Saturdays on the Porch #62

Saturdays on the Porch #62

knit blazer mirror selfie

Saturdays on the Porch #62 features the latest from OSH in decorating, fashion, and what I've found online from shopping to ideas!

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Saturdays on the Porch

knit blazer mirror selfie
Blazer | Similar Jeans | Flats | Watch Band

I wore this outfit out to dinner last night. We went to Costco and strolled Nordstrom Rack before our dinner reservation at Firebirds.

My Define Me denim jeans aren't available any longer. I got them on clearance in January. My favorite Chico's denim is the girlfriend fit.

Fit Tip: I wear a size .5 across the board in Chico's pants and jeans. The blazer is a size small and the flats are my true. to size 8. If you are very narrow with shoes, they may be too wide.

Happy Spring, Happy Saturday!

I can't believe that the last Saturdays on the Porch was in early February. I've been very busy plus I just needed a blogging break. I am a one-woman show over here. I do everything for my website. I struggle when I start working on house projects with the mojo to work on the blog.

I have picked back up with painting the house. It is so time-consuming and just zaps me with any energy for much else.

I have been working in the master bedroom + Ashlyn's old room. I've tackled much of the trim work in her room. Still so much to do.

Recently, I have devoted much of my painting efforts to our bedroom. I have been painting all of the trim + the ceiling. Y'all that ceiling was a job! I'll be sharing a post on all of that soon.

My hubby knows that this has been a big undertaking. I hate giving up the painting reins because I am such a perfectionist about it.

We just had the exterior side and back of the house painted. The guy did a fabulous job! Hubby suggested that we have him come and quote us to finish the 2 upstairs bedrooms. I agreed happily! The painter is coming on Wednesday. I am excited to just get it done so that I can do the fun part….decorating them. Both rooms are empty so a clean slate.

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How to Whitewash Decor
tray with rabbit and lantern
Spring in the Kitchen

Recent Outfits

mirror selfie with jeans and floral tee
Similar Touch of Cool Tee | Jeans | Flats

I have had this floral tee from Chico's for a couple of years and love it. I wear it in fall and spring. It's such a perfect weight with their Touch of Cool line.

Fit Tip: I LOVE these jeans and have had for several years. I am wearing an 8. My tee is a size 1, but could have gone with a smaller size. Its a bit big in the shoulders and body. The flats are my true to size 8.

mother and daughter and author event
My Blazer | Similar Chico's Crops

Fit Tip: I love my Brigitte line crops from Chico's. I wear them year round. I wear a .5 in them. They are comfy and pull on. The blazer is a size small and a perfect fit.

In the Kitchen

I just ordered my second Half-Baked Harvest cookbook. We Have yet to have a recipe that we did not like. Some are actually on repeat. Here are the two cookbooks that I have:

Below are the recipes that I have cooked for the 2 of us from the Super Simple one. I adapted each one for 2 people except the pot pie. We were able to enjoy leftovers.

chicken pot pie right out of the oven
Chicken Pot Pie using rotisserie chicken | Trivets
chicken pot pie
Chicken Pot Pie

This is the first pot pie that I have cooked that was actually great!

fish and veggies on plate
Fish with Veggies and Apple

This was so good! It actually called for Halibut, but I couldn't find any. I used Mahi Mahi instead. It has sweet potatoes, kale, chickpeas, lemon, and apple. All cooked on a sheet pan for the win!

salmon and veggies on the plate
Salmon Stack with Veggies

This salmon and veggie dish was baked in the oven in individual parchment pouches. You layer potatoes and zucchini under the salmon. This was very good. In the future, I will microwave the potatoes to soften them before slicing them. I had to cook this longer than the recipe called for and the potatoes still could have used a little longer cooking time.

The Mediterranean Diet has really been in the news a lot lately. I found this cookbook for 2 and have been using it this week.

We have enjoyed each and every recipe this week and the portions are perfect.

turkey skillet meal on plate
Ground Turkey and Rice Skillet

I purchased the spiral-bound book The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook for Two.

chicken and pasta on plate
Chicken and Pasta

This one was a surprise! The chicken and pasta ended up being a one-dish meal. I added the French green beans. I cook the green beans by boiling them for several minutes in a saute pan in water. I then drain off any excess water. I add either a little olive oil or butter to saute them with salt, pepper, and garlic. They are a family favorite. I'll also add some herbs.


cat in window
Window Clings for Birk Strikes

Jack is such a hoot! He jumps in our bedroom window or goes to the front door when he wants to come back inside. We have a very large bird population in our yard. We feed the birds year-round. Luckily, Jack isn't a hunter. He goes outside in the early morning, then comes inside and sleeps much of the day. He goes out again for a few hours after dinner but is always inside at night. We added these discs to the windows last year. We were losing too many birds to hitting this sheet glass window. While it's not the most attractive thing, we haven't had a bird hit the window since we added them.

kitten in a backpack carrier
Backpack Carrier

Sully is spoiled rotten! He is doing so well. Ashlyn and Tim bring him over on Sunday afternoons for lunch. He is obsessed with Jack. Luckily everyone gets along. He absolutely loves going outside in his backpack carrier for walks. Tim typically carries him with it on his chest so Sully can look ahead. His eyesight isn't the best in one eye, but he gets around just fine and plays like a crazy cat!

Latest Reels

What I'm Reading

I love to read AND listen to books. If you are looking for a way to get more steps in with your walking…..listen to books! You will want to keep walking to listen. I also listen while doing chores around the house. I will use my earbuds while walking, While in the house I will use a bluetooth speaker that I can carry around with me or our Alexa.

I read actual printed books as well as on Kindle. I prefer my Kindle, but it is nice to hold a real book occasionally.

I've had my Audible membership for a while, and LOVE it! It gives me one book credit per month.

Let me share with you how I read on Kindle and listen to books as well. Get yourself a library card!

Then add the LIBBY and HOOPLA apps to your phone.

I will typically check to see if a book is available there first before using my credit or buying. Using these 2 apps with your library card is FREE!!! I love FREE.

There may be a waitlist if it is a newer title or popular. That's ok. Sometimes the wait can be lengthy. If I'm not willing to wait, I will just purchase. If it is new or popular, you NEED to finish the book in the allowed checkout time. Sometimes you can renew, and sometimes you may have to get back in the queue. If that happens, when it is available again… will download where you left off.

Get in the habit of always carrying a book with you to get in a little extra time. That way if you are waiting at the doctor's office or to get your car serviced….you are prepared!

It is my goal to read more than 12, but these are my must-reads for the year.

  • I have a list of 12 books to read physically this year (1 per month) in addition to my audiobooks. You can find the complete list here.
  • I am currently on my March read which is Hotel Nantucket. I love anything by Elin Hilderbrand!
  • My January read was Lessons in Chemistry and absolutely loved it! The setting is the early 1960s and centers around a female chemist and her navigating a man's world. It's fun with a bit of romance and heartache. It is so worth a read!
  • My February read was Not a Happy Family. This is a murder mystery. Parents are murdered, and we will try to solve who did it……their kids are suspects!

What I am Listening to on Audio Books

What We've Bought

Since January, I have bought several pieces from Chico's for spring and summer!

My new favorite…..J Crew and J Crew Factory

I find J Crew true to size. I ordered my knit blazer from them and was sold! Ashlyn loved the blazer so much that she ordered one as well. J Crew Factory has cheaper prices. I am not a shorts person, but I purchased these longer-length shorts and love them! They are a sleeker fit and not so baggy for Bermuda shorts.

It's time to get your spring wardrobe and kitchen together! Whether you are looking for the perfect recipe to bring some extra zing to your meals or new looks to reveal your unique style, it's time to be creative and have fun. Spring is about opportunity and spontaneity, so don't hesitate to think outside the box with your fashion ideas or experiment with flavors in the kitchen. We are loving adding new meals to our rotation. It's easy to get stuck in a rut when cooking for two. Sometimes the most exciting journeys start with letting go of what we know and embracing something brand new.

Thank you so much for being here today with me! I hope your weekend is joyful.

white blouse and jeans

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