The Big 50!

The Big 50!

Hello 50!  Dear husband turned 50 this week. We decided to have a farewell party for the first 49 years and a celebration of what is to come. I wanted to make the table look creepy and took inspiration from Miss Havisham's wedding table (Great Expectations). We collected the silver from around the house which included David's baby silver cups. We set the table with a black twin sheet, silver, white plates and paper birthday plates. We then added a tombstone which we had for Halloween decorating. It has a picture window that you can add your own picture or keep their skeleton picture. We added a picture of David from his high school graduation. We added 49 years under RIP to represent the ending of 49 years of life and the beginning of (hopefully) many more years to come.   Then we covered the table with cob webs. It came out very much what was in my mind. He was so surprised. We had to break through the cob webs to have dinner.

David wanted to do a challenge for his 50th birthday. He decided to try ziplining. He did a course near our home that had seven ziplines and one swinging bridge. He was very brave and completed the entire course. He wants to know if I want to do it for my 50th in a few months....NO! Not a chance. I did do ziplining when I was a teenager. One time was more than enough for me,  thank you very much.

David with his chocolate peanut butter cake
In other news...I finally got the basement stairs painted. We peeled up lots of broken no slip tiles, sanded and painted the stairs. They look so much better. I am so relieved to have that job accomplished. 

Everything else is going pretty well. Elijah has many more positive days then negative at Target. He is really getting used to the job and is making a few work friends. He still worries that he isn't working fast enough sometimes and doesn't understand every single instruction, but he knows how to get help now when he is confused.

Rebekah is stressed that she isn't improving in dance fast enough, but is overall pleased with the program. She is very hard on herself. She also got her driver's license the day after her birthday. They didn't have her drive at all. They just said her record was good for the last 18 months of learner's permits and handed her a full 8 year license. She is one lucky girl.

Blessings, Dawn
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