The Path Towards a Better You With The Solex Posture Roller

The Path Towards a Better You With The Solex Posture Roller

Thanks Solex, for sending this great corrector/roller in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Back in July, I spent a week at summer camp with several of my church teens. The unfamiliar bed, the hills, and the six-hour drive to and from camp made my body extremely uncomfortable for a few weeks. It got so bad that I had difficulties sitting during worship and during office hours. Every day, I tried stretching and moving in my office and I tried yoga stretching in the evenings. Eventually, my body decided to loosen up (with the help of a great massage). Along the way, I've discovered I need a few tools to help me stay loose.

Our world is not kind to our bodies. Texting, Couch slouching, sitting, and not being active enough all contribute to spinal difficulties. Have you ever wondered why your shoulders and neck seem to be so tense? Or why your lower back hurts all the time? Add daily stress along with improper posture into the mix to create rhe perform knot in our backs and shoulders. It's no wonder why we hurt a lot! 

The Solex Posture roller was created by Dr. Aman Dhaliwal. Her focus on Physical Therapy caused her to realize the effects that improper posture has on the spinal cord, the surrounding muscles, and therefore the entire physical and emotional wellbeing of her patients. Thus, the posture roller was formed to increase mobility and decrease pain.

One of the hardest things about rollers is figuring out how to use it! For this one, it took some balance to lay down on the roller. It has a rounded top that provides muscle relief and alignment for the neck. The elongated middle and lower sections are designed to follow the curve of our spine. 

With the use of traditional cylinder rollers, there would be a gap between the spine and the roller. This roller is designed perfectly to track the spine and help alleviate muscle tension so that the spine conforms back to its natural shape. 

To use: well, this part is tricky in the beginning. I received a small sheet that indicates different posture techniques, but little detail on how to use the roller, so it was sort of trial and error. The section meant for the neck/head does have an arrow to help indicate direction. 

You may have to practice getting on and off the roller so that it doesn't run away from you. Placing it on a mat, so that it is stable, helps a lot. Dr. Aman, the Solex creator, suggests rolling on it from the side. For me, this method, or easing down from bottom to top, using hands as stabilizers, also prevents the roller from moving. 

Legs and feet are your stabilizers, along with your core. It's a roller, so it does its job of rolling, if you lose balance, or it rotates off your spine. 

There are different methods of stretching too. 

1) Traditional Spinal Correction by lying on the roller as it follows the length of your body. Feet should be planted on the floor with knees bent. Arms and hands can be folded to a desired level of comfort. 

2) Upper Body Stretch by lying on the roller lengthwise. Arm movement can depend on the need of stretching-shoulders, biceps, etc. 

3) Chest Opening Stretch by lying on the roller lengthwise and elongating both arms straight out. 

4) Shoulder Strengthening by lying on the roller lengthwise and using dumb-bells/ weights to maximize results. The core will also be at work as you stabilize on the roller. 

5) Challenging Core by doing ab work-especially leg lifts. The roller will still be lengthwise of the body for these maneuvers. 

6) Stretching the shoulders and upper back by placing the roller horizontally. Your body would rest on top of it, and it would help stretch the blades, chest, and more. 

6) Using the roller to work on other areas of the body to increase mobility. Your hips, calves, thighs, and lower back will all benefit from roller use!

Spending at least two minutes at a time on the roller will really help your spine. The website claims pain relief in just 5-10 minutes a day! Whatever amount of time spent  will help lead your body to better posture and more flexibility. I am extremely tight, so I find that I have to work up my timing, otherwise just too much for my muscles to take at once. Your body will probably tell you what you need. Obviously staying on longer helps melt away the stress and releases tension! 

The Solex is really lightweight, so it will travel easily. It is too long to fit into a carry on suitcase, but put it in the car when traveling over the next few months to keep your health routine going. Throw your yoga mat in for extra stability, or use a towel to help prevent rolling. There is always a way to keep up your health while on the road!

I do have to say, that my back loves lying on the roller. It does loosen and provide relief, especially when my computer and phone usage has become too much for my neck and spine to handle. I'm far far away from being perfectly spine healthy though! I have a feeling that this Solex posture roller will become part of my regular health routine!

This upcoming holiday season, do yourself and your loved ones a favor and grab the newly launched Solex. It will make a great gift for everyone in the family! No matter whether it's for the health conscious, the ones who need additional spine support after lots of travel, or the ones who just spent a tad bit too much time on their tech piece, the Solex is definitely for you! 

Thank you, Solex Posture Roller, for your willingness to be featured in our Mommy's Block Party 2022 Holiday Gift Guide! 

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