Spring Cleaning Is Fun If Your Cleaning Supplies Are, Too

Spring Cleaning Is Fun If Your Cleaning Supplies Are, Too

Tidying up for the changing seasons is much more enjoyable if your mop is wearing a tiny hat.

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I have a love/hate relationship with cleaning. Vacuuming is fun but mopping is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. I’ll put on a podcast and clean the bathroom, until I get to the tub, which gives me the ick for some reason. I meticulously clean my massive mirror but I avoid washing dishes I’ve left in the sink for way too long. (On one of my lower lockdown-era days I walked past my full kitchen sink and thought "WHO used all these dishes?" I live alone.) This brings me to this month’s shopping list which answers a question that feels vital to this process: What if cleaning products were nice to look at? Does that even exist? It does!

Devoted readers of this column know that I love Staff’s entire line. They put a silly little face on oven mitts, plungers, toilet brushes and now…a mop! When I unboxed the mop I made a sound I can’t quite spell because the mop is wearing a little hat. Some may ask, "But Veronica, how is this different from my Swiffer?" Is your Swiffer wearing a little hat? I didn’t think so!

The Mop by Staff


Clorox® and Staff teamed up to bring extra joy to your cleaning routine. The Mop handle is composed of 3 translucent acrylic segments topped with a fanciful rubber hat for increased grip when leaning it against a wall and also works as a protective bumper in case the handle falls to the floor. It is designed to work with Clorox® Scentiva® Disinfecting Wet Mopping Cloths (but can accommodate most other options available) and the three colors of the mop handle represent the three scents: Pink / Tahitian Grapefruit Splash™ Purple / Tuscan Lavender & Jasmine™ Blue / Pacific Breeze & Coconut™ A total of six Clorox® Scentiva® Disinfecting Wet Mopping Cloths are included with The Mop. The cloths easily attach via 4 flap-tabs with serrated grips that lock the cloth in place. You'll be floored by how well it works :)

If you don’t want your mop to have a little hat and a smiley face (I don’t understand, but whatever) you may be more into Muji’s very cool "cleaning system." With mop, broom and even a giant lint roller attachment for carpets, this line has most of the cleaning tools you need. It’s super minimal and sleek, too—not something you’ll wanna stow away in a closet. Speaking of sleek, get a load of this duster! This thing looks like it could come to life in the live action remake of Beauty and The Beast. The same brand makes a little keyboard and desk duster. My computer always seems dustier than it should be, so I’m keeping that tab open…

Helen Milan Goat Hair Duster


An ultra soft dust brush perfect for delicate objects, indoor plants and small areas by Bürstenhaus Redecker. Made from waxed pearwood and soft white goat hair with Redecker's signature black dot.

Helen Milan Computer Keyboard Brush


This natural fiber and wood keyboard brush does the job just as well as a plastic brush and you won't want to hide it in the drawer. Ultra-soft goat hair bristles are perfect for dusting computer screens, while harder boar bristles clean debris from between buttons and keys.

One thing that’s particularly trendy right now is cleaning product concentrates. Public Goods is one of the many companies offering cleaning product refills and reusable glass bottles. If you’re interested but don’t know where to start, try their household starter kit.

Public Goods Cleaner Refill


Get all three of our hardworking, household cleaner refills in one click. These concentrated versions of our full line of clean and clear products—including surface cleaner, glass cleaner and bathroom cleaner—allow you to reuse your spray bottles, saving money and plastic waste. Rid your home of unsafe, toxic chemicals, and upgrade to powerful, plant-based formulas for all of your cleaning needs. Please note: Due to the natural ingredients in this product, you may notice a slight change in color over time. This is completely normal and safe, and does not affect the performance of the product.

Public Goods Spray Bottle


Whether you're misting your plants or cleaning house, our multi-purpose 24 oz borosilicate glass spray bottle is made with quality to last through the years. With convenient capacity, our spray bottle allows for minimal refills and a light-weight carry. Easily store with our tall and narrow design, or leave out on the counter for easy access.

Public Goods Household Starter Kit


Looking to freshen up the house? Here’s a kit to kickstart a healthier clean. Our Household Starter Kit is an ideal compilation of some of our best selling cleaners, laundry essentials, and natural scents for a safe and tidy home. Complete with our Surface Cleaner Kit, Walnut Scrubber Sponge, Castile Soap, Candle Set, Wool Dryer Balls, and Fabric Softener, this set makes for the perfect house-warming gift or a chemical-free cabinet refresh.

I’m very particular about laundry. I love to splurge on clothes and I like to make sure I’m caring for my pieces so that they last as long as possible. This means that much of my closet requires "special care" and can’t go in the dryer. If you happen to see my apartment on laundry day, you’ll definitely find pieces draped over every chair, the shower rod and coat hooks. I should really get a clothes horse but they seem so…ugly?

Zara Home Foldable Wall Clothes Horse


Folding clothes horse with a strap for storing, made of wood with a cream-colored lacquered metal structure. Can be fixed to the wall or vertically to the ceiling. Requires anchor.

I came across this one from Zara Home and even though it’s a bit pricey, I love it. It’s great that it folds back into itself and that it’s nice to look at!

 Folding and collapsible things are very important in a small space, which is why I love this bendy laundry basket. It’s not visually appealing, but it folds almost flat and you can stick it in your closet and not have to see it until you need it! 

Another laundry product I love is Dedcool’s detergent in "Milk," which is also my go-to perfume scent. It’s super light and fresh, just barely noticeable. While exploring laundry options I came across this cart, similar to what you’d find in a laundromat. I love it! If my laundry routine didn’t involve lots of stairs I’d add this to my online shopping cart and not look back.

Dedcool Milk Dedtergent


Made for clothes, sheets, intimates, delicates, and life, the 100% biodegradable, environmentally-conscious Dedtergent offers 60 washes, and can be used in the machine or for hand washing your items. Bergamot, white musk, and amber scent.

Schoolhouse Laundry Cart


A tried-and-true American standard, the Laundry Cart is well-equipped to help make daily errands easier. Pile toys, blankets, pillows, and any other bits and bobs lying around the house on this utilitarian workhorse for organization or display. Features soft non-marking bumpers and a sturdy steel frame. Expertly manufactured in the U.S. by a fabrication shop with over 70 years of metalwork experience.

I absolutely hate washing dishes. It is by far my least favorite chore. I recently saw these sparkly sponges in a home decor store and wondered if they’d make washing dishes "fun." Jury’s still out on that but they’re definitely fun to look at! 

Hawkins New York Lurex Sponges


Let your kitchen sparkle - literally Comes in a set of 3, in 3 mixed colors Cute enough to leave on the counter Nothin' yucky to see here: you can throw these in the dishwasher

Some people are Dish Brush People, and for them I’d recommend these beautiful wood-handled dish brushes. I’ve always been a sponge girl but now that I think about it, putting a handle’s worth of separation between me and the dirty dish I’m washing is not a bad idea…

My last dish-washing recommendation is a special one. Dorai Home makes a series of fast-drying products for the wet spaces in your home: your bathroom, the area around your pet’s water bowl and, famously, the area next to your sink where your dishes dry. I have their pet feeding set which includes a fast-drying platform where the food and water bowls sit, and it has greatly reduced the amount of water my dog gets on the floor as he messily drinks from his water bowl.

Dorai Home Dog Bowl Stone


Sick of wet, dirty floors surrounding unattractive dog bowls? That's why we created the Dorai Stone Base made with diatomaceous earth that's designed to instantly remove water, helping to prevent mold. Finally, a pet feeding station that complements your design style and cleans up after your adorable, often messy, furry friends. The base features 2 de-bossed dog bowl holders, one with an extra water gutter, and a non-slip base. Keep your floors tidy and your pets happy!

The dish pad works similarly, instantly absorbing water as it drips from your clean dishes. The pads are made of Diatomaceous earth, which can absorb up to six times its weight in water. Feels like magic! 

Dorai Home Dish Pad + Sink Caddy Bundle


The Dish Pad and Sink Caddy Bundle are the perfect modern duo for your kitchen. Collapsible, minimal, and instant-drying, the Dish Pad helps prevent mold, mildew, and bacteria. The pad is encased in woven mesh silicone to protect your dishes and keep your countertops looking fresh and modern. The Sink Caddy is the perfect kitchen companion for your soaps, dish brushes, and lotions. Its platform is made of our instant-drying Diomat® technology that helps prevent gunk buildup. The kitchen sink caddy’s feet are made of stainless steel with a rubber bottom to withstand the harshest of moisture conditions, and the raised Diomat® base promotes rapid drying. Dish Pad Dimensions: Length: 19.91 in // 50.57 cm, Width 15.21 in // 38.63 cm, Height: .52 in // 1.32 cm Sink Caddy Dimensions: 10 in x 4 in x 1.25 in

We love the products we feature and hope you do, too. If you buy something through a link on the site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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