This Hawker Stall Sells $2.50 Kway Chap Set, Long Queues From 6AM Daily

This Hawker Stall Sells $2.50 Kway Chap Set, Long Queues From 6AM Daily

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Feng Ji Kway Chap has $2.50 kway chap set

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For most Singaporeans, kway chap is the definition of comfort food. It’s hard to go wrong with this dish; you get thick, slurpable rice noodle sheets drenched in a flavourful zhup, served piping hot with a select choice of sides including pork intestine and braised egg. Feng Ji Kway Chap is a recent discovery that has made it to my list of top kway chap stalls in Singapore.

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The humble hawker stall is located in Jalan Batu Hawker Centre, approximately 11 minutes by foot from Mountbatten MRT Station. Run by a husband and wife duo, Feng Ji is most known for serving cheap and good kway chap at just $2.50 a set.

feng ji kway chap prep

Each plate is assembled to order, and you get to customise your meal by topping up for extra liao.

feng ji kway chap set

The $2.50 set gets you a substantial serving of kway with a separate plate of the necessary fixings, namely pork belly, intestine, braised egg, and tau pok.

feng ji kway chap kway

For me, the highlight is the kway, which comes with generous lashings of fried garlic.

feng ji kway chap closeup

The silky noodle sheets sit in the flavourful broth, which isn’t too salty or heavy.

feng ji kway chap liao

For $2.50, you also get a good portion of sides to go along with your kway. The ingredients are soaked in the same delicious broth for extra flavour.

feng ji kway chap dipping

Dip the tender pork belly into their house-made chilli for an extra shiok bite. The chilli sauce is tangy with a slight kick of spice at the end, offsetting the heartiness of the meats and gravy.

Feng Ji Kway Chap is open from 6am, but most of the prep work is done in the wee hours of the morning. They often sell out by 11am, so make sure you drop by earlier for your kway chap fix.

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