The 6 Best Washer and Dryer Sets, Inspired by Our Favorite Laundry Room Renos

The 6 Best Washer and Dryer Sets, Inspired by Our Favorite Laundry Room Renos


From refrigerators to dishwashers (and especially washer and dryer sets), white appliances have a bad rep—though not entirely without reason. They tend to be eyesores, even when hidden behind your laundry room door. That’s why so many designers prefer to conceal these inflexible machines with built-in cabinets or snuggled beneath a countertop. 

But the best washer and dryer sets don’t have to disappear. Sure, their size can make them awkward, but the latest colorways can be downright stylish in chrome, champagne, or slate finishes. Plus, sleek new shapes let homeowners think outside the white box. We talked with seven designers about what they look for in the best washer and dryer sets and their top tips and tricks for designing around them. So, whether you’re looking to tuck your set away or enjoy them out in the open, there’s a perfect washer and dryer set here for you.

Our Favorites

Best for Small Spaces: GE Energy Star Front Load Washer and Dryer

Capacity: 2.4 cubic feet | Cycles: 14 | Gas vs Electric: Electric | Spin Speed: Up to 1400 RPM 

What we like:

  • Energy Star–qualified 
  • Steam capability (removes stubborn stains and protects delicate fabrics)

Worth noting:

  • Limited warranty  

Why we chose it: A stackable, compact set that’s still able to handle bulkier bedding. 

Talk about a disappearing act. To optimize a diminutive rental unit in Hudson, New York, Anthony D’Argenzio of Zio and Sons installed this set behind floor-to-ceiling curtains in a small guest bedroom that doubles as a laundry room. “These were the best small-sized units that could handle a full-size load,” he points out, a plus given the revolving door of tenants for this short-term stay. But if going the stacking route, he suggests making sure that you’ve ordered the right accessories from the get go. Missing hardware or electrical cords can delay your install for weeks. Otherwise, these units tick all the right boxes: they’re rental-friendly, stylish, space-saving, and offer a good price point.  

Photography by Zio and Sons Creative

Best for Quiet Loads: Asko Classic Series Washer and Dryer Set

Capacity: 2.1 cubic feet | Cycles: 15 | Gas vs Electric: Electric | Spin Speed: Up to 1400 RPM  

What we like:

  • Stackable and side-by-side setups 
  • Anti-crease system 
  • LCD touch screen

Worth noting:

  • Smaller capacity  

Why we chose it: The company’s “Quattro Suspension” for vibration-free spinning.  

There’s nothing worse than the annoyance of hearing a squeaky rinse cycle from every room in your home. That’s why Australia-based Alison Lewis loves Asko’s Classic series. Although under the radar in the U.S., the Scandinavian luxury appliance brand is known for its high-quality, high-performing machines. Chic, stackable, and ductless, this washer and dryer has another thing going for it: four shock absorbing legs that makes it whisper quiet. “Given this laundry room was off the dining room, minimal vibrations were a must,” she stresses, recalling the customized storage solution she designed with handy bi-fold doors to keep the space feeling neat. “I always go for minimalist-styled white goods with simple functionality, which ensures they fit seamlessly into any space.”

Photography by Dylan James

Best for Built-in Cabinets: Whirlpool Load and Go XL Washer and Dryer

Capacity: 5.0 cubic feet | Cycles: 35 | Gas vs Electric: Electric | Spin Speed: Up to 1160 RPM 

What we like:

  • Sleek chrome color 
  • Extra-large detergent dispenser (fill up one time to skip refills for up to 40 washes) 
  • Built-in fan that tumbles clothes up to 12 hours for optimum freshness 

Worth noting:

  • Not really your energy bill’s best friend 

Why we chose it: A modern chrome set that easily sits under custom counters and cabinetry. 

“We almost always opt for front-loading washer and dryer sets so we can design them to sit within custom cabinetry with a folding countertop surface above,” shares designer Mindy Gayer. “Darker ones tend to blend in a bit more and complement the other materials in the room.” That was the case in this renovation, featuring soft blue walls, brass fixtures, and light countertops and floor tiles. In fact, this duo wasn’t selected until after Gayer had established a clear color palette for the room, but don’t let the looks fool you—there’s tons of intuitive technology we love, including a sanitized cycle that raises water temperatures to flush out over 99 percent of household bacteria, 35 customizable cycles, and a seemingly bottomless dispenser that lets you load detergent once every 40 washes. 

Photo by Vanessa Lentine

Best for Chore Avoiders: Maytag Smart Series Washer and Dryer

Capacity: 5.2 cubic feet | Cycles: 13 | Gas vs Electric: Electric | Spin Speed: Up to 850 RPM

What we like:

  • Schedule your wash and drying cycles ahead of time
  • Remote start
  • Takes confusion out of laundry, offering specific cycles for activewear, swimwear, sleeping bags, and more

Worth noting:

  • App subscription required to control remotely  

Why we chose it: Smartphone-controllable, low-maintenance machines that take the guesswork out of laundry day.  

The best washer and dryer sets, according to designer Krissy Peterson, are simple. “I’m pretty old school,” she adds. “All I need is a top loader (hello, no smell), a delicate cycle, and a low heat setting.” But her pick, for her personal laundry room, offers a bit more than the basics. The chore averse can start a load without even being in the room thanks to a WiFi-connected app that also notifies you when the cycle is done and can help troubleshoot in a pinch. Plus, the metallic slate colorway gives it the luxurious feel most other options are lacking. Bonus: a heavy-duty, dual-temperature wash cycle that takes on stains with ease. As far as design goes, Peterson loves making room for laundry, as seen in her English Hills project featuring Whirlpool.

Photography by Ellie Lillstrom

Best for Big Families: LG Mega Capacity Front Load Washing Machine

Capacity: 5.2 cubic feet | Cycles: 14 | Gas vs Electric: Either | Spin Speed: Up to 1300 RPM  

What we like:

  • Energy Star–efficient (bonus: the energy saving cycle doesn’t have to be cold water only) 
  • A special allergy cycle to tackle everything from dust mites to pet dander 

Worth noting:

  • High-efficiency detergent only  

Why we chose it: You can clean larger loads in less than 30 minutes. 

Andi Morse loves LG—so much so that the founder and principal of Morse Design often recommends it to her clients. “In today’s world you want to be able to wash everything, including bedding, in one load,” she argues. “Having a large capacity set allows space to fit all of your belongings, eliminating the constant need to send things out to be cleaned.” That’s part of the reason why this set is a winner: you can fit both a comforter and a whole set of king-sized sheets in one shot, on top of other useful features like a warm-water energy-saving cycle and steam cleaning. In this space, it was all about creating the illusion of a complete overhaul with a few key surface details. “This Thibaut wallpaper adds instant impact without a huge investment and remains balanced against the blue paint, making the space feel fresh and inviting.”   

Photography by Heidi Harris

Best for Multi-Taskers: GE Front Load with OdorBlock UltraFresh Vent System

Capacity: 4.8 cubic feet | Cycles: 14 | Gas vs Electric: Both | Spin Speed: Up to 1300 rpm 

What we like:

  • Reversible door (easily switch things up to make installation or moving day a breeze) 
  • Sanitizing and allergen cycle options 

Worth noting:

  • The fastest full load wash is 37 minutes long 

Why we chose it: A set that seems to pretty much do it all. 

According to designer Raili Clasen, the best washer and dryer sets are multitaskers. “Machines with a washer and dryer combined are super convenient, especially for those who are constantly on the go,” she insists. Consider these two from GE, which she installed in a multi-purpose laundry room in her Costa Mesa, California, house and offers a little bit of everything: a vent system to eliminate excess moisture (in other words, fresh scents, always); a microban-treated gasket and dispenser, providing antimicrobial resistance for every wash; an automatic detergent dispenser that’s good for up to 32 loads; and built-in WiFi, so you can start, stop, and monitor every load no matter how many errands you have to run. 

Photo by Karyn Milet

On Our Radar

  • The LG Wash Tower is a bit of a celebrity in laundry circles. It’s a fit for pretty much any household and is backed by positive reviews everywhere it’s sold thanks to its sleek, stackable design in black steel and simple white and its top-line performance.
  • Worried about keeping your water and energy consumption low? Samsung’s latest Smart offerings can help reduce the environmental intensity of every wash (though the 6.0 cubic feet capacity is a big bonus, too). Pro tip: you can score older models online, just like DIY blogger Ursula Carmona did for her updated laundry room
  • Another eco-friendly standout: Miele’s newest heat-pump dryers save up to 60 percent of energy consumption.  

How We Chose These Products

At minimum, the best washer and dryer sets should clean your clothes, remove stains, and handle bulkier loads as well as delicate fabrics that need a gentle spin. But we prefer machines that do all that and then some, offering a range of cycles at varying temperatures and speeds with good design that makes them as easy on the eyes as they are on your chore list. From clean white to trendier grays, blacks, and even champagne-like golds, these options get the job done—and look good doing it. 

Our Shopping Checklist

Cycle Capacity and Features

The first thing to consider when looking for a washer and dryer set is the size: You’ll need to measure the machine’s dimensions to ensure it fits in your intended space as well as determine just how many bulky sweatshirts and sweaters it can handle in one go. “The size of your family and how often you want to do washing will often dictate your capacity requirements,” notes Lewis. “The bigger the capacity, the more you can fit in, which, coming from someone who only likes to do laundry once a week, is a massive advantage.” A regular-sized washer can take on anywhere from 3 to 4 cubic feet of clothes; larger units can take on 5-plus cubic feet (though it’s best if your dryer can handle a little more than your wash as wet clothes puff back out).

Drum Material

Stainless steel drums are the cream of the crop (LG even offers a lifetime guarantee on theirs). They’re resistant to all kinds of wear and tear (goodbye rust) and perform better than their steel-coated counterparts, which may be better on your wallet but are prone to chipping. Plastic drums, on the other hand, are fine in terms of longevity but can be rough on your clothes. If your closet is filled with silk or satin, stick with stainless steel (or, you know, handwashing). 

Energy Use

“Considering the impact your selections have on the environment is imperative,” offers Lewis.  “Washers and dryers have traditionally used the bulk of a home’s energy, so finding more sustainable solutions with higher energy ratings or energy-saving features ensures you’re doing your bit, too.” Look for the Energy Star–certified or HE (high-efficiency) symbols. There are also plenty of things you can do manually to keep your wash eco-friendly: use colder temperatures, only wash full loads, throw in reusable dryer balls, and use waste-free detergent. 

Overall Design 

Choosing the best washer and dryer set comes down to personal preference, and we’re not just talking about the updated color options. “While washers and dryers are incredibly practical and necessary appliances in every home, we’re big believers in designing the space they reside in to be not just useful in nature, but beautiful and functional,” says designer Mindy Gayer. Most tout front-load machines for just, well, looking better, but top loaders have come a long way, too. They’re often simpler to install and less noisy, and they make transferring clothes from washer to dryer a breeze (no bending down at awkward angles or stretching up on your tippy toes). 

Ask Domino

Q: On average, how long can the best washer and dryer set last? 

There are too many factors to take into account—how often you use them, how big your typical loads are, the quality of your hookups, how often you clean your machines—to give any hard and fast estimates. In general, they can hang around without any major problems (at least those big enough to warrant replacements) for about a decade or so according to Consumer Reports. 

Q: My machine is starting to smell. How often should I clean my washer and dryer set? 

There are a few things you can do to prolong the life of your washer and dryer set. Prevent the growth of mold and bacteria by airing out your dispenser—where you pour your detergent, fabric softener, or bleach—as well as your basket, cracking the door open a pinch between washes. And about every month, wipe down the doors, rinse out the drain, and run a cleaning cycle (or add a cup or two of vinegar to a regular hot cycle). For your dryer, be sure to check on lint build-up after each cycle.

The Last Word

Some argue that the best washer and dryer sets are those that are out of sight, out of mind. But if laundry is a welcome ritual and keeping things clean clears your mind, the six sets on this list (and three we’re eyeing) are an upgrade of the average white appliance with sleek designs and useful features that take much of the work out of housework. 

Domino’s editors independently curate every product on our site, because we’re just as obsessed with a great deal and an under-the-radar discovery as you are. Items you purchase may earn us an affiliate commission.

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