The Best Isolation Time Capsule Printables For Kids

The Best Isolation Time Capsule Printables For Kids

Free printable isolation time capsule pack for kids. Whether you are in quarantine, isolation or lock down due to the coronavirus, these worksheets will help children to document their thoughts and feelings and then add them to a time capsule. Also find ideas to include in your time capsule to ensure that you capture the memory of this new time.

Isolation time capsule printable worksheets

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Today’s world is certainly not the one that we were celebrating at New Year. In fact, pretty much ALL the plans that we had for the year have been cancelled one by one. Now we are living somewhere in limbo from day to day, wondering what tomorrow and next week will bring us.

There is no point in planning anything right now, but rather we have the opportunity to live in the moment. Let’s face it, how often do we get that chance?

I am constantly running between school drop, kindy drop, pick ups, after school activities and work that I barely have time to breath let alone take a moment to reflect.

We are all experiencing a new world, and because it’s so new, it is hard to explain and make sense of what is happening to our kids.

Kids often see the world in ways that we don’t. Their ideas are different, and their perspectives are different.

Creating a time capsule is not only a great way of preserving this unique period in time, but it is also a fantastic opportunity to record what our children are feeling about it. Getting them to write down their thoughts and feelings is very therapeutic and can also lead to a lot of talking points.

I have created a 10 page printable pack that you can include in your time capsule. But, before we start to look at the printable’s, let’s look at some other things that you can include to compliment the printables in the time capsule.

Coronavirus memories

What you will need to create an isolation time capsule

Your actual “time capsule” can be anything that you want it to be. It could be a large box, or a jar. It just needs to be big enough to fit everything in that you want to include. It is however a good idea to have something that you can properly seal.

Once you have found the ‘body’ of your time capsule, it is time to start finding lots of things to fill it with. This is all the items that will help to remember this time when you look back on it in years to come.

Memorabilia to include in your time capsule

There are many things that you can include in your isolation time capsule. There really are no rules, it is just a matter of what is important to you and your family.

However if you need a helping hand, here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. The isolation time capsule printable pack completed by your child/ren
  2. A complete newspaper
  3. Newspaper clippings with coronavirus updates from around the world and in your country
  4. A family photograph
  5. A photograph of your home where you spent your isolation time. Children might also like to include a photo of their bedroom, their home school set up and the garden that they spent a lot of time playing in.
  6. A picture of any pets
  7. A dated coin
  8. A painted pebble with the date on
  9. Family handprints
  10. A letter from Grandparents
  11. A list of daily blessings (it is important to remember good things that are happening too)
  12. A list of things that made you laugh whilst in isolation
  13. Details of any BIG MOMENTS that happened. For example, did anyone have a birthday? How was it celebrated? Did any children loose a tooth? Did the tooth fairy make it through quarantine?

Pages to record social isolation feelings

Isolation Time Capsule Printables

The isolation time capsule printables are a very important inclusion to your time capsule. These printables will be documenting what your child is thinking and feeling about this time. There are several printables and some of them can be completed on different days allowing further expression for your child.

There is no reason to rush completing these printables. It doesn’t matter whether it takes a few days or a few weeks to complete your time capsule. This activity is to undertake during your time in isolation or lock down and therefore can take as long as it needs to.

There are two packs available, one for boys and one for girls. The only difference is the boy or girl pictures on them.

Take Me To These FREE Printables NOW

Each printable pack includes the following;

  1. Front page to color and name
  2. An about me page
  3. How I am feeling page
  4. My isolation experience
  5. Homeschooling experience
  6. Things I have learnt
  7. About my day (diary sheet)
  8. Family at home coloring page
  9. The outside world (to record feelings of what is happening around the globe)
  10. The other side (to record details of the end of lockdown/isolation)

Kids isolation experience

These pages could be printed as many times as you need to record details on different days.

The “about my day” page has been designed specifically for this purpose. This allows children to document like a diary recording the date, and what has happened for the day. An extra lined page has also been included if the children run out of room on the one page.

Pages for kids to record their activities during the coronavirus

Whilst children’s “world” quite often only has meaning in their own backyard, the “outside world” worksheet allows children to talk about and understand that this situation is not just happening to them, but to everyone all around the world at the same time.

Let’s not forget that there will also be an end, at some point in time. The “other side” worksheet will be one of the last that the children complete and probably the last thing that is added to the time capsule.

Memory capsule pages

Take Me To These FREE Printables NOW

How to access your printable isolation time capsule worksheets

The worksheets are available for you to print for FREE right now, so there is no time like the present to get started on this capsule.

Simply head to the free printable library and scroll down to the ‘School Printables’ section. Click on the download link and the PDF will open up in a new window for you. You will need Adobe Reader installed which is a free download.

So whilst we are living in a very new and strange time at the moment, allowing your children to express their thoughts and feelings will go a long way to helping them understand what is happening. With plenty of coloring, and sheets to complete, this will be a fun experience that the whole family can enjoy doing together.

Social Isolation Memory Worksheets

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