SHEET MASK | Knesko Skin Diamond Radiance Face Mask

SHEET MASK | Knesko Skin Diamond Radiance Face Mask

Knesko Skin Diamond Radiance Face Mask
Purchased by me

I think it will be a long time before I buy crazy expensive sheet masks again, but I picked this Knesko Skin Diamond Radiance Face Mask shortly before the pandemic at Holt Renfrew on one of my lunch breaks. While I don't think I would buy a $60 one use mask now, at the time, I figured it would be fun for the blog and give me a chance to show you whether this mask is all it's cracked up to be!

Knesko Skin Diamond Radiance Face Mask

What makes this mask special? This is fully intended to be a full on home spa in a mask so there is a page of instructions regarding mentally preparing to use this mask. At the price point I most certainly wanted to make sure I was doing everything I could to get the most out of this mask! I was told to prepare my favourite music, fluff some pillows on the bed and allow "Reiki energy to relax my mind". The latter I did not do as I generally like to read on the computer and do dishes while I have my sheet masks on. Ok, so the night I used this mask was on my birthday so I didn't bother with the dishes and instead did some online shopping!

The ingredients for this mask include: marine collagen, niacinamide, diamond powder, CoQ10, hyaluronic acid and jojoba oil all of which come in decent concentrations which is always good to see especially in luxury skincare. The diamond component was included as they are believed to be healing and able to "clear obstacles and allow your higher self to shine through". Now, those of you who know what industry I work in will probably understand why I had a good laugh at this as I fully agree that diamonds will solve ALL your problems (temporarily at least)!

Knesko Skin Diamond Radiance Face Mask

Each mask half is kept sealed in separate compartments with a ton of serum leftover for TWO body applications! The biodegradable mask also has a metallic-looking alien-like sheen and I keep doing double takes whenever I look at my photos because I look truly foreign! The mask is fairly thick and heavy so if you stay upright, you might have to re-adjust. I found that the bottom half stayed on no problem, but the top half slid a little bit. 

Knesko Skin Diamond Radiance Face Mask

Knesko Skin Diamond Radiance Face Mask

Mask Summary:

Price: $60 CDN

Skin concerns: Relaxation, dullness, hydration

Scent: Rose

Essence Type: Clear watery with a ton leftover for the body.

Duration: 20-40 minutes (I left it on for an hour no problem!)

Thickness: Thick hydrogel, but very weighted so it feels like you have a weighted blanket on your face!

Mask Fit: Not bad, but there was a little bit of lifting at the chin which was to be expected considering how thick this hydrogel was.

Tackiness: None, but my skin also had this incredible softness to it right after!

Hydration: Really lovely!  

Other notes: My skin was instantly BRIGHT! 

Knesko Skin Diamond Radiance Face Mask

Final verdict:
I have to almost grudgingly admit that this mask actually worked in terms of giving my skin an instantly noticeable pick me up! I have seen this mask used in facials and honestly, I get why! My skin looked less red, brighter in my cheeks where I have broken capillaries and the texture felt smoother. Though the instructions say to use this mask 3x/week, I don't think I will ever be able to afford/justify that so should these masks ever go on promotion, I will take advantage, but even as effective as this Knesko mask was, it's just too rich for my blood, but I do like their more holistic take on sheet masks and their healing properties. It is also still a family-owned and operated company which is nice for such a luxurious brand!

You can find Knesko Face Masks at various online and in-store retailers and spas all over North America.
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