The Stitch ‘N Style Fashion Studio teaches beginners to sew

The Stitch ‘N Style Fashion Studio teaches beginners to sew

kid sewing on toy sewing machine

The Stitch ‘N Style Fashion Studio pre-threaded sewing machine is an adorable, tiny sewing machine that delivers on what it promises. The fact that it is pre-threaded and has sensors that know when to sew makes the entire process that much easier, especially for moms like me who aren’t super strong in the vision department and would really struggle if asked to help thread a needle. 

The machine retails for $34.99, which is a great price for what you get, especially given the fact that the machine does work with most fabrics, meaning it has use beyond the fabric and materials provided. This price point is exactly what I’m looking for when my kids are invited to birthday parties, and I think this machine would be a hit as a gift for anyone who is crafty. 

Getting started sewing

The Stitch ‘N Style comes with the sewing machine, thread cartridge, stamper, ruler, threader tool, printed fabric sheet, sheet of hydroprints, flat elastic, round elastic, instruction guides, and two sewing clips. The stamper and hydroprints allow you to customize and bedazzle your accessories, which adds a little flare to the checkered fabric that you use to make all of the items. 

Our 14-year-old daughter tested the machine. She has used my sewing machine before, so I wasn’t sure what she would think of this little toy machine, but she really enjoyed it. It is very user-friendly and clearly spells out the steps you need to take to make each item. I think this took out some of the frustration you may feel when learning how to sew, which is why it would be such a good starting point for anyone who wants to learn to sew with a machine. 

girl cutting fabric
The fabric has the pattern cut lines printed directly on it. Credit: Jennifer Thompson / Mashable
girl sewing fabric on toy sewing machine
The machine is pre-threaded and sews on its own when it senses fabric. Credit: Jennifer Thompson / Mashable

Using the machine

My daughter liked that she was able to make a lot of different projects on the machine and that there are good directions included. She didn’t like that she had to turn off the sewing machine while setting it up, otherwise it kept sewing.

The sewing machine operates with a sensor that “knows” when to sew. The only problem is that it doesn’t always really know when, so my daughter had to keep turning off the switch during set-up. It did sew when it was supposed to, but it also kept going sometimes when she didn’t really want it to. 

The machine comes with a variety of patterns for a small unicorn plushie, a handbag, a small purse, a bag for sunglasses, and a hair scrunchie. 

Is the Stitch ‘N Style Fashion Studio sewing machine worth it?

Overall, the sewing machine does what you would expect at a good price point. It has educational value and the potential to be used beyond the fabric and patterns provided, which means it isn’t going to sit around collecting dust or be used once or twice and then sent off to the local thrift store, which is a huge plus — especially for a crafting toy.

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