life was already ruined

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Yelled at a student that she wasn't ever going to graduate because she was so stupid. Added that he would be glad to see her in a couple of years when he would need to change the oil in his car. What an a*s...


She made us pay 5$ for homeworks that hasn't been done.

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She had an 78% failing rate out of all her biology classes. The class was broken off into two days and one day you’d spend all day in class learning and the next day you’d spend time in the lab to learn the experiments. The problem with this system is we’d take a test, fail, and when we went to our lab we would learn everything we needed to know for that test we had just failed. As a class we came to her and explained to her what was going on and she caught attitudes with us every time. The worst part is instead of stepping up and trying to help us find a solution she’d hit us with the “when I was in school no one helped me” and followed that up with telling us to just read our text book. At one point there was homework that was supposed to be assigned and when she asked for it we got confused. Turns out she never posted it for us to do so when we told her that, she blamed us and told us we should’ve said something to her about the homework not being posted. The class I was in ended up having a 25 out of 27 people failing the class with the remaining people barely passing. We gave her a review and what I didn’t know at the time was not only did my entire class leave a bad review with their own stories but her other two classes also left bad reviews. She was fired the last day of classes.

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My high school principal was fired for hypnotizing students. He would do it at school functions and stuff, everyone knew and was cool with it. He hypnotized a bunch of seniors in my class after graduation, funniest thing I've ever seen. This isn't going where you think it's going though, because he wasn't trying to bang high school girls.

It was found out he was hypnotizing the football team before games to be better. Not that it worked, they were always s**t, and probably still are s**t. But that was discovered as cheating, and he was fired for it.


Burned an American flag in the classroom to illustrate free speech. She was a language arts teacher. Aside from the groups of people that would be upset by that, she also straight up lit a fire in the classroom.

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He had a habit of 'accidentally' dropping things on the floor when the Year 11 girls wore skirts in the classroom.

Edit: For context. Year 11 is aged between 15 & 16. Definitely too young for that sort of thing.


Embezzled something like 20000 from the school field trips she was in charge of scheduling for the whole school. All field trips that needed to be paid for she planned and took the money for. Overcharged the students but only deposited the amount for what the trip cost and kept the rest. Did it for decades and stole about 20000 dollars over time. Not only fired but charged and found guilty. Not sure how much time she was given

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She was going through a divorce. In hingsight, I guess it was a bit harsh for the school to fire her because of it. But she did kinda stopped giving us classes and just spent her time unloading all of her marital problems on a bunch of 13 year olds.

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He wanted to date a teacher, and she turned him down. So, then he suspected that she was sleeping with a student. He then hired a private investigator and had her followed. She found out about it, went to the cops, requested a restraining order, and he was bought up on stalking charges.

(It was discovered that she was sleeping with the student).

Edit: He was fired. I don't recall her facing any sort of discipline. It was the 17 year old, star basketball player. It all started because he was bragging. The rumors of her dating a student started well before the teacher started pursuing her. The rejected teacher hired a private investigator because he heard the rumor mill.

Most people in the school thought the two teachers were dating because the male teacher was always in her classroom, even during class hours. He would buy her flowers often. She was the cheerleaders coach, and he was always sitting in on her practices after school.

The male teacher abruptly stopped going to her class and going around her. The private investigator and stalking accusations came 2 months after that. Everyone figured he had her followed/investigated after he was rejected.

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There was this awesome teacher, Mr. V. He was witty, funny, and cared for his students dearly. His lessons were always captivating and interesting, the most boring topics came to life and made you a participant and give a genuine vested interest.

There was another teacher, Mrs. Jugs. She was very attractive. Blonde, perfect hourglass figure, and very well kept.

At the staff Christmas Party Mr. V, who was unsurprisingly well-liked by all the other staff asked Mrs. Jugs to get some more drink (not sure if it was punch or alcoholic). She obliged. She came back holding two drinks in her hands in very festive cups.

Mr V, "Nice cups. Thanks for the drink."
Mrs. Jugs "Excuse me? What?"
Mr. V, "The cups, they're nicely decorated. Better then the red ones. You filled them up nicely too. Thanks."
Mrs Jugs walks away.

Next day Mr. V has a sexual harassment suit against him. He's upset, married man of 25 years, faithful to his wife (he would always mention her or say how they spent their weekend together etc). Ended up getting terminated after working at the same school for 15 years. Mrs. Jugs was their her first year.


Not someone who got fired, but someone who definitely should have. Our home Ed teacher wasn’t restocking our ingredients and forced students to eat rotten food.

I’m not talking about slightly expired food. She made us scrape of the completely black layer of carrots before using them, and forced people to just cut the mold of from the potatoes.

No one believed us until we got picture proof and the school didn’t start talking to her until we threatened to call the food safety bureau in my country.

She stopped forcing us to eat expired food, but she still works there til this day.


My friend/her son was hit and killed by a delivery driver. At first, spent all day crying or not saying anything then went on leave. Came back and would have crying spells or just talk about her son and wouldn't teach at all. She pretty much went into a psychosis and never came back one day and was never the same again. I've seen her once outside of school years later and I don't think she will ever recover. I feel bad for her and often wonder if she ever got better.

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He was a music teacher and he was teaching antisemitic conspiracy theories to the 9th graders ?


One of mine was fired because she thought I was faking being sick to get out of a comp sci. That was the day I found out I am allergic to shellfish and can go into anaphylactic shock

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My History teacher's son had an illness. I'm not sure what but it was terminal. He needed more time off to be with him and his family. Apparently he had used his allotted vacation/sick time up already and the school board wouldn't approve any more.
So he just left. Can no longer be employed in the district because of it I heard.
Everybody loved him too. One of the few teachers who really cared about his job and his students. The lady they brought in to replace him did nothing wrong but nobody could truly replace him. The whole class dropped about 5 points in grade because of it.
I missed him a lot because he was one of the few teachers I ever tried to really impress.

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She full bodied a student on the wall and started yelling at him because he wasn’t sitting still and “respecting” our 5th grade practice graduation ceremony. She was 6’2” and heavy set, he was frail… You can imagine how that went. She was a loved teacher though so she got hired back as a hall monitor.

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Bc he got a cheerleader pregnant. Least he married her

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Turns out he didn’t actually have the credentials to teach high school English. People were pissed bc the boys basketball team was doing really well and he could no longer coach.

Also, the girls soccer coach married one of his players a few years after she graduated. Probably still coaching tho lol
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