The Link Up: The 3 Makeup Products Em Was Recommended For A Natural Look, Catlin’s Favorite Button-Down, And The Viral Perfume We Actually LOVE

The Link Up: The 3 Makeup Products Em Was Recommended For A Natural Look, Catlin’s Favorite Button-Down, And The Viral Perfume We Actually LOVE

Let’s start out this week’s link up with some very exciting news…Malcolm has been named one of House Beautiful’s Next Wave designers for their 2023 class!!! It’s beyond deserved and we are so happy that his immense talent continues to be recognized in very exciting ways. Congrats Malcolm! We are also very excited to see Meta Coleman, Victoria Sass, and Carmen René Smith on the list and can’t wait to learn more about the others:) Ok, now let’s get to these links.

This week’s house tour is a condo kitchen renovation by vintage lover, Virginia Chamlee. While the colors are neutral the design is anything but! It’s full of unique shapes, awesome finishes, and really great vintage finds (a thrifted mirror was her jumping-off point!). Go see the whole room (AND THE FLOOR!).

From Emily: I recently did a shoot with a new make-up artist, France Pierson, who specializes in making people look very natural. She gave me some product recommendations that she basically made sound like they were imperative for my skin, and for the look that I want…and the results were pretty incredible. One was this blurring setting powder with this kind of brush and this tinted cream highlighter. I haven’t actually bought these myself yet but I wanted to talk about them since Sephora is having its big sale. If you know anything about them leave comments in the comment section:)

From Caitlin: My favorite button-down is on MAJOR sale ($50 off – down to $75). I grabbed mine back in December in an XL and have found myself turning towards this shirt more than any other in my closet – I love the cheery stripe, the pocket detailing, the color, the drape, EVERYTHING. (I also have a 36F cup and there’s no pulling or gaping on the buttons, which is honestly incredible. It holds up great after laundering, too!) It’s the perfect weight for every season – breezy enough for the hot months; sturdy enough for the cool ones – and I’m SO GLAD that I took the plunge and tried out a new brand. I used to be a Madewell button-down loyalist (seriously – I am wearing a striped button-down from Madewell in my author photo and I even call out the Central Shirt in my author bio on this very website!!!) but this one blows my current Madewell inventory outta the water. If you’re in the market for a shirt that can do double duty for work and play and that will last for the long haul, this is an absolute winner. YOU WILL LOVE IT, I PROMISE!

From Arlyn: Keeping a toddler entertained (and fed) during any length of a plane ride isn’t exactly an easy feat, but this little device was a God send on a recent trip with my one-year-old. It’s a toy and a snack container in one with several little compartments and a center button you press to make it spin around! If you have any friends with littles (or have them yourself), this is an awesome gift both for the kid *and* the parent. Trust me. 🙂 

From Ryann: I have been wanting to try Glossier’s fragrance ‘You’ for YEARS and I finally picked up a bottle a few weeks ago. I have tons of friends who have it and love it. I’ve heard rumors that it smells a little different on everyone – making it personal to YOU. After 2 weeks of using it, I am obsessed. I look forward to putting it on every day and my husband loves it too!

From Mallory: I LOVE a knee high boot (especially with a dress or skirt) but they can be so expensive and it’s been a struggle to find a really cute, quality one that doesn’t break the bank. ENTER THESE. They’re by Franco Sarto (which is an awesome brand with VERY expensive boots normally) but I found them for 50% off at Nordy’s Racky babyyyy!! I find them SO comfortable and can easily walk around in them for a whole day. Plus they’re not stiff at the top (more like a stretchy kind of leather) but they’re still a bit structured which is great. If you’re in the market these are so great!!

In case you missed Friday’s post but we just announced another Pen + Napkin Feel Good makeover. Ashley Fiocco, a designer from Orange County, has taken on a really special and important makeover for a mother and son who were able to escape a domestic abuser. Please go and read the post and if you have any money to spare for a donation, every dollar counts. You will absolutely be making a difference.

From Albie: In recent years I’ve become obsessed with robes! I’m currently in my long flowy robe “I feel rich” era because there’s just something about a long and flowy robe that makes me feel like a rich celebrity lol. That said, my most recent add to my robe collection came from the most unlikely of places — Fabletics! I treated myself to this number for my birthday, using my Fabletics credit. Worth every penny! It’s super lightweight, soft, long, and flowy… making it supes perfect no matter what I’m wearing underneath. The color is also gorgeous. Every time I wear it, I glide around the house like a princess; and now when my husband & mini see me wearing it, they know it’s my carefree day. 

Revival Rugs (where Jess’ beloved new living room rug is from) is having an Earth Day sale! They are taking 20% off all recycled and upcycled products with code EARTHDAYYAY until tomorrow, Monday, April 24. This does include all of their vintage rugs!!

From Jess: I immediately clicked this Clever piece titled, “16 Interior Design Red Flags to Watch Out For When You’re Dating.” As a single lady, I laughed and could relate. However, these are VERY fancy design-minded people so some of their “red flags” were simply things they didn’t like. Fair but not always the same as a red flag in my opinion. I most definitely have my own list…let’s just say just because he looks like the man of your dreams and is finishing his law degree doesn’t mean he also owns a blanket for his bed. Y’all, not even a top sheet. Wait, he had a beach towel but I needed it for a pillow…The bar is truly on the floor. To be fair, while styled pretty, my mattress has been on the floor for 2.5 years. This year that WILL change so maybe my dating pool will too??

Also From Jess: It’s always a bittersweet piece of news when I find out the annual Sephora Savings Event is live:) My eyes light up but my wallet is reluctant. BUT there are a couple of things I use all of the time and need to buy anyway so might as well get those puppies on sale, right? One of those things is my beloved Alpha Beta® Universal Daily Peel Pads. They truly are worth the hype and I’ve used them for at least three years now. I don’t use them every day, just 2-3 times a week, and when I do my skin is noticeably brighter and happier. Also, if I could only own one eyeshadow palette for the rest of my days it would be this one from Ilia. It’s literally called “The Necessary Eyeshadow Palette”. I Iove the glowy but “natural” colors and it’s easy to use on the go or for a full glam eye. Mine is almost done so time to restock! Now while there are many more things I want, the only thing I want that I have yet to use is the new Dr. Dennis Gross’ DermInfusions™ Fill + Repair Serum with Hyaluronic Acid. I’ve loved every product I’ve ever tried of his (those peel pads, moisturizers, face wash, eye cream, tanning wipes, etc.) and while no one is expecting to look 10 years younger over here, this “alternative to injectable filler” is pretty enticing. It’s also not cheap so 15% off is mandatory for my willingness to purchase. In case you need a refresher, the Sephora Makeup Collection is 30% off, Rouge members get 20% off, VIB members get 15% off, and Insider’s get 10% off through 4/24…That’s tomorrow! Use code SAVENOW.

Like all of you, we are still in shock and heartbroken by the senseless devastation caused to Ralph Yarl, Payton Washington, as well as the Gillis Family. Is this the America we’re ok with? That a truly innocent and harmless mistake, like knocking on the wrong door, is reason enough for murder? We, of course, urge everyone to donate to their GoFundMe’s. However, preventing the need for crowdsourcing after traumatic events like these should be our bigger focus. So we ask you again to please call your reps. Here is the official phone list. Also, pay attention to when your local and state elections are.

See everyone tomorrow. xx

Opening Image Credits: Design and Styled by Emily Bowser | Photos by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: Emily Bowser’s Kitchen REVEAL! Plus The 8 Ways She Really Maximized Her Galley Kitchen Storage

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