Summer Temptation: New Affordable Men’s Style Arrivals for 2020

Summer Temptation: New Affordable Men’s Style Arrivals for 2020

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Hey look! We’re just about halfway through 2020. Wow. Yeah. Anyway, the lionshare of new, warm-weather men’s style goods across all brands and retailers have arrived. For many of us, summer style just isn’t as tempting as the tweed, boots, and flannel of fall. But that doesn’t mean there’s not some seriously drool-worthy gear that’s just landed. Know that since these are new arrivals, prices will be higher than what you normally see on Dappered. It can take some time for sales and promos to bring costs down. 


Bonobos Italian Knit Blazer – $350

Pinstripes in summer? You bet! As long as you keep the jacket unstructured and on the more casual side, and you choose pants that are more laid back/summertime appropriate. This one is a knit cotton from Italy. Know that it is fully lined, so if you run warm, it might be best to go with an airy unlined hopsack wool instead.


Target Goodfellow & Co Striped Sweater Polos – $13.99 ($19.99)

Retro vibes without a huge markup. Sweater polos can sometimes fit wonky, so be prepared to send it back if it just doesn’t drape well on your frame. Big potential here though.


Todd Snyder x Timex Q Watch – $179

Another terrific exclusive from Todd Snyder, from their now pretty solidified partnership/collaborative effort with Timex.


Spier & Mackay Washed Cotton Sportcoats – $198

A terrific way to look put together even when dressed down. Garment washed for softness. 100% cotton. 1/4 lined in the back. Unpadded shoulders and available in slim or contemporary fit. Nice and affordable too. Looks like they sell matching trousers so you can make a super casual suit if you so desire.


J. Crew Stretch piqué polo shirt in stripe – $29.70 w/ THEBEST ($49.50)

Usually cotton pique polos are something to steer clear from. They too often drift into fugly, squishy, bad golf-club polo territory. That doesn’t seem to be the case here. Those stripes are perfect.


Meermin Ultraflex Suede Chukkas – $210

Meermin doesn’t get a ton of play on this website because I’ve found their entry level shoes to be weirdly uncomfortable. Break in can be a real pain (YMMV of course). But these? These have real potential. From their new “Ultraflex” line which promises maximum comfort. So yeah. These could be terrific. But it’s still Meermin, so returns are a pain. At least now you’re shipping back within the US. But you’re still on the hook for getting a return back to them.


Banana Republic 9″ Slim Linen-Cotton Short – $28.56 ($59.50)

Prints aren’t just for your shirts. Just keep it to one garment. So if you’re wearing a print pair of shorts (like these palm tree chambray-like shorts) then keep it solid up top. Otherwise, you end up looking like you’ve drifted into mismatched bro-romper territory. Remember those abominations?


Vicara Cerne Wood Mold Glass Carafe – $156

For when the mint juleps become just too sweet and you start leaning on the straight gas. Shaped in natural carob wood molds to reflect the grain of the tree. That thing is straight up gorgeous.


Banana Republic Core Temp chinos (in new colors!) – $47.04 ($98)

It does appear that it’s time to put up or shut up. Currently 52% off with the 40% off + extra 20% off promo that’s running.


SeaVees Will Bryant x Huckberry Hawthorne Slip-on – $95

Now those are summer shoes. A party on your feet. Huckberry exclusive here, so, won’t find them anywhere else.


J. Crew Linen cardigan sweater in stripe – $58.80 w/ THEBEST ($98)

Because sometimes the breeze at the beach (or on the back deck, or on the fire escape, or wherever) picks up. A lightweight layer that’s easy to get on and off due to it being a cardigan. No pulling it over your head like a standard crew or v-neck. All linen here, and that fresh spearmint color is right-on for the warmer weather.


EXPRESS Piped Performance Polo – $49.90

The stretchy, super comfy, mostly cotton EXPRESS performance polos have gotten the piped treatment once again this year. Spendy at full price, but… this is EXPRESS. There’s always another 40% off train a comin’. Ten colors to pick from.


Banana Republic Slim Core Temp Short – $33.36 ($69.50)

BR Core Temp Shorts

Same great, lightweight, cooling core-temp fabric as the well loved pants. Oh you’ll pay less for cheaper shorts. But every time you put those cheaper shorts on, you’ll wish you would have put on the core-temp shorts you have.


Spier and Mackay Linen/Wool Sportcoat – $378

60% Linen & 40% Wool fabric. Three-Season warm weather weight. Butterfly lined in the back, so it should breathe great. Spier really knows what they’re doing.


Nike Air Tailwind 79 Sneaker – $100

Sometimes you just want a throwback inspired pair of comfortable sneakers. Now in a cool blue color scheme.


Made in the USA Flint & Tinder Lightweight Stretch Chinos – $98

NOT cheap. A hundred bucks for chinos isn’t what many of us would call “affordable.” These are, admittedly, a splurge. Made in the USA in an athletic tapered fit that should please more than a few. 98% cotton and 2% spandex. Only comes in a 32 inseam (or 33 inseam once you get north of a 36 waist), so be prepared to cuff or get them tailored if you’re not on the super tall side. Four colors to pick from. Really well reviewed so far.


Banana Republic Nyle Italian Lace-Up Oxford – $75.84 ($158)

Gray suede bucks. Perfect for warm weather, but you can even wear them in cooler temps with jeans. Does go up for 40% off codes with some regularity.


Target Goodfellow & Co. Lightweight Jeans in Light Denim – $29.99

A true summertime pair of jeans. Which isn’t easy to do. Not sure how to wear it? Head here. Sizes are selling fast though.


Spier & Mackay Cotton/Linen Dress Trousers – $128 – $138

Side tabs! Feel free to ditch that heavy leather belt (or heck, even a lightweight belt) in favor of side tabs. 55% Cotton / 45% linen blend fabric. Sharp as hell. Lots of colors.


Casio MDV-106B-2AVCF Blue Dive Watch – $57.52

Casio’s legendary beater dive-watch just got a new paint job. Just in time for summer. They also released one with gold accents if that’s more your speed.


Suitsupply Havana Fit Sportcoats – $399+

Not cheap, but the real deal. Half canvas. Terrific fabrics. And most will find the Havana fit to be trim but not super tight (like some of their other fits). There’s a little room to breathe here. Not a ton. But some. Plenty of colors, patterns, and fabrics in warm weather weight fabrics.


Bonobos Riviera Short Sleeve Shirts – $58.50 w/ EVERYTHING ($78)

Bonobos Riviera Short Sleeve Shirt

Two reasons why sixty bucks for one of these short sleeve button ups isn’t crazy: 1. The Fit(s), 2. The Patterns. First, the fit. Short sleeve button ups can go real wrong, real fast, if the fit is off by too much. These come in standard (which is more athletic than boxy), slim (a true slim) or tailored (which is even slimmer than slim). And the patterns? Super fun, and there are plenty. A splurge, but worth it to some. They will look, feel, and wear 3x better than, say, a $20 alternative from Old Navy.


Jack Erwin “Edward” Unstructured Loafer – $195

Jack Erwin

Super soft. Unstructured. Perfect for dressing up a bit around the house, or out in the open air with some responsible social distancing. Could totally see these looking super handsome with a lightweight tropical wool, seersucker, or linen suit. Or shorts and a striped t-shirt. Or chinos and a polo. You get the idea.


Seiko 5 Sports Field – $275

Had no idea these were coming out. Gone is the dive bezel and… ta-da. Whole new look. Just launched so the price point is kinda steep. But here be the next stylistic evolution of the new Seiko 5 sports line. More colors, strap, and bracelet combos are allegedly on the way.


lululemon Warpstreme Commission or ABC Pants – $128

SPENDY. But worth it, especially if you can’t get into BR’s slim (and only sold in slim) Core Temp chino. Why? Because along with a slim fit, they make a “Classic” fit. It’s trim but not tight for most of us with thicker legs. They can be dressed up, or dressed down. The “Commission” pant is their chino style, while the “ABC” pant is a 5 pocket. I would honestly rather have one pair of these in a neutral, versatile shade, than a closet full of all cotton chinos. They’re that good.


Wallace & Barnes short-sleeve polo cardigan in floral jacquard – $53.40 w/ THEBEST ($89)

Boy, some brands are really going for broke with that mid century vibe this year, no? Looks like something Dean Martin would have worn poolside. I wish I had the style onions to wear this. I do not.


Target Goodfellow & Co. Tech Blazer or Seersucker Blazer – $49.99

Got in person reviews of these things on the way. So standby for that. Tech blazer is 68% Cotton, 28% Nylon, 4% Spandex. The Seersucker is 98% Cotton, 2% Spandex, and also comes in a dark blue option.


TENET – Starring John David Washington, Written & Directed by Christopher Nolan (opens 7/31?)

Looks incredible. But sitting in a movie theater? Not sure many of us are down for that right now. Which stinks (small scale, obviously). Because Christopher Nolan movies are meant to be seen on a big screen, being enveloped by the visuals, the sounds, and the music. I don’t know what the answer is here. Release it to streaming services, and offer an upgrade that allows you a director’s cut, in the theater, some distance down the road? Don’t be surprised if this gets bumped back further.


J. Crew Kenton boat shoes in suede – $118.80 w/ THEBEST ($198)

A new design for 2020. Suede uppers, rawhide laces, and a mini-lug sole. Something a bit more substantial than the standard Bass Outlet store cheapy deck shoes.


Amazon Goodthreads  7″ Inseam Lightweight Oxford Short – $25ish

Goodthreads  7

Oxford cloth is certainly a favorite warm weather fabric. Especially for shorts and pants. Ships fast and free thanks to the Prime service.


Crown & Buckle Supreme Nato in Desert Stripe – $34

Crown & Buckle Supreme Nato in Desert Stripe

Crown & Buckle’s supreme NATO straps are a noticeable, big step above the competition. They’re soft but still substantial. The hardware is nothing short of excellent. And the edges don’t cut into your skin or feel rough/unfinished. And this desert tan stripe gives off a subtle, warm/hot weather look. It looks especially good on black dial divers. Available in multiple widths.


Banana Republic Slim Packable Performance Suit Jacket & Pant = $220 ($457)

Maybe? Possibly? “But Joe, the pants have some elastic at the back, are you serious?” Listen, some dudes haven’t worn ANY pants for three months. What if? WHAT. IF. ?? 2020. The year that shoved us towards suitjamas. Drops to $230 when half off. Now $220 with the 40% off + additional 20% off, no BR merch exclusions deal.


Allen Edmonds Suede Neumoks – $258.75 ($345)

Allen Edmonds Suede Neumoks

A fun, on-sale, summertime suede splurge? That subtle studded sole will be great for keeping you upright on slick sidewalks after the occasional summer cloudburst.


Old Navy Ultra-Soft Breathe ON Polo for Men – $12 ($26.99)

Old Navy Ultra-Soft Breathe Polo for Men

A super inexpensive, extremely well reviewed tech-fabric polo. 95% poly / 5% spandex. Reader Jeff H. had this to say: I bought several of Old Navy’s Ultra-Soft Breathe ON Polos last year and highly recommend them. The fabric feels really good, and I find the fit spot on (though with the usual Old Navy inconsistency). That’ll work.


Bonobos Unconstructed Italian Linen Blazers – $315 w/ EVERYTHING ($450)

First, these are linen blend. Either linen with cotton, or linen with wool and cotton. And that’s GREAT. Because unlike 100% linen blazers, these blended numbers will be less likely to wrinkle like hell if you, y’know, move your arms. You want the lightweight, breathable texture of linen, but it’s gotta be backed up with a little smart-strength too. Non-functioning sleeve cuff buttons make for easy tailoring, if you so choose. Pretty much the perfect jacket for throwing on over a polo or tee, and then jumping on a video conference call. Also shown at the very top of the post.


Banana Republic Gray Leather or White Leather/Gray Suede Sneakers – $66.24 ($138)

Different, but doesn’t stray too far from the clean light sneaker style so many of us favor in the warmer months. Goes on sale all the time.


J. Crew Cotton/Linen “Unsuits” – $128 ($266)

J. Crew has made a ton of mistakes. That’s why they’re in the position that they’re in. But their Portuguese cotton/linen “unsuit” suit separates are one of their bigger summertime wins. Both the jacket and pants are now more than half off. So $128 for the whole suit, OR, eighty bucks if you just want the stand alone sportcoat. Three colors to pick from.


Timex Navi 41mm Fabric Strap Watch – $129

Timex Navi 41mm Fabric Strap Watch

Your warm weather, do-anything casual watch has arrived. Quartz watches. They absolutely have their place. Big fan of the overall look of the Navi XL (41mm is XL these days? for real?) and that black/tan/red strap is the bee’s knees.


Ebbets Field Flannels Wool Ballcaps – $39.20 w/ DAD20 ($49)

It might feel a little weird putting a wool cap on in the dead of summer, but… wool breathes. Even the heavy stuff. So unless you run super hot or it’s friggin’ boiling out, a wool ball cap should keep the UV rays off your head & face, all while remaining comfy. A warning, these things DO seem to attract hair and lint. Especially if your pup rocks your lid every so often (or, you hang your hat next to her hairy collar on the coathooks behind the door).


adidas Vegan Sambas – $80 (currently sold out)

We get requests for Vegan footwear features pretty often. And maybe you’re not vegan. Maybe you just want to reduce your animal products consumption. That’s possible too. And gotta hand it to adidas, they sure appear to have nailed it here. In person review coming on these in the not too distant future. Sold out for now.


Target Goodfellow & Co Standard Fit Short Sleeve Polo Jersey Shirt in Navy Print – $10.49 ($14.99)

In Review: Target's Goodfellow & Co. Spring/Summer 2020 Roundup |

Great collar, reinforced placket with a sideways top button (rare), and rounded collar band like you’d see on a dress shirt. While the texture of the fabric is almost slub-like, I wouldn’t put it in the same category. It wears too nicely for that, though the material is lightweight, airy and almost gauzy. The pattern is subtle, not loud, and it’s something you could wear to work and then right out to a happy hour. There’s a subtle, almost imperceptible patch chest pocket, and the fit, of course, is spot-on.


Allen Edmonds: Burnished Copper Strands – $395

Allen Edmonds

A new color to the lineup, cut and welted in that classic eye-catching Strand brogue oxford design. Yowza.


Made in the USA Flint & Tinder Breaker Trunks – $58

If you love Flint & Tinder and are looking for a basic Made in the USA pair with all-day functionality, this is it. Adding spandex to this pair gives some much appreciated stretch when you’re on the move by the pool, on the boardwalk, or grabbing a bite to eat after some sun in the sand. A drawstring and stretch waistband provides a customized, secure fit. These could pass for climbing, or even gym shorts. Available in the “fog” gray or navy blue as shown above.


Lorier Neptune III Automatic – $499 (ships late August)

Well worth the wait. Super handsome design. Miyota 90S5 automatic movement. 200m water resistance. Big ol’ crown, balanced out by a timeless 39mm case. Head here for a review of the previous Neptune II model.


Suitsupply Lazio Fit Tropical Wool Suit – $359

Nice to see them offering a seasonal option at their lowest, “Wardrobe Starters” price point. But only true slim guys should apply here. The Lazio doesn’t mess around. There’s just not a lot of wiggle room in it. Ships and returns for free at least.


Banana Republic Fly-Weight Traveler Pant – $47.04 ($98)

We might be team core-temp around these parts, but LOTS of people love the Traveler Pant. And they make one in a fly-weight for the warmer months. Full review here. Shown above is the flyweight in “Casablanca Beige” (a color from last year), size 33×30 on 5’9″, 175ish pounds.


Amazon Goodthreads Short Sleeve Button Downs – $25

Amazon Goodthreads Short Sleeve Button Downs

For those that don’t want to splurge on the Bonobos Riviera options. Much more kind on the price side. Put on your cactus shirt. Because at this point, why not?


USA Made Flint & Tinder Waxed Truckers – $168

Flint and Tinder Waxed Trucker Jacket

They made a warm weather version. Still made in the USA. Still waxed exteriors. Still classic trucker jacket styling. Now, in an unlined, great for cool spring days/summer nights version.


The Todd Snyder Paper Catalog (free in your mailbox)

Whoever puts together the Todd Snyder paper catalog does an amazing job. The whole team. Bravo. Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I find good catalogs to be like super accessible, retail based… art. The photography, the writing, the paper stock selection, all of it. And MAN there are some terrible catalogs out there. But not Todd Snyder’s. Nope. Super enjoyable to flip through. I know that sounds ridiculous, but, sometimes you need a break from the news. Look, am I going to spend $148 on a pair of sweat shorts? No I am not. Now you might, but I am very much not. Yet sales happen. And they sure look great on the page!


Shinola Assembled in the USA “Lake Monster” Automatic Dive Watch – $1450

That’s a lotta damn money. But in regards to the luxury Swiss dive watch market (it has a Swiss automatic movement), it’s actually somewhat reasonable. I know, craziness. But there’s somethin’ about this thing. That fat trapezoid pip on the bezel. The lightning bolt logo. The way the seconds hand lume dot isn’t actually a dot, but instead a drop. It’s a looker for sure. And the fact that it’s assembled in the USA is a nice bonus.


Ledbury 3 Pack Masks – $25

It feels extraordinarily weird to put this in a “best new arrivals” round up. Because nobody wants this to be happening. But after trying multiple non medical grade masks (including some home made bed-sheet versions), these are the ones I keep coming back to. They’re lightweight, they’re decently comfortable, the malleable nose band is a real plus for fit, and they’re made from the kind of super-nice cotton shirt material Ledbury specializes in.

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