Pet-friendly accommodation in Sorsoogon City: GABZ’K Traveller’s Inn

Pet-friendly accommodation in Sorsoogon City: GABZ’K Traveller’s Inn


We travel with our fully-vaccinated and potty-trained shih tzu, Ollie. It is a really big deal for us to find a hotel that accepts pets. That is why when we learned that Gabz’k Traveller’s Inn in the city of Sorsogon, it felt like we hit a jackpot literally. We always go to the one and only city in our province a lot of times with Ollie. This is the reason why we always need to find a dog-friendly accommodation in Sorsogon. 

dog friendly hotel in sorsogon city

We learned about GABZ’K Traveller’s Inn on Facebook. Someone outside my friend’s circle posted about it as one of the newly-launched accommodations in the city so I quickly sent them a message asking if they allow pets. The moment someone from their Facebook fan page replied, I literally screamed with joy.  In my own experience, there are only 2-3 in every 10 accommodations not only here in Sorsogon but in Manila that accept pets.

Gabz’k Traveller’s Inn is a bit far from the main roads of the city of Sorsogon which I don’t mind at all. We only took a tricycle ride that is less than 10 minutes to reach Gabz’k Inn.  Gabz’k Traveller’s Inn is located inside a village in the city of Sorsogon. I personally suggest to respect its neighbor private houses.

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What I love about staying in Gabz’k Traveller’s Inn is that it feels like sleeping over to your favorite Tita’s house. It is literally a big house with second floor with a gate and a very wide frontyard slash parking space that can accommodate 3 cars the most.

Gabz’k Traveller’s Inn  have trees and plants inside that give me a bit of nature vibe. It literally feels home staying here. The room we booked was good for 4 pax because that was the only one available. It has one king-size bed and two bunk beds. The A/C is working fine which is what my sister always look forward.

I give GABZ’K Traveller’s Inn plus ONE MILLION POINTS for its VERY STRONG WIFI CONNECTION inside our room.  For inns and typical budget accommodations, usually there’s only centralized Internet connection located in the lobby only. However, it is not the case in Gabz'k Travellers Inn. If you are a digital nomad in Sorsogon city or literally who is working from home, Gabz’k Traveller’s Inn is the one I can highly recommend. We only paid Php 1, 100 which is if divided to 4 persons would only cost Php 275 each. It is only my sister and me that time so it is like we paid Php 550. If you are looking for a cheap accommodation in Sorsogon city, Gabz'k Travellers Inn is one of the options.

The province of Sorsogon and specially Sorsogon city lacks hostels that offer shared rooms. I used to work in a chain of hostels that have presence in Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines. The reason why many backpackers who are traveling the world flock to these hostels is that because they target the cheapest type which is bunk bed only or dorm-type accommodation. 

I was actually surprised to know that Gabz’k Traveller’s Inn offer shared bunk beds. If I am not mistaken, one bunk bed costs only Php 350-450. This will give them edge among other budget-friendly accommodations in Sorsogon City. However, when I asked them personally during our stay and even on Facebook fan page, they plan to discontinue offering shared bunk beds and just convert this room to a private kind of room. They see a demand of bookings of groups that is why they want to keep it that way. They want to offer shared bunk beds only when it is low season or discontinue this idea indefinitely. 

I am not surprised with their decision because Gabz’k Traveller’s Inn has very limited number of rooms only. I was not able to count the total number of rooms (private + shared). My guess it is below 10 or not more than 15. However, I saw a vacant space at the back. If I can remember it clearly, the staff told us that there’s a plan to build a house or a small building there to add more rooms. I do really hope they convert some of those rooms to be permanently for shared bunk beds. For us, unfortunately we can’t stay on shared bunk beds anymore because we have a pet. No one can assume that if we stay on a shared room, the rest of guests who will stay are fine with pets.

I used to be a backpacker around the country and Asia before being a full-time furmom so I know the dilemma of people alike who would like to travel longer but have no problem sharing the room with strangers to save a bit more of money. I believe, if we have more shared rooms - there will be an increase of backpackers especially foreigners visiting the province of Sorsogon. This means more income coming in. 

So yes, fellow furmoms and fellow remote workers, I am definitely recommending Gabz’k Traveller’s Inn.  The only concern I have is that they should have enough food supply for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When we arrived, they said they ran out of steamed white rice and they only have canned goods. They only have one piece of egg that time.

Also, if they want to target foreign backpackers they should consider adding meals that are not silog ( typical Filipino breakfast that include rice and egg). They should also consider adding cereals, waffles or pancakes or even a bread with a fruit jam.

I have already scheduled trips to Sorsogon city so I will see you very soon with my dog in tow, Gabz’k Traveller’s Inn! You are heaven sent to us petlovers whose happiness is to bring our pets wherever we go.

To fellow petlovers, please observe proper hygiene inside any paid accommodations. We gave Ollie a bath before we checked in to make sure he is clean and wouldn’t leave big stains on bed sheets. We also made sure his paws are clean. We also made sure when he barks to stop him from doing so because there are other guests who deserve a good night sleep.

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