SHEET MASK | Papa Recipe Bombee Fruitables

SHEET MASK | Papa Recipe Bombee Fruitables

As expected, I took a little bit of a hiatus as this past week has been very busy at work for me and I have been coming home feeling rather zombie-like so apologies if the content here is only nails and sheet masks! We also watched a couple of movies this week including Shang Chi and the Legend of the 10 Rings and No Time to Die which were entertaining and ones that I had been wanting to see! My goal is to watch 100 movies this year and I am currently at 80 so I think with all the Christmas movies I want to watch next month, I will be able to achieve my goal! 

Purchased by me

This set of Papa Recipe Bombee Fruitables was another purchase I had made back in 2018 from a Kbeauty store in Montreal because anything I have tried from Papa Recipe has been fantastic and because the packaging for these sheet masks was so cute! I mean, who can resist masks with fruit all over?! Each "fruit blend"  has a different skincare goal, but honestly the end results were all quite similar to me with the only real differences coming down to scent and the occasional hydration levels so I will just do a few notes here and there for the six masks I tried since there wasn't much difference between each.

Red Squeeze Intensive Mask

This mask is a blend of tomato, apple, pomegranate, mangosteen and red current with the ultimate goal to soothe stressed skin. This smelled very fruity and upon removal had a tackiness level that was light to medium. My skin was quite hydrated after using this and I did not feel the need for moisturizer.

Orange Squeeze Energy Mask

This mask is infused with carrot, pumpkin, orange, papaya and apricot to brighten, revitalize and energize tired looking skin. This mask also smelled fruity and was similar in tackiness and hydration levels to the Red Squeeze Mask. 

Yellow Squeeze Brightening Mask

This mask smelled really good - like mango! I was looking forward to using this mask as it looked pretty appetizing with its blend of yuzu, mango, pineapple, loquat and ginger all formulated to brighten skin. This also had a light to medium tackiness level and was hydrating to my skin.

Green Squeeze Relaxing Mask

This mask didn't smell quite as fruity as the first three, but was still pleasant with its blend of broccoli, green tea, avocado, kale and kiwi to soothe and hydrate skin. I'm not really sure what made this mask "relaxing", but I found that the tackiness was virtually non-existent upon removal. I did feel a bit dry a few minutes later and needed moisturizer.  

Purple Squeeze Lifting Mask

This was an interesting essence blend of sweet potato, eggplant, beet, blueberry and bilberry which are supposed to firm and nourish sagging skin, but I found it to be more on the brightening side. The tackiness level was again non-existent, but my skin felt pretty dry especially around the eyes so I ran for my moisturizer! 

Pink Squeeze Vitality Mask

This mask was very similar in feeling to the Purple Squeeze in that my skin felt a bit dry after removal and I felt like I needed a thicker moisturizer on top especially around the eyes. It did smell like grapes which was fun and had a fun sounding blend of ingredients like peach, grapefruit, lychee, dragonfruit and fig! No wonder it smelled good!

The mask sheet was nice and thin so it adhered well to all the contours of my face and also soaked up a ton of essence. This is the kind of sheet material I have come to expect from Papa Recipe and they did not disappoint!

Final verdict: I thought the packaging, the mask material and the scents of these Fruitable masks were great though I really couldn't see a discernable difference between all six masks. I think I still prefer the Honey Bombee masks that I love so much as they are low on the tackiness and great on the hydration!

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