Summer Kitchen Kit

Summer Kitchen Kit

Now that things are gradually beginning to get back to some sort of normality, it’s a great time to turn our attention back to the kitchen and planning ahead for a late summer-early autumn revamp. Here’s what’s new and what to look for, whether you’re after some smart new appliances or a whole new look…


Designed and made to the renowned Mowlem & Co standards, Kin by Mowlem offers all the elegance and quality of the original ‘couture’ brand in two ‘off-the-peg’ versions. These allow customers operating on more modest budgets to work from a blank canvas of cabinets and finish their kitchens as preferred. It offers a blank canvas of high quality units and a simple online ordering system that allows a whole new set of customers to access Mowlem & Co’s style and quality at competitive prices. This is enabled by the flexibility to directly fit and finish, and to source others materials and appliances, thus managing individual budgets as needed.

There are two distinct ranges in standard sizes and the two most popular Mowlem styles, Framed Shaker and Unframed Shaker. Units are supplied in a primed finish ready for hand painting as desired and as directly organised by each client.

A simple and straightforward online ordering process allows customers (whether trade or homeowners) to acquire the key fundamentals and then to arrange for their own fitting and detailing and to source appliances etc. However, this new label still comes with all the renowned Mowlem & Co expertise and at various stages the assistance of the design team can be called upon if needed.

The process involves a series of simple steps from the supply of the room dimensions using the graph sheet that is downloadable from the dedicated website, to the development of a layout based on this by the team at Kin by Mowlem. This is followed by the selection of precise products from the range, from the size of the drawers to the style of sink, cooking and prep cabinets (which, again, can be chosen either using the downloadable template or with the online advice of the Kin by Mowlem team). The next stage involves sharing this ‘shopping bag’ of cabinet requirements for further review, after which any queries will be returned. Once the design is finalised, the order can be completed and the workshop can begin handcrafting the cabinets for delivery.


If you love the original – on all the time – AGA but are looking for added functionality and to save money on running costs, this is the perfect cooker for you.  The new 13-amp R3 features independently operated ovens and hotplates with a high-speed infrared grill and the option of an induction hob.  Choose between a model with two hotplates (one for boiling and the other for simmering) or a cooker with one hotplate, which provides both functions, and a state-of-the-art, two-zone induction hob with bridging function.

An AGA R3 does much more than just cook. It can take the place of a tumble drier, toaster and bread maker and means you don’t need an electric kettle, cutting down on kitchen clutter.  All cookers in the range are simple and easy to install, with no need for a plinth or flue and no regular servicing required. Ask any AGA owner and they will tell you that AGA food tastes better, as the cooker locks in all the flavour, moisture and goodness.  If you have a draughty kitchen, work from home or simply enjoy the cosy AGA warmth in your kitchen, this is the perfect solution.


The brand has reimagined its iconic auto shut-off kettle for 2020 with a special K65 anniversary model.

In 1955 Russell Hobbs created a kettle that revolutionised the way people enjoy tea and coffee. Fast forward more than 60 years and the brand is now one of the UK’s most recognisable and leading household names selling a huge range of high quality household appliances. Throughout the last 65 years Russell Hobbs has continued innovating and producing award-winning products that make everyday life easier, and the latest launch is a nod to one innovation that changed the world.

The stunning new kettle is modelled on the original K-series and includes instantly recognisable features such as a brushed stainless-steel finish, the same distinctive body shape and sleek black handle with red on/off button, making it the perfect option for retro and modern kitchens alike. The new K65 kettle has been updated to meet the demands of modern life, with a slim 360 power base, a perfect pour spout and fast boil technology – boiling one cup in under 40 seconds and saving 69% more energy in the process*. The K65 will be available in two colours: a classic brushed stainless steel and copper. Each model will be embossed with the Russell Hobbs logo and a unique serial number.


These hand-crafted chalk paints from renowned designer Linda Barker are made using traditional recipes and the finest natural ingredients. The water-based formulations offer excellent coverage while also being super-breathable, virtually odourless and with minimal VOC content. The palette comprises 90 shades, which are displayed using the Colour Compass method, a new way of displaying colours designed to take the worry out of choosing and combining tones. Whatever the combination, no two colours will clash; you can confidently mix and match, safe in the knowledge that whatever you choose the shades will work well together. Much of the collection is inspired by the vast Yorkshire landscapes that surround Linda’s home and other favourite UK walks so you’ll find paints with evocative names such as Malham Tarn, Muddied, Snicket, Moor, Kissing Gate and Borrowdale, as shown below, great for kitchens and the colour that Linda has used for her own kitchen island. “It’s a very strong trend at the moment to use two colours in a room, particularly in kitchens,” she explains. “Borrowdale’s olive hue is a grounding colour for a dynamic kitchen, then on perimeter walls you can introduce a paler colour such as Little Voice. This colour combination is a particular favourite because it works beautifully with all the accessories that you have in a kitchen, especially metal details like taps, handles and appliances. If you decide to opt for the trend of using brass or black metallic details, the palette becomes even more interesting.”


Sink and tap specialist Caple is leading the way in the wet zone with the stylish dual control Joya. This beautiful swan-neck tap features separate circular handles, which have been created with a striking diamond cut effect. This attention to detail makes this the perfect choice for those who are looking for cutting-edge design from their tap. You can also choose from black steel, gold and copper finishes, so you can make your own personal style statement in the kitchen.  “Our new Joya tap has been designed with a creative aesthetic and separate controls for those who want to make a real feature in their wet zone.” says product manager Luke Shipway. “In three striking finishes, you can easily mix or match with one of the sinks in our comprehensive collection.”


To offer an enhanced cooking experience, the oven cavity of the new combi-steam ovens 400 and 200 series has been increased to 50 litres, filling the full width of the appliance. The increase in size allows consumers almost limitless choice when it comes to the dishes that can be accommodated inside the oven. Recipes are then cooked to perfection thanks to the addition of a multicore temperature probe. This offers accurate temperature reading, with a variance of one degree within a certain range. The probe features three temperature sensors and continually revises the estimated cooking time based on the sensor’s readings, ensuring that high quality results are achieved during each use.

Both 400 and 200 series combi-steam models offer a choice of fixed water connection or refillable water tank. The advantage of the plumbed water line is fresh water is constantly available – a vital feature when cooking for long periods of time using the ovens’ sous-vide functionality – and once installed it does not require any refilling or emptying.

For customers that prefer a refillable water reservoir, the benefit of new 200 and 400 series combi-ovens is that the tank is easy to access and is equipped with intelligent sensors that alert the user if the fresh water is running low or the waste water tank needs to be emptied. To make life even easier, Gaggenau’s innovative automatic cleaning system is now available on all 400 series models and on fixed water connection models in the 200 series. All Gaggenau’s new combi-steam ovens are equipped with Home Connect to monitor and control the appliance via the Home Connect app from mobile or tablet.


Fisher & Paykel offers a brand new integrated column wine cabinet with two independently controlled compartments that feature four specially developed variable temperature settings: Sparkling (6-8°C), White (6-12°C), Red (12-18°C) and Cellar (11-13°C). All temperature settings are easily adjustable in 0.5°C increments, providing optimal temperatures for cellaring and serving.

An activated carbon filter in each compartment clears the air of pollutants, while anti-vibration full extension oak shelves and low-vibration compression technology counteract vibrations that break down esters and deteriorate the wine’s deep flavour and aroma. To shield the wine from excessive light and UV rays that prematurely age the wine, the product is finished with double glazed, tinted door construction – perfect for laying down precious bottles for controlled aging.

Available in a stainless-steel finish or custom panel-ready to integrate seamlessly into the kitchen, this beautiful wine cabinet complements any kitchen or bar design. Carefully considered LED lighting illuminates the internal space with modes that allow the cabinet to tastefully recede into the kitchen when off or low, to illuminate for viewing of the entire collection, or to spotlight the cabinet’s display shelf to only showcase the jewels in the collection.


The SMIC01 can be added on to any of the brand’s range of stand mixers and is ideal for creating delicious ice creams, sorbets, granitas and frozen yoghurt. With its double wall cooling system, the 1.1L maker keeps a -10˚C temperature at all times. It comes with a mixer beater, magnetic adapter, adapter ring with slide, ice cream spatula and transparent cover.


A quartet of four exclusive new shades has just been added to Caesarstone’s portfolio of luxury quartz surfaces. The collection takes its lead from the desert and the great outdoors, inspired by the organic materials found on the design team’s travels. Black Tempal, Oxidian and Piatto Black are enhanced with a slightly textured appearance that also reduces the impact of finger marks; while Empira Black comes in a sleek polished finish to create the illusion of marble.

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