This Online Community Is Sharing Pics Of Workers Who Totally Ignore Health And Safety Regulations Like There’s No Tomorrow (61 New Pics)

This Online Community Is Sharing Pics Of Workers Who Totally Ignore Health And Safety Regulations Like There’s No Tomorrow (61 New Pics)

What happens when people start to pretend they’re immortal? Not just any people, but those who work in potentially dangerous or even hazardous circumstances. Think of construction workers, crane operators, bridge painters… disregarding the most basic health and safety regulations. Or maybe, even worse, having to work under such conditions due to their apathetic employers.

Nothing good comes out of this, let me tell you. The legendary subreddit OSHA has set out on a mission to educate people about staying safe at work by showing what incidents lurk around the corner. It also has a touch of humor, so it’s not all that serious, but one thing is clear: “Safety First!” people!

Scroll down through our new batch of selections from the community and be sure to check out our previous features on OSHA here, here and here.

#1 I Used To Work At An Auto Shop, This Was One Of The Lifts For Vehicles

Image credits: Candyjiblets

#2 How Many Companies Do This Lol?

Image credits: AIVISU

#3 Hope The Fire Isn’t Too Big

Image credits: tmibbs89

#4 The Ladders Are Ratchet Strapped Together

Image credits: sassbanana

#5 The Ascension

Image credits: TheNomadBro

#6 When Your Breaker Keeps Tripping

Image credits: mrheosuper

#7 In Case Of Emergency: Just Pass Away Lmao

Image credits: SpuriousPultroon

#8 Hate To Be The Guy To Ruin A 13 Year Safety Streak

Image credits: ReallyTiredDoc

#9 Contractor In Our Company

Image credits: KyloRen3

#10 Come With Me, And You'll Be, In A World Of OSHA Violations

Image credits: talkischeap22

#11 Safety Warning In A Hospital

Image credits: Legitimate_View_1985

#12 I’m A Fan Of Leaning Towers

Image credits: Marchelle_Kohl

#13 New Job. The Guy Showing Me What To Do Climbs Into A 2500 Gallon Mixer To Clean It

There's no lock out tag out and nothing about the confined space. I told him they can fire me if they expect me to climb in there

Image credits: Mutant_Xj

#14 Contracting In A Building In Melbourne, We Had A Fire Alarm Test This Morning And These Bins Appeared Around An Hour Later

Image credits: Xaerxohn

#15 Lemme Squeeze Right In There

Image credits: shamgodpro888

#16 When You're The New Guy And There's Not Enough Room In The Truck

Image credits: honchoryanc2

#17 Who Needs Ladders?

Image credits: royaldunlin

#18 By Counting The Rings You Can Determine This Tire Is Too Old

Image credits: ooqt

#19 I Think This Belongs Here

Image credits: strangehitman22

#20 The Way My Sister's Husband Manage His House's Electricity

Image credits: angelgtrrvz

#21 It Works Till It Doesn't

Image credits: lbj18

#22 Partner Walked Right On It And Fell Through It

Image credits: jeckels

#23 Been Nervously Watching These Two Maniac Roofers On Ladders Across The Street While Working From Home Today

Image credits: Lurie_

#24 Ladder To Hell, I'ma Right?

Image credits: TF141Scarecrow

#25 A Truck That Barely Strapped On Its Cargo

Image credits: weavertheleader

#26 Tell The Firefighters To Bring Their Chainsaw

Image credits: BradlyL

#27 In Case Of Fire, Grab A Sword And Don't Let The Monsters Escape

Image credits: drempire

#28 Minot North Dakota Goes Hard

Image credits: johnnyfortune

#29 Just A Little Boost To Reach This Gas Station Roof

Image credits: giveherthebatwing

#30 Gotta Make Sure That Ladder Is Extra Secure

Image credits: islandnomad14

#31 Nothing To See Here. Move Along

Image credits: DestinationVoid

#32 That’s Sure Not Going To Roll Sideways Anywhere

Image credits: Ansley_nd

#33 Walked Past This Today

Image credits: Kimolainen83

#34 Step Ladders Are Overrated

Image credits: wjruth

#35 Its A Technical Term

Image credits: Tom-Gilbert4

#36 I Guess That Will Do

Image credits: caporcea

#37 Clogged Dryer Vent, Only Removed Cover, Didn't Pull Any Lint Out Yet

Image credits: vince_aphelion

#38 Think Fast

Image credits: Savvy-or-die

#39 Who Needs Fuses Anyway?

Image credits: Kai_Surei

#40 Another Day In The Military

Image credits: smallishduck

#41 Looks Safe And Secure

Image credits: Go-Wings1321

#42 Sharps Container? Never Heard Of It (A Lovely View To Walk Into Work)

Image credits: Winged_Metal

#43 Pour Yourself A Coffee, There's A Bit To Digest Here

Image credits: toth42

#44 3 Points Of Contact At All Times

Image credits: Ohnomypants1234

#45 Check Insurance Before Hiring Contractor

Image credits: mikebrown33

#46 Driving Behind A Commercial Pickup Truck With No Bed Door Carrying Unsecured Loose Debris

Image credits: RecoveringFuckup

#47 There's A Story Behind Every Sign

Image credits: Alta_Kelso

#48 Our Toolbox Sheets Come Pre-Filled Out. Everyone Is Fit For Duty, All The Time, No Matter What

Image credits: DeathCondition

#49 Looks Sturdy To Me

Image credits: cowboy-baby-

#50 Every Problem Can Be Resolved With A Finite Amount Of Chairs

Image credits: wolf8668

#51 Seen This While Driving

Image credits: Thepurge101

#52 Who Needs To Strap Down A Load?

Image credits: thepickledchefnomore

#53 Many Bad Things Are Happening Here

Image credits: ddurrr

#54 Installing Solar Panels. One Guy Has A Harness But Isn't Tied Off, The Other Has No Harness. The Rope Is For Attaching To The Panels, But Is So Long That The Panel Would Hit The Ground

Image credits: s1gnalZer0

#55 As An Engineer, I Really Appreciate All The Little Coffee Cup Stands The Masons Installed On This Project. Makes Supervising Much More Comfortable

Image credits: MilmoWK

#56 He's Probably Not Wearing Socks Either

Image credits: killasin

#57 Construction Site On The Side Of A Driving Range With No Protective Netting Or Any Sort Of Barrier. The Area The Crew Is Working Is Covered In Golf Balls

Image credits: B-Georgio

#58 Thought I’d Post My Own Picture Here Since Someone Else Already Did

Image credits: Andharp

#59 Just Thought It Was Interesting How My Company Locked Out A Water Fountain Due To Covid. We Get Water In Bottles Now

Image credits: gibson76

#60 We Are Already In The Hospital So It’ll Be A Short Trip

Image credits: HeadhunterzHo

#61 Can't Reach

Image credits: Misanthrocracy

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