Project Two - creative hands at home...

Project Two - creative hands at home...

For each of the seven projects I'm sharing during the two weeks of Creative Hands At Home the most important starting point is using what's already in my stash or home supplies.

Today's free project began in my newly de-cluttered and re-organised linen cupboard, most especially on the tea towel shelf. By now you're aware I love to collect pretty tea towels on sale and I also have some very cute ones which friends have sent me over the years, and I'll admit it wasn't easy making a choice for the project I had in mind but once I'd pulled aside half a dozen, given them a wash and line dried them in the sun, I realised there was an easier way to choose 'the one'.

My idea was to decorate one of the tea towels with a sweet hexie flower, applique leaves and cotton lace so after playing around with all the components...

...I decided to bring these together and found they worked beautifully.

The flower is made with seven 1" hexagons, but after completing the flower and sewing it onto the tea towel I felt like something was missing.
I gathered all the bits and pieces I'd used together for one final view and realised a smaller hexie in the centre of the flower would give me that Goldilocks know, "just right"...

Just above the bottom of the tea towel I added a row of cream cotton lace which was hand sewn in place...

...and that 'shabby chic with a splash of colour' look which I love in my home came to life.

If I had more hours in the day and wasn't laid low yesterday with another weather-induced migraine I would have made a second version to show you (this may well happen over the weekend), one with a more patterned background and a hexie flower in richer colours to pop off a busier tea towel, but you could have a play with that yourself anyhow because how you choose to make this will depend on the tea towel you use.

There's no need to run out and buy new ones, gathering some in good condition from your linen cupboard will be perfect! Personally I love hand made items with that 'gently used and loved' feel, don't you?
Just gather bits and pieces together and audition them until one particular arrangement causes your heart to skip a beat.

There's no pattern sheet for this because apart from the tea towel all you need are six 1" paper hexagon shapes, one 1/2" hexagon shape, scrap fabrics and cotton lace.

I found a free download of 1" shapes if you don't have any on hand. Just print them off HERE and cut out as many as you need.
And HERE you can download a sheet of 1/2" hexagons.

It's not hard to freehand draw a couple of leaves, any size you like, and either blanket stitch applique as I have done or needleturn if that's your preference.
Another option is to omit the 1/2" hexie centre and sew a button on instead (probably what I'll do when I make version two). 

If you don't have cotton lace for the bottom what about RicRac braid?

You know, this is a really simple way to add life and beauty to old tea towels...mmm. It's also a nice gift to pop in a large envelope and send to a friend.

Did you notice the scones and jam in my tea towel photos? I've been making more plum jam, quite a bit more actually, and baking scones again - for a jolly good reason and not just because we love them.
Today I finally got to visit Blossom and the girls! We've all been very diligent to self isolate for five weeks and felt it was time to gather close and love on each other at last.
So naturally I packed a parcel of goodies, made from the heart, prayed over and offered with so much love. 

Back HERE you saw how much Cully May loved the star scones I made her, so today I made four in a star shape for her and Rafaella to share, and the rest were round for Blossom, myself and Ross.
I also kept two aside for Mr E's afternoon tea when he arrived home from work.

We had the loveliest morning together catching up in the large rumpus room at Blossom's which serves as both a play room for the girls and her sewing room/office.
While the little ones took turns brushing my hair, climbing over me for cuddles and conversations, I sat opposite Bloss and watched as she made these beautiful little bows, a bonus gift she adds to all her handmade baby and toddler clothing orders...

My heart is overflowing with happiness now as my hug-o-meter went to overload.
These precious granddaughters simply bubble over with love and laughter...

Need more project ideas?

On Monday, when launching Creative Hands At Home and sharing the first free pattern, I mentioned that as well as the seven projects I'm personally sharing that I'd also find some other free ideas online that may be of interest to you.

One of my lovely bloggy friends is Julie and if you love scrappy projects you might want to put your hands to this fun and scrappy rug tutorial she shared earlier in the week. Julie is one of the most creative women I know and if you have some time brew a cuppa and have a scroll through her blog because you'll find all sorts of wonderfully inspiring ideas.

You'll find Julie's tutorial it HERE

My friend Susan sent me a wonderful link to Ann Wood Handmade the other day for a whole bunch of free projects and it's quite possible a few of them will pique your interest too.
I certainly want to make this pin-girl, don't you?

And don't forget the first project I shared HERE with you as the starting point for two weeks of  Creative Hands At Home
The pattern is permanently free and hopefully one you will make soon.

I am very stirred by this instruction from 1 Thessalonians 4:11 -12 at the moment for the longer we stay close to home and attend to life and activities within our walls, the 'quieter' life naturally becomes. And I do appreciate that for some of you this is an enforced sequestering and you may have lost your job or found yourself working from home instead of an office...and for that I am hugging you from afar because the changes you've had to take on will most likely have brought new challenges and seeing this as a time of peace and re-acquaintance with a more restrained life could have caused anxiety or even fear.

I pray that whatever your situation during our new normal and the #stayhomestaysafe directives we need to follow according to each country's guidelines, that you find opportunity to stop for a while and ponder the blessings alongside the trials...for even in seasons of uncertainty there will be blessing, hidden perhaps, but there if you look. 

"...that you also aspire to lead a quiet life, A)" style="box-sizing: border-box; font-size: 0.625em; vertical-align: top">to mind your own business, and B)" style="box-sizing: border-box; font-size: 0.625em; vertical-align: top">to work with your own hands, as we commanded you, that you may walk properly toward those who are outside, and that you may lack nothing."

May the peace of Christ lift you above these circumstances and draw your attention to those hidden blessings, and may His own example of pressing forward in adversity be the Light you need to see through the darkness.

For my own part I am learning to never take people for granted, to never take family moments for granted, to never imagine I can control this life and walk to the beat of my own drum.
Being with Blossom, Cully May and Rafaella today after five weeks apart was beyond words...and I shall be giving thanks for a long time.

Loving hugs
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