“Queen Elizabeth II Almost Ran Me Over”: 100 Stranger-Than-Fiction Real Life Stories That Sound Made Up But Are Supposedly 100% Legit

“Queen Elizabeth II Almost Ran Me Over”: 100 Stranger-Than-Fiction Real Life Stories That Sound Made Up But Are Supposedly 100% Legit

One moment you're eating lunch at Wendy's, the next Bill Murray is stealing your fries. Sometimes, life truly is stranger than fiction.

And even if you think you don't like surprises, your brain does. According to research, our reward pathways respond much more strongly to the unexpectedness of stimuli instead of their pleasurable effects. In other words, our inner workings are much more active when they are exposed to the unanticipated.

So we at Bored Panda decided to take a closer look at all the ways the universe likes to surprise us, and gathered a bunch of stories from all over the internet that sound made up but are supposedly 100% true.

At least their authors claim so.


I was eating lunch at Wendy's when Bill Murray sat down at my table, stole a fry, dipped it into my Frosty, and ate it. He then looked at me and said, 'Nobody's gonna believe you,' and walked away.

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During my sophomore year of high school, my sister and her friend tried to set me up on a blind date with the guy who mowed her parents' lawn. It never worked out, and we never met. Two years later, during senior year, I met and started dating the guy who I'd eventually marry. A couple years later, we discovered that we were supposed to have been each other’s blind date sophomore year. We'll have been together 17 years this March!

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I accidentally set my best friend up on a blind date with her ex-husband. I was going out on a first date with a guy, and he asked if I had a friend for his friend, so I invited my best friend along...and then the guys showed up, their jaws dropped, and we had many margaritas.

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My brain associates people with colors when I first meet them. The only color I ever pay attention to is yellow. Yellow people are usually really s**y people that I don't like. It's alarmingly accurate.

Edit: RIP my inbox. I tried to answer some questions today but can't get to all of them. To answer the repeating ones: I only get colors in person unless I'm watching videos or seeing pictures of myself. I'm purple. Generally I gravitate towards people in the cooler color spectrum. My wife is coral and is only one of two corals I've met. My mom is most unique in that I pick up earth tones with her and she's the only person I've met that I get multiple colors from. Yes to a certain extent there could be some self-fulfilling prophecy going on with my assumptions, though the color pairing is very real and annoying. I realize my comment was accidentally racist, but we all know what I'm meaning lol. Thanks for all the interest, glad I'm not as weird as I thought!

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I can change my eye color between brown and green at will. Takes a minute but I can.

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When I was around 8, my dog followed my dad to wait with me for my school bus. While they were waiting, my dad saw Fluffy get hit by a truck, so he took him and buried him. We then went out of town for the weekend. But on Sunday evening when we got home, Fluffy was standing on our porch! Dad couldn’t believe it and told us, 'I buried him on Friday!' Turns out, Fluffy had just been knocked out cold, so he rose from the dead and waited on us to come home.

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I have full-spectrum synaesthesia, meaning that all of my senses are crossed with one another. As a result, I can quite literally taste the rainbow, I can see why kids love the flavor of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and whenever The Rock flexes, I can smell what he's cooking.

No, it doesn't make life more interesting for me. Keep in mind, I've never known anything different.

Yes, it does have some small benefits. The condition often helps me with any writing that I do.

No, it isn't a superpower, despite what you might have seen on whatever show that got it wrong.

Yes, I get asked these questions whenever I mention having the condition.

TL;DR: According to some, my life is a permanent acid trip.

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The first time I ever went to the casino, on the first slot machine I ever touched, I bet 80 cents and won a jackpot of $800. It paid rent that month.

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I can’t get brain freeze. Not sure how unbelievable that is, but most people are pretty confused by it. I have some extra bone growth, called a torus, that presses up against my soft palate and prevents me from getting brain freeze.

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I'm not sure if it's coincidental or not, but celebrities die after getting their pictures taken with me.

First it was Storm Thorgerson. I met him at an art gallery in Chicago and got my picture taken with him. 9 months later, dead.

Then it was Carrie Fisher. I met her at Chicago Comic Con and got a photo-op with her. 6 months later, dead.

I'm trying to get a photo-op with Donald Trump, if anyone wants to help me test out my potential super power.


My boyfriend and I moved into the same apartment my grandparents had lived in after World War II. We didn’t know until my mum was going through their old stuff to make a Remembrance Day piece for her front hall and found an old letter addressed to them at my address.

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A couple of years ago, I was flat broke and in a store spending my last couple of bucks on ramen to get me through pay day. The lottery happened to be high, so I decided to spend my literal last $2 on a ticket. Well, this little old lady walked up behind me, and since the store was packed, I let her go ahead of me in the line. She purchased one quick pick lottery ticket. I then purchased my lottery ticket and ramen and went home. A couple of days later, I saw her on the news: She was the only winner of a $90 million jackpot. If I hadn't let her in front of me, I would've purchased that ticket, and I'd be millionaire right now.

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My father had a heart attack many years ago, and I showed up to the hospital at 3 a.m. Given the time and the fact that he was in ICU, I initially wasn’t allowed in. However, I was finally let in by a nurse who calmed me down and allowed me to see my father. He was so kind to our family throughout my dad's hospital stay. About six months later, my paternal grandmother was in the ICU for a medical issue, and again, we were cared for by this nurse. About a year later, I received a call from my dad telling me to turn on CNN. Turns out, the nurse was Charles Cullen, who famously confessed to murdering up to 40 patients.

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I can name the first 493 pokemon in order and have quite literally "caught them all". After black and white came out I was too old to dedicate that much time into knowing the rest lol

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I once walked over a mile during a snow storm at night down a dark country road while being pursued by a pack of coyotes with only a whistle and a road flare to protect myself.

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I went to the hospital once with, what felt like, really bad period cramps. They cut me open and pulled out an 8lb human being.

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I was eating at Burger King with my Dad in early 1986 when I saw Herb. I missed out on winning $5,000 for two reasons:

I was 15, so they would have given the prize to my Dad anyway.

My Dad was a malignant narcissist, and he would have kept the money.

Also one bonus reason:

I was too chicken to say, "Hey, are you Herb?" He stopped and stood there for a while, then he turned and left.

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I went from homeless drug addict to a director position at a tech company in a span of 15 years.

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I once achieved over 300,000 point score (not lines) on Tetris, on the original Gameboy. The little winning rocket gets bigger every 50,000 points over 150,000 and after 300,000 it looks like a giant p**is soaring up the screen.

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I used to be blind. I was not born blind, I am not blind now (although my eyesight does suck), but - due to a medical procedure, no less - I was for a while completely blind.

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I was once picked up by a large bird when I was younger. (Around 3 ) Lifted me at least 4 feet off the ground then dropped me and flew away.

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I was once in a casino on a boat on a skyscraper

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I was briefly the suspect in a mini-horse murder investigation.


I was born blind but now I’m a pretty successful painter.

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I drove 14 hours one way just to go to the International SPAM Museum. Like that was the entire point of the trip. Nothing else.

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McDonald’s removed part of their playground because I got my leg stuck in it and was hanging upside down.


Man I have too many mad stories, I tend to avoid telling half of them because they're pretty ridiculous.

I have morphea scleroderma, an autoimmune thing which made my immune system attack my skin pigments and discoloured a patch of me lol. I grew up in Scotland and because it was so rare I was dragged around to hospitals for dermatology specialists to prod at me for YEARS.

I've seen 4 different people stabbed on separate occasions, seen my dad stabbed 3 times, lol.

Saw a dude after he'd been attacked with a hatchet and a claw hammer, guy survived but barely, had huge braces over him for months after.

Been in a house fire, well apartment fire, had to jump out a 2nd floor window as a 9 year old.

Been in 3 car crashes, one of which I wasn't wearing a seatbelt, was thrown to a window as the car span out and we hit a tree which came through the back window where I was sitting and stuck in the back of my dads headrest, if I had been wearing my seatbelt theres a good chance my head would have been minced.

Went to watch a football game when I was 15 and ended up in a full scale riot consisting of 150,000 angry, drunken, Scottish football fans


I graduated 12th grade when I was in 9th grade.

My sister had a huge mental breakdown her junior year of high school and dropped out of public school. She enrolled online for her last two years of high school. She refused to do any of the work so I, who was in middle school at the time, was forced by my dad to do her schoolwork. I finished 8th grade and 9th grade at public school during the day and, in the evening, I did her 11th and 12th grade schooling. The lowest grade I earned masquerading as my sister was a 94 so I’m secretly pretty proud of that considering the age difference

EDIT: To clarify, my sister is regarded as “broken” by herself and all of my family members so I, being the “strong one” according to my dad, have to pick up the extra slack. Thank you for the kind responses also, it means a lot that I’m getting at least a little credit for the two years of work I put in lol. I come from a dysfunctional family of high school dropouts who think school is mainly a waste of time so I’m glad my fellow redditors are here to back me up. Education is important!! :)


I don't get tired from running, and I can continually run without stopping for extended periods of time, and only tend to stop cause get bored from running. Other than having larger than average lungs due to being active, and also having a slightly larger heart than normal, I (along with everyone else) cannot figure out why I do not get tired from running... it doesn't make sense. In soccer games, people I play against tend to slow down as the game goes on, as their energy drains, but mine never lets up, and I can play multiple games with the exact same stamina as before, and looking at me, I look very regular, no six pack or anything, it's very strange.... I do also have very large Calf muscles, that could also be factor

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I DO NOT GET BRUISES. That may be also something to note that can correspond with my lack of tiredness. I've been kicked so hard in soccer, my Shin Bone Swells, but no bruises ever occur. I have friends test it on me and punch me as hard as they can, but no bruise will ever come. I think it's a chemical thing in my body


I have been shot through the face and spine from 10 inches away with a 9 mm and have no lasting issues from it. Only an entrance and exit wound on my cheek and neck.


I’m an Albino Mexican Fraternal Twin


I held a world record in 2009, I bought the book “the guiness book of world records video game addition” and I was switching over from a PS2 to a Wii and saw the world record for fastest wii boxing knockout was like 8 seconds so I went home and in like 5 tries got it in a little over 4 seconds, my mom dad sister and 2 friends were present with a stopwatch but it wasn’t official but it was good enough confidence boost to a poor kid in rural Georgia in a double wide trailer who’s parents didn’t necessarily have the money to buy their kid video games in the first place so it was exciting for them to. Tip: just buy your kid sly cooper games you don’t want to live the world record holder lifestyle


When I was 10 on a holiday in Cuba we went on a 5 person catamaran excursion to do some snorkeling. Well low and behold hurricane Katrina was in the neighborhood and nobody told us to worry since it wasn't coming too close.

Turns out the tail end of the storm whipped up enough of a storm over us to make me damn glad I wasn't directly in its path.

The day seemed calm at first, it rained a bit but it did every day. The sky was overcast but not menacing.

I remember vividly after an hour at sea and returning to the resort the sky changing from grey overcast to black. That was our first clue something was wrong.

As we got maybe half a mile from shore our Cuban skipper/guide looked a bit off colour, and his English, sketchy at the best of times, suddenly became very accented and hard to understand as he pointed off back where we came from with panic in his eyes.

"Wind." He said. "The wind is coming".

We looked around, and there was a tornado, not nearby, a mile or two off maybe? But close enough to see it sucking up the Carribbean sea and causing us all to collectively soil ourselves.

Without warning, and as if Hollywood was directing the situation, the wind came. From barely a breeze to howling powerful sail locomoting swiftness. The catamaran accelerated and suddenly went from Sunday drive to an attempt at a sailing sea speed record. The sea got choppy, which was a nightmare when we got closer to shore since the sea is only a few feet deep even hundreds of yards out. I vividly remember there being a small hole in the canvas between the hulls of the boat, and as we hit waves water pressure would shoot a jet of water many feet in the air. We kept bottoming out as we rolled over the waves, about twenty yards from shore we ploughed into a big chunk of coral and all that inertia carried me through the air head first from the back of the boat into the mast. I don't think I blacked out, but my memory is fuzzy and the next thing I remember was being over my dad's shoulder with a big headache on shore. The boat was being pulled on shore by many frightened resort staff, the palm trees were straining and bending, and we all rushed inside the hotel. I'm not sure how no one got more injured, and we all got away unscathed. Except for me I had a gnarly black eye but otherwise fine.

So yeah, 10/10 would sail through a storm again.


i won a Silver medal in archery at an affiliated offshoot of the Olympics


I've driven continually the same direction on the same highway for twelve hours without leaving the state.


I have an inverted heart. My blood pumps the opposite way in my body than everyone else. You guys are pumping East. I’m pumping west


One of my toenails grows diagonally, I have no idea why, how, or when it started.


Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II almost ran me over driving a battered Land Rover of Lord Litchfield’s estate in Staffordshire.


I have three wisdom teeth and no appendix (apparently my body just forgot to grow them?)


A horse fell on top of me and I broke 0 bones, and then rode that horse home.


I've been shot twice by the same guy, 10 years apart; been robbed at gunpoint by police in Mexico; stabbed; teargassed; and I once partied with Anthony Kiedis.


I have never been inside a mcdonalds, burger king or a wendys in my life and im 24 and i live in the usa


I've died twice, second time was dead nearly 20 minutes and suffered minimal brain damage


My uncle is Bill Gotez. Its pronounced Gates. I told some people at my elementary school and one of the teachers called a parent teacher meeting to talk about me lying all the time. My mom came in and backed up my story. At the time I didn't even know who Bill Gates was and didn't understand why no one believed me.

Uncle Bill isn't very good with computers. In my early teens I would give him tech support.

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I had a foursome with three women at a party and when I finished, two gay men watching clapped politely.


I got blackout drunk with the cast of Entourage.


My great grandfathers story

He was born in Estonia, and after getting in trouble with the Russian mafia there as a teenager he fled to Sweden where he joined the military. Cue WWII and he’s sent to Italy to help some friends of friends get out of trouble with his brothers. Battle between the Italians and allies goes south, and one of his brothers is killed. The other two, along with himself, are captured and sent to a POW camp in Italy. A couple months in another of his brothers is killed in the camp. Following that Mussolini shows up to the camp and talks with my great grandpa. Why, I couldn’t tell you. After that him and his last surviving brother attempt a jail break where he escapes, but loses his brother. My grandfather goes north until he’s captured by the Russians, who he talks his way out of being a prisoner with and is rather treated as a guest until one day he’s summoned by none other than Joseph Stalin who he becomes friends with. At the end of the war Stalin sends him back to Sweden with a coin and a watch with the engraving “from Joseph to Reinhardt”


I have been struck by lightning, bitten by a copper head, burned in a house fire, broken six ribs, lost most of my left lung, and dislocated my eyeball. All in the same year.

Image credits: darthbiscuit80


When I was a baby, I was run over by a car. Not just hit, but completely run over. The wheel went up my body and thankfully veered off before running over my skull.

I have some scars and possibly my epilepsy was caused by this. Not sure though.

Image credits: desbunny33


I am completely unable to create new images in my head and everything I picture I have to relate to something I know. Usually when reading a book I picture characters as famous people that they remind me of and sometimes they do not fit remotely. The weirdest example is when reading A Song of Ice and Fire I can only picture Wyman Manderly as Hedonismbot from Futurama.

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Sometimes i can feel my heartbeating in random parts of my body. usually my right a** cheek. its very strange.


The late Brian Christopher (Grand Master Sexay) punched me square in the left eye in the ring at a legends wrestling event in 2002.

I had to stand in as a referee at the last minute and I had no f**king clue what I was doing. Apparently I was looking the wrong way and he didn't like that, so I got hit.


My wife is a childcare provider, and some years ago one of her clients was a couple with a little girl about 2 years old. They dressed her up as a prisoner in an orange jumpsuit with makeup eyebrows and scars on her face. She became the non-crying half of the 'timeout changes a man' meme. The crying boy in the picture is a neighbor.

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My grandmother was traveling to the Philippines with her sister who was ill. When they got off the plane and went into JFK airport, Harry Connick Jr. helped pick her up after she collapsed onto the floor. My grandmother looked up and said, 'You look a lot like Harry Connick Jr.' He responded, 'That's because I am Harry Connick Jr.'

Image credits: Rachael Lynnae McGrath


I fell 13 meters in a stunt show, stood up and finished the show without a broken bone.

Edit: It was the Wild West Stunt Show in Disney Paris, floor was sand over concrete.


A Victoria Secret model married me.

I wrote a song that was played on the radio for years.

I won a college bowl game.

All of the above is true, but not nearly as impressive as it sounds.

She was a catalog model, not the runway type. We were young. She was pretty damn amazing.

I was 12 and got a keyboard for Christmas. I called the Friday night request DJ in my podunk town and told him I wrote him a song. He recorded it and opened his show with it for years because it was so campy.

It was a community college bowl game.


I have seen my own intestine.

Since somebody asked: Semi-Truck blew a red light as I was pulling out of the hospital I worked at. The ED crew ran out, shoveled me off the asphalt, and ran me inside. If it had been anywhere else I'd have bled out before an ambulance arrived. It broke my left everything, including ten ribs, many if which wound up in my lung, one of which is still unaccounted for. I was fortunate enough not to suffer any spinal damage, but I did lose my left leg below the knee. I've made a mostly full recovery, less the.leg and significant lung functionality.

If you think about how a grape splits open when you squeeze it too hard you'll have the right idea.

Image credits: timetobeatthekids


My father was a communist who tried starting a communist revolution multiple times throughout his 20s and 30s, while my mother was an anti-communist refugee from the then Soviet Union.

Image credits: EstonianMemeKing


I was hit in the face by the nozzle of a gas pump because the guy on the other side of the pump from me didn’t take the nozzle out of his car before he drove away. The rubber tube stretched forward, sprung back and WAM! the whole thing hit me right in the face.


Tea makes me drunk. A single glass of standard Lipton's Iced Tea and I am giggly, silly, fall down drunk. Look me dead in the eye and deadpan say "Joke" and I will piss myself laughing for half an hour. All well and good, cheap drunk, right? But I get a devastating hangover the next day -- head pounding, throwing up, the whole bit. Alcohol almost never gives me a hang over, but tea hang overs are absolutely miserable.


I'm English and i've never had a cup of tea


I was having lunch with a new coworker once, and he was telling me about his apartment and how haunted it was. He didn't tell me where it was, but the haunting sounded familiar — like an apartment I had once lived in. I told him the address, and he turned as white as a sheet. He was living in that same haunted apartment! When I told him a few details only he could know, he freaked out and moved out of the place that very week.


I have three dead exes. One died when he was 25 from a car accident, one when he was 30 from a 'mysterious illness', and another one was stabbed 40 times by his girlfriend's jealous ex. He was 18.

I also lost my virginity to a dude with a glass eye who went to jail for r**e.


I have 20/10 vision. Most people don't believe me until I start reading the fine print on things from some distance away.


I have never seen a Star Wars movie, have no concept of how or what it is all about but just know that this is somehow a popular movie


I'm half centaur by birth. (both my parents were the same so maybe I'm more than half - haven't had a genetics test to scope it out). I briefly held the record for the world's youngest person. I was Time Magazine 'Person of The Year' in 2006. I have the power to make random people around the world think about the saliva in their mouth and the position of their tongues.


I was born with a bright red birthmark shaped like a heart, over my actual heart.


I have long kidneys, found out in an scan trying to find out something else.


Neither my mother nor my father have wisdom teeth, and no one on either side of the family has had wisdom teeth as far back as we know. My sisters also don't have any wisdom teeth.

Somehow, I ended up with eight...


I've battled drug addiction, gambling addiction, extreme debt/income ratios, been married, divorced (very shortly, still getting finalized) have 2 beautiful girls, 5, and 3 months, I weighed 102kg at my heaviest, down to 69kg in 3 months via not particularly healthy diet change, owned 40+ different cars, been a retail store 2ic, a bar manager, a small business owner, currently working as a shotfirer (mining explosives operator), currently writing a course to train people to do said job, and a work of fiction hoping to be published. Probably missed a few bits and pieces. Only 27 years old.


I lit a cigarette in the winds of hurricane Katrina. Several cigarettes, actually. I was at the hospital with my dad because he wasn't well enough to evacuate and, well, you can't smoke inside of the hospital, lol.


Not all that interesting but instead of having a cycle of four weeks like most woman do I have a cycle of two months. So instead of being on my period every four weeks I am only on my period once every two months. I am a healthy 21 year old and don’t know why this is.


Was once knocked unconscious by a territorial alpaca.


My daughter met a little girl at the park last summer, and it turned out that they were both going into kindergarten at the same school. They ended up having the same teacher. This little girl also lives on our street. In fact, when we were house hunting, we toured their house. I also found out that when they were infants, they were both at the same center for a few months. I actually remember meeting her mom when we toured the room. And, very recently, we both discovered that we had gone to the same college and graduated the same year.


I had a litter of kittens born in my hair when I was seven or eight years old. My cat loved and trusted me so much that she decided to have her babies on my pillow... on my head... while I was sleeping.


I’ve run every single day, without a day off, for 7.5 years so far. One mile minimum. Average a little over 4 miles a day.

Edit: there are plenty of people who do running streaks. The record is like 45 years.


I can name dates of anything that occurred in my life since 1/1/13 with laser precision, and the day of the week it was. People don’t believe me until they test it.


I can recite 175 digits of pi thanks to memorizing a song (I won a contest on Pi Day at school once for it)


If i eat food that has too much salt in it, my mouth will start to bleed.


My appendix burst slightly and for one month it healed itself over but grew in size. It was about 3x the normal size when it was removed. I was in pain constantly for 1 month and could only find relief when I exercised, so my parents didn't think too much of it. They felt pretty bad when they found out what happened. Also, my scar is on the left side instead of the right.


I can take my eye out (it's a prosthetic)


I went from dropping out of college after one semester and living in my car for 8 months to a owning a large portion of a $30 million company who sells to 78 different countries around the globe and Best Buys nationwide in a 7 year span. I got my in with the company by parking the original owners car as a valet.


At age 17 I taught an accredited class at a university (transferable credit) before I graduated high school.


I was kidnapped and stuffed in a trunk. Luckily there was a jack inside so when the car stopped I opened the trunk with it and ran like hell. I dont bother telling people this because no one will believe me.


I had sex before I discovered what masturbation was.


I have no sense of orientation, at all. Every single time I cross the street or follow a road in any direction, of take a turn, I get lost. Every street is completely new to me every time, even though I lived in the same city for 36 years. I get lost at least 2 or 3 times a day. My mother had the same. She always had to use a compass and a map and ask directions every turn. I have Google maps haha luckily for me.


Chevy Chase was drunk driving up my street, crashed into my house, and completely ran over and destroyed my mailbox.

After a conversation with his wife who was extremely nice and apologetic, I walked up the street to meet Chevy personally, and he gave me a $750 check to pay for a new mailbox that in reality cost about $14 to replace.


I was arrested and charged with the murder of my wife (she’s not dead), spent over half-a-million dollars, a year in court, 6 months in jail, and eventually plead guilty to 6 violent strikes in California to end the ordeal. Still happily married to my wife.

True story.

Update: To clarify, I wasn’t exactly innocent. I made some extremely poor choices during a domestic violence incident with my wife. My wife, obviously upset, made some comments to law enforcement. Based on those comments, the arresting charges and the charges later filed by the D.A. we’re grossly exaggerated. I still have no idea why/how I was charged with murder as the person who contacted police was my wife.

You live and you learn. Keep your hands to yourself, people.


I had front row seats at the Backstreet Boys concert in 1999. AJ touched my right hand. I was 14. No one at school believed me but I never cared. I knew.


I’ve lived almost 20 years without breaking a bone or being stung by a bee.


I’m just going to jump in here.

I have no friends. Not the ‘oh I just have a few acquaintances’ type of person- I seriously have zero friends, and I’m cool with it. I’ve just been super unlucky with people.

No one really believes me when I say it because there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with me as such, but it’s true.


I can blow a bubblegum bubble more than three feet wide.


I can hear things that are normally outside the range of human hearing. So i get headaches from dog whistles and old tv's give me a toothache for some strange reason.


Me and my first cousin were born on the same day, same year. Coincidentally, his father and mine are twins. 100% true


In college I had a bunked bed with my desk under it. I was in bed reaching for my cell on the desk and lost my balance, fell off the bed, did a full flip and landed in a perfect sitting position in my chair unharmed. My roommate witnessed everything but nobody we believed us.


I am a Jeopardy champion who writes encyclopedia articles for fun and one time I won the lottery and one time I posted some crap on Reddit and Warner Brothers called me a week later and said "Here's a lot of money to make this into a movie"


I was one of the first of a group of 4 to discover anton yelchins body.

It’s something that my brain will never ever let me forget


I can blow myself but I didn't liked So now I really now that I'm not gay


I got a speeding ticket on a skateboard.


I once had over 60 tarantula hairs in my eye. And let me tell you they hurt. Felt like I had glass all in my eye. Took 6 doctors before one found a way to get them out instead of pulling them out one at a time.
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