The rosy list #5

The rosy list #5

I did my usual long walk on the treadmill this weekend and was reading blogs at the same time.  I was so overly excited to see one of my favorite blogs on the planet is back! Fox's Lane has been a favorite read of mine for years.  The author of the blog took a couple of years off but is now back to writing.  It felt like Christmas seeing that! This is one of the blogs that tells a beautiful story post after post and really captures life in all its splendor.  Like, makes me ache for the days when people sat down to write and write about their lives, tucking in photos to complement the type.  Anywho, if you're looking for another blog to read, go check out that one! 

Seeing and reading the return of Fox's Lane made me realize how much I too, hold my blog and the stockpile of memories it holds like a treasure.   It made me want to keep going, for sure and keep documenting ordinary life.  I've documented a lot in this post! This is a combo of phone pics and camera ones. You'd think with me finishing my grad school work I would have buckets of time.  I'm still waiting on that, although a more realistic picture is to say I've found little pockets of time I didn't have before to catch up on all the things I didn't have time for before.  That feels nice. I still find myself having too many interests and too little time.  

The photo above is of me taking a pause after work one day.  I love a good froth! I use a small, handheld brother from Amazon for my coffee and other hot drinks.  Works like an absolute charm! 
Tried the whole sweater and skirt combo!

I have been so spoiled by the ones that love me so well! Flowers from Brett to celebrate passing my Praxis. 

My favorite time of the day is picking these two up! 
Lots of outfit pics in this one, where apparently I'm almost always wearing this same pair of jeans.  They are Universal Thread brand from Target! 
Treats for myself. :) 

I got some new boots I really like! You can now find me either wearing these Blondo waterproof brown boots or my Docs, with warm socks until springtime. 

This country sky was so pretty to the girls and I. We were on our way to get Mexican food this night! YUM.

I love a day where I get to do my makeup and lipstick and not have to wear a mask! These rare days are weekends, always as we are still in masks at work.

I spotted these shoes when I went shopping and just almost gasped out loud! I needed the practical boots I mentioned above but oh my word! I thought these shoes were just perfection. 

Tending myself well one afternoon with PB sourdough toast and coffee and my journal. This was in-between work and taking the girls to gymnastics.  

Outfits! I'm wondering how to keep wearing my skirts and dresses when it's super cold and usually when I wear tights the clothing sticks to it in odd places.  Any advice? I've tried rubbing a dryer sheet on my tights and spraying them with hairspray but nothing has really helped so far.

Isn't this sky just the dreamiest? I can't even understand how it looks like that! Gorgeous.

Ha! I bought this coat at Target immediately and then saw a very well-known blogger in my area totally slamming it and making fun of it on social media. LOL.  To each their own, I always say! I proudly wear this and think it is adorable.

A simple, easy outfit I liked.  This shirt is thrifted and actually vintage. Polka dots never go out of style!

I mean! All the heart eyes for this. I adore kid art!

The leaves outside my schools are breath-taking. I stopped on the sidewalk to take this and someone was waiting behind me (unknown to me).  After I was done she commented that the leaves are so beautiful this year they look fake. We both agreed and shared a smile. :)
Getting a lot of use out of this pink sweater I got from TJ Maxx.  

More leaves in all their glory!! I just can't get over this fall! It is stunning.

Caffeinating myself well before a cousin sleepover! You know how I feel-Locals coffee is THE best. I had the "PH Delight" with oat milk and YUM.

I am excited about these author/illustrator events that Crayola keeps putting on.  You should look them up!

Light and shadows on a weekend morning are my fave.

Our little maple tree is really showing off this year!

Happy home. :)
My Saturday look.
Back in my winter coat that fits again. :) :) :) :) 

Exciting things are coming! We're getting some new patios built.

Last weekend I made pumpkin muffins and it felt like Christmas. I couldn't remember the last time I'd made muffins!  Just having the freedom to choose baking something over studying felt HUGE.

YUM. Let me tell you about these quick pickled red onions too.  These are SO easy and the recipe is from Gimme Some Oven.  They are made with red onion, apple cider vinegar, a bit of honey, and salt.  The cheapest, tastiest thing ever. I made another batch tonight with some shredded carrot on top. These can go on anything-pizza, tacos, veggie bowls, eggs, salad, etc. 

Trying out some new makeup colors! Why not? This is something I'm late to figuring out that I like but I really do like it.  I'll never be someone who feels the need to put makeup on and won't let people see her without it. But it is truly fun for me. 

Sunday church outfit.  I don't know if other people wear dresses over jeans, but I do. 

My beautiful bestie from college sent me flowers at work for finishing my Masters! The absolute sweetest thing...

I get asked every single day what my lunch is and for good reason. I mean, doesn't this look delicious?! That's because it is! Every weekend I make a big batch of quinoa, veggie, and chickpea salad.  The past week or so I've been putting pickled red onion on top, once it's in my lunch container. I then pour some of the vinegar from the jar over the salad and add a big dollop of grainy mustard.  I look forward to this lunch every single day and my fourth-grade friends I eat with (and the other teachers) always want to know what it is.  I like not having the mental load of figuring out what to eat everyday! It's a smoothie for breakfast and this for lunch, like clockwork. 

I did clean my craft room up a bit a couple of weeks ago and I really liked this little window set up. The fabric is actually part of an old skirt of mine! 

In a hurry, walking in to work.

The skies sure are showing off this time of year.

The view out back.

Yes, we are those people who have already put our tree up and I'm so glad.  The girls were asking and SO excited to do it, so we just did!

My very sweet co-worker tied balloons to my chair at work after I passed my big test.  Her act of kindness left me speechless. 

These beauties are right by our driveway and greet me when I leave and when I come home.

We're back to playing Risk! This is just a winter game at our house. 

I decorated the dining room shelves for Christmas. 

My little artist! She was building different characters like this cactus cat, out of air dry clay. 

The girls and I took a mini hike in the woods out back! We spent countless hours here during the big Covid shut-down and now I can't walk down this path without being flooded with good memories of a very difficult time. 

The way the light was hitting just that one spot stopped me in my tracks. 

My little buddies. 

Little gathered treasures. 

The other random bits of life: I actually do post on IG fairly often but it's for work! Being librarian is truly my favorite. I told the girls just last week I simply cannot imagine a world in which I don't go to school everyday.  My two library IG accounts are: leverettlibrarylions and washingtonwildcatlibrary

I am at two different schools, hence the reason for two different accounts.  I see over 550 students a week! 

I'm very much looking forward to Thanksgiving break, am currently reading The Wild Robot, and watching The Lost Kitchen.  This show makes me tear up weekly.  It just speaks to me for some reason. 

I'm sometimes feeling the pressure to immediately fill the space that grad school will leave, but hear a voice deep within my brain telling me to slow down and give it time.  To "just be".  To REST. 

Last week in church they talked about foster care and I *almost* made it through until the end of the talk when I turned and looked at my mom and then Brett and my face crumpled.  I'm not sure what those tears mean in the long run, but for now I love on my students who may be in a hard place with a special compassion because I get it more than people think or know.

A question I wonder-do people get perms anymore? I've wondered if my long hair could have some kind of loose perm. I googled this question and most of the images were of men getting them. (lol)

The girls love to listen to Parry Grip and I've had the chicken nugget song stuck in my head for hours. Send help!

It's sit by the fire and be cozy season. Last week I told Brett all I wanted to do was sit and be warm and eat.  Ha! I'm keeping consistent with exercise and healthy eating, but have given myself some slack, certainly.  We aren't robots! I have to remind myself of that.   Meaning, last night I had potato chips and chocolate from Natural Grocers while Brett and I watched a movie.  My favorite chocolate brand is Unreal. 

How are you doing on the other side of the screen? How are you feeling going into the holiday season? I'm the worst at responding to comments, but want to do better.  Let's try to have some conversations. :)

Last, I keep coming back to the thought that Jesus, and only Jesus, is truly the one thing I know will never change, disappoint, and is consistently hopeful.  I truly do run on Jesus and coffee! 
(and Topo Chico) :) 

It's past 10 and definitely my bedtime. 
Goodnight friends.
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