The Mosaico+ tile collection inspired by embroidery

The Mosaico+ tile collection inspired by embroidery

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The Mosaico+ tile collection inspired by embroidery

The Mosaico+ tile collection inspired by embroidery

Surface brand Mosaico+ has unveiled the Loom collection, the new range of floor and wall tiles designed by Marialaura Rossiello Irvine, and inspired by her trousseau’s embroideries…

M+ Loom design Studio Irvine madder 1

“Loom is a random assembly of memories and tradition. Dedicated to the women of my family.” This is how Marialaura Rossiello of Studio Irvine describes Loom, the new collection she designed for Mosaico+ taking inspiration by embroidery. A series of porcelain stoneware modules that will be disclosed at Cersaie 2021.

M+ Loom design Studio Irvine carbon 3 - close up of floor M+ Loom design Studio Irvine carbon 3 - close up of floor

The collection of full-body porcelain stoneware suitable for indoor and outdoor use on both floors and walls was born from the personal story of Marialaura Rossiello Irvine. From the memory of her childhood, spent observing the work of the women of her family who used to meet up to embroider together. Endless afternoons in which they spun and unthreaded until they reached perfection. A meticulous work, in which every single detail was studied with care and love.

Resulting of this painstaking work was the trousseau that Marialaura Rossiello Irvine could boast already at the age of five. “30 sheets, 30 tablecloths, 60 towels of different sizes, 10 assorted bedspreads and blankets,” she said. “Hundreds of doilies. All meticulously embroidered, sewn, assembled with different techniques: crochet, bobbin lace, knitting, cut-work.” A rich dowry that the designer, however, could not use after the wedding, because her husband resented to wake up with the embroidered tattoos on his face.

Cream wallcovering of M+ Loom design Studio Irvine cotton 2

Image credit: Mosaico+

With Loom those embroideries emerge from the wardrobes where they have been closed for more than 30 years and acquire a new life. Enlarged or shrunk, the cut-outs taken from the designer’s trousseau have been assembled and embossed on full-body porcelain stoneware modules.

The result is an endless needlework. A random sequence of several embroideries, different one from another as much as for the needlepoint of which the designer’s trousseau was composed.

Carbon coloured floor - M+ Loom design Studio Irvine carbon 2

Image credit: Mosaico+

Loom comes in pre-cut, 8,5 mm thick 14×70 cm modules the surfaces of which feature portions with different textures. Once they have been laid and grouted, the modules are no longer legible and the surface becomes a complex combination of different elements, shapes and dimensions. The collection is composed of two left patterns and two right patterns – staggered end-to-end installation is mandatory for the best result.

The collection consists of four patterns, two for the left side and two for the right side. The staggered running pose is mandatory for the output of the project.

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Main image credit: Mosaico+

The Mosaico+ tile collection inspired by embroidery
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