Someone Online Wondered “What’s A Women’s Thing Men Should Absolutely Start Doing?” And 29 Folks Delivered

Someone Online Wondered “What’s A Women’s Thing Men Should Absolutely Start Doing?” And 29 Folks Delivered

Back in 2017, a survey from the Pew Research Center – a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping the world – established that the majority of Americans believe that men and women are notably distinct in several things: how they express their feelings, their physical abilities, hobbies and personal interests, and their approaches to parenting. 

Now, in reality, this shouldn't have come as a surprise. Although men and women come from the same planet – and not from Mars and Venus like many like to quote – we’re still pretty different. However, what sucks is that a bunch of those differences get influenced by our pretty toxic society. So, thanks to Reddit and its diverse content, today we're going to learn about the ‘womanly’ activities that men should definitely start practicing.

“What’s a women’s thing men should absolutely start doing?” – this internet user turned to one of Reddit’s most informative and thought-provoking communities, asking its members to list some stereotypically womanlike things men should totally start doing. The thread managed to garner over 34K upvotes in just the span of a week, as well as 22.5K comments containing some superb suggestions.

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Men should start reporting female sexual harassment.

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I (man) started carrying a ~~purse~~ satchel years ago and never looked backed. I’m a new man. Breath stinky? Boom here’s some gum. Headache? Boom here’s a pill. Phone dead? Boom here’s a charger. My little bag carries so much and has saved me so many times!

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Not assuming that kindness and courtesy is sexual or romantic attraction.

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Being more mindful and getting help for mental health

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Pee sitting down so there isn't p**s all over the toilet seat, floor, wall, etc

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Going to the doctor before they are at death's door.

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Wash their hands after they pee.

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I work in a kitchen full of men and it's quite sad to listen to them tell eachother that they can't cry. Or that they are not supposed to do so.

I don't know who came up with this but I fight that "concept" every chance I get.

As a result, most of them feel safe to share their emotions with me. Even crying.

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My husband never really did pedicures before we met and the fist time I did one for him he was in love with it. I used a scraper to get the dead skin off his heels (he calls them hooves haha) and he was horrified how much came off. He’ll even inspect my work now and say “this toenail is a little jagged do want me to look a mess??” He likes being pampered and I’m happy to do it for him!

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complimenting each other :(

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Be responsible for themselves and the household just as much as they expect their wife/girlfriend to be, not just be an extra child essentially

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Don't make fun of your guy friends for being vulnerable or if they were a victim of something normally a woman would be a victim of.
Like when a female teacher has sex with a male student, don't say the kid is lucky. Be as disgusted as you would if it was the other way around.

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Skin care and applying sunscreen.

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I was trying on jeans for work the other day and I found this magical material that stretches but looks like denim. I was gushing over them and my wife laughed and said a lot of women’s jeans use that material and a lot of hers are the same.

Men should discover these jeans!

Edit: A lot of responses are about the inferior quality. Fair enough but I work retail and am constantly squatting to fill shelves etc so I’ll take comfort over durability any day. Especially when I’ve got a bit of an a*s on me, customers don’t need to be walking around the corner and catching a plumber’s crack unexpectedly!

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Guy here, I'll say use lip balm/chapstick.

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Treating yourself. Self care. If that means fishing for a weekend

Self care doesn’t always look the same

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I wish it was viewed as less weird to wear makeup as a man. I'd love to rock some guyliner to make my pretty eyes pop even more

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Talk about their feelings

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Getting checked out by a specialist. There’s a reason colon cancer has a higher mortality rate among men when it’s actually one of the most preventable cancers. The thought of having a colonoscopy done makes them squirm.

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Stretches! Yoga / pilates is dominated by women.

- Better mobility
- Range of motion
- Injury prevention
- Indirectly improves strength
- Prevents joint pain
- Feels good

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As a former cook and current welder; hand lotioning

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I know there are plenty of men who do it already, but I feel like more men should start sewing.

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Wipe properly

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Saying “I love you” to friends.

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Now that I'm growing my hair out a little longer, didn't know how much I was missing out on not using hair conditioner.

Edit: Since this comment took off I wanted to add, this comment is more of a statement of men not taking care of their hair the way they should. Whatever works for you, keep doing it. Just take care of your beautiful hair.

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Separate shampoo, conditioner and body wash

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When you shower, actually wash your body with something that isn’t water.

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Putting a blanket on your lap while you work. It's life changing.

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Making an effort to make their home smell nice….the way you clean (taking a shower does not actually clean your shower), washing your bedding with more frequency, buy a few candles, etc… you will feel more relaxed at home and clean sheets are better for your skin/health.

(Pro tip- bath and body works room spray in the bathroom will be a game changer after your morning constitution or before anyone comes over ….or while they are there if you/they ordered the wrong thing on a date and will completely cover the smell of you destroying it in there)

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